Katelyn Pavey Parents: Father Eric And Mother Salena Pavey

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Collegiate softball player Katelyn Pavey is the daughter of her parents, Eric and Salena Pavey, born out of wedlock. For so many years, her parents thought she was born with an underdeveloped left arm because of their sin.

Both her parents were married to different people when they began an affair. Consequently, Salena became pregnant and gave birth to Katelyn, after which they decided to live and take care of their daughter together.

Despite the body defect, Eric and Salena did a good job raising Katelyn. Thanks to their motivation, she became a college softball star.

Kentucky Christian University Softball Player Katelyn Pavey
Kentucky Christian University Softball Player Katelyn Pavey (Source: Instagram)

Katelyn Pavey is an American collegiate softball player for the Kentucky Christian Knights. 

Born in Indiana, she attended Lanesville High School, where she played high school softball, captaining her team for three years. Besides, she was good at other sports, such as volleyball and basketball.

After completing high school, she enrolled at Cincinnati Christian University for her undergraduate course. She later transferred to Kentucky in 2020, where she is pursuing her bachelor’s in Business and Sports Management.

Katelyn Pavey’s Parents: Eric And Mother, Salena Pavey

The American athlete Katelyn Pavey is the firstborn daughter of Indiana residents Eric and Salena Pavey. Besides Katelyn, the pair has two other younger daughters.

Hailing from the same district, Eric met Salena while working at a local Bob Evans restaurant in the nineties. Although they both were married then, they fell in love and began seeing each other frequently.

Salena divorced her previous husband and married Eric in 2000 after discovering she was pregnant with his child.

Young Katelyn Pavey With Her Dad Eric
Young Katelyn Pavey With Her Dad, Eric (Source: WDRB)

Katelyn’s dad, Eric, was born to his parents, David and Brenda Pavey, in New Albany, Indiana. Growing up alongside his two siblings, he attended New Albany High School, where they played baseball and football.

His dad, David, better known as Dave, had been a high school baseball coach for many years. Dave, too, coached students alongside his son, Eric, when he was a coach briefly at the Eagles.

Eric’s older brother, Darren, was also a football and baseball athlete at the New Albany High School in the late 1980s. His other brother, Tim, also attended the same school, after which he worked in the U.S. Navy for many years.

He later worked as a teacher at Lanesville High School for many years, coaching softball to students and teaching Business Education. 

Eric is currently the owner and CEO of 1 Way Media Solutions LLC, a marketing company. He now lives with Salena and his two daughters in Lanesville, Indiana.

Is Katelyn Pavey Married?

Yes, Katelyn Pavey is married to her longtime boyfriend, Kevin Rockwood.

Originally from Cincinnati, the two met while attending Cincinnati Christian University around 2018.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management in 2021.

Katelyn Pavey And Her Husband Kevin
Katelyn Pavey And Her Husband Kevin (Source: Instagram)

Like Katelyn, Kevin is also a fitness enthusiast and likes games and sports. He has been the source of constant support to Katelyn since her college days in Cincinnati.

The two got married recently and live in Kentucky, where Kevin has been working as a member service representative at Planet Fitness. The couple do not have any children as of this writing.

Frequently Asked Question

Who are Katelyn Pavey parents?

Katelyn Pavey parents are Eric and Salena Pavey.

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