Meet Karen Khachanov Brother Georgiy And Sister Margarita

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Karen Khachanov has two siblings: a brother, Georgiy, and a sister, Margarita. Unlike their brother Karen, both live modest lives away from the spotlight.

The tennis star has remained tight-lipped about his siblings in media interviews. Despite maintaining privacy regarding his family in media, they have been spotted supporting the player in some of his matches. 

Karen Khachanov After Winning Against Yoshihito Nishioka In Zhuhai
Karen Khachanov After Winning Against Yoshihito Nishioka In Zhuhai. (source: Instagram)

Karen Khachanov, a rising tennis star, made his ITF Circuit debut in Russia at the age of under 18. He eventually earned a wildcard for his first ATP Tour participation at the St. Petersburg Open.

Despite facing setbacks, he showcased his potential at the Davis Cup and secured his first ATP Challenger Tour title in Istanbul in 2015. In 2016, Khachanov clinched his first ATP title at the Chengdu Open and made significant strides.

His breakthrough moment came in 2018 when he won his first Masters 1000 title at the Paris Masters. Moreover, he also reached the US Open semifinals in 2022.

Karen Khachanov Brother Georgiy And Sister Margarita

Karen Khachanov was born to Abgar and Natalia Khachanov. After Karen, his parents welcomed 2 more children, his brother Georgiy and his sister Margarita.

His parents both embarked on careers in medicine, with Abgar’s initial passion for volleyball transitioning seamlessly into pursuing a medical education.

As for his sister Margarita, she pursued her dreams in the marketing field.

Karen Khachanov Wishing His Sister Margarita On Her Birthday.
Karen Khachanov Wishing His Sister Margarita On Her Birthday. (source: Instagram)

Moreover, she even has a blog in Russian, where she shares insights on brand marketing strategies and promoting companies. As for the youngest of the three, Georgiy appears to be still in school, as evident from the pictures posted by Margarita.

Although the siblings have chosen a different path in life, they still love and support each other and have a strong bond with each other. Additionally, the tennis star posted a picture with his sister wishing her birthday on February 14.

Furthermore, Margarita has a series of photos of her family in her Instagram highlights under the title ” Семья❤️,” which translates to “family” in English.

Karen Khachanov Is Related To Ilya Ivashka

Karen Khachanov has been happily married to his wife, Veronika, since the age of 19. Their relationship has a unique and long-standing history, having known each other since the age of eight. 

Karen has two baby boys with his wife, Veronika. They gave birth to their first son, David, on September 14, 2019. Then, in July 2023, they welcomed their second son, Mikael. They proudly introduced him to the public through his social media channels.

Karen Khachanov Wife Veronica Shkliaeva
Karen Khachanov’s Wife Veronica Shkliaeva. (source: Instagram)

Coincidentally, it turns out that Veronika’s twin sister is married to Ilya Ivashka, who happens to be one of Khachanov’s fellow tennis players. This establishes Karen as Ilya Ivashka’s brother-in-law. 

Furthermore, both players seem to have a deep affection for their wives, which is evident from their mentions in interviews and sharing pictures on social media. Ivashka even declared his love for his wife after winning the ATP title at Winston-Salem.

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