Kai Sotto Girlfriend: Is The Filipino Basketball Star Dating?

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As of this writing, the Filipino professional basketball player Kai Sotto remains unattached and is not in a relationship, which means he currently does not have a girlfriend.

While there is no public knowledge of him being in a relationship or having a girlfriend, he seems resolute in prioritizing his career above all else.

It’s worth noting that personal relationships can sometimes remain private and undisclosed, and it’s possible that he might be dating someone without it being publicly known.

Kai Sotto With His Siblings
Kai Sotto With His Siblings (Source: Instagram)

However, based on his social media activity, there are no indications of him being in a relationship.

Nonetheless, it’s commendable to witness his commitment to his professional endeavors, which currently take center stage in his life.

Kai Sotto Girlfriend: Is The Filipino Basketball Star Dating?

As of the latest update, Kai Sotto remains single and does not have a girlfriend. He is focusing his attention on his burgeoning basketball career and personal endeavors.

Although his social media presence occasionally sparks speculation due to his shared photos, it’s essential to clarify that he predominantly features his beloved siblings and parents in his posts.

Kai Sotto Brother And Sister
Kai Sotto Brother And Sister (Source: Instagram)

This choice provides insight into his strong family bonds and his dedication to his loved ones.

Despite any misconceptions that may arise from his social media activity, Sotto’s current status revolves around his professional growth and his cherished relationships with his family.

Kai Sotto Girlfriend | Brief On Kai Sotto

Kai Sotto’s parents Ervin, and Pamela Sotto, raised three kids in Las Pinas, Philippines. Kai has two younger siblings. 

One of his younger siblings, Erin, had already reached 6ft 1 when she was 11. His youngest sibling, Kimothy, might one day beat both of them. 

The athletic genes come in Kai from his dad, Ervin Sotto, a former professional basketball player. His mom also heavily contributes to height genetics. 

The -year-old had previously landed in the USA to complete high school and later signed with the NBA G league. But he didn’t make any starts and later left for Australia.

Kai With His Parents And Siblings
Kai With His Parents And Siblings (Source: Instagram)

When he was in Australia, he tried his luck with the NBA Draft but went undrafted in the 2022 season. Standing at 7ft 3, Kai is only half an inch shorter than the No. 1 overall draft pick of 2023, Victor Wembanyama.

Sotto had been invited to play in the NBA Summer League by Orlando Magic. But he has zero minutes in the last two games, with Filipino NBA fans left frustrated by the treatment of their prodigy. 

Hiroshima Dragonflies

February 7, 2023, marked a significant milestone for Kai Sotto, as he inked a contract with the Hiroshima Dragonflies, a team competing in the prestigious Japanese B.League.

The terms of his agreement are set to endure until the culmination of the current season, aligning with his intention to participate in the forthcoming 2023 NBA Summer League.

Demonstrating his prowess on March 18, 2023, Sotto achieved a remarkable feat by securing his inaugural B.League double-double.

He showcased his skills with an impressive performance of 21 points and 12 rebounds, propelling his team to a commanding 90–72 victory over the Ibaraki Robots.

Continuing to flourish in his professional journey, Sotto further solidified his commitment to the Hiroshima Dragonflies on May 24, 2023, by inking a contract extension.

Kai Sotto
Kai Sotto (Source: Instagram)

This notable agreement, while anchoring him to the team, includes a strategic opt-out provision, enabling Sotto to transition to the NBA should such an opportunity arise.

The momentum carried on for Sotto as he received an esteemed invitation from the Orlando Magic on June 23, 2023, to partake in the NBA Summer League.

Showcasing his talent in the 2023 off-season tournament, Sotto made a resounding debut during the Magic’s matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers.

His performance in the team’s fourth Summer League game was noteworthy, as he contributed six points, secured four rebounds, and executed three blocks in just 13 minutes of play.

Regrettably, Sotto’s progress was momentarily hindered, as reports indicated a back injury sustained during the Magic’s subsequent game versus the Boston Celtics.

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