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Kayce Smith is one such woman who not only established herself as a prominent sportscaster but attained the label of a survivor when she miraculously recovered from melanoma.

Indeed, life is generally stressful, and when you add Cancer to that, it becomes a living hell. However, Smith was not one to accept defeat at the hands of adversity.

Throughout her medical therapy, she remained resilient and fought one of the most challenging battles.

Kayce Smith
Kayce Smith (Source: Instagram)

Eventually, the American returned to her broadcasting duties like it was just another day, becoming a role model and inspiration to young men and women undergoing almost the same challenges, if not the same.

Today we dive a little deeper into the life of Kayce Smith and her incredible journey of living her dreams as a host.

Likewise, we will discuss her early life, education, career, net worth, and relationship status. But, firstly, have a look at some quick facts!

Quick Facts: Kayce Smith 

Full Name Kayce Smith
Birth Date October 25, 1988
Birth Place United States of America
Nick Name Kayce
Religion Undefined
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Texas A&M University
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Ron Smith
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Yes (Ally Elaine Smith)
Age 35 Years Old
Height 5’9″ (1.77 m)
Weight Unavailable
Shoe Size Unknown
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure Curvy
Married No
Boyfriend Nathan Sebesta
Children No
Profession Sports Broadcaster and Host
Net Worth $2 million
Salary between $50,000 and $55,294 per year on average
Currently Works At Barstool Sports
Affiliations N.B.C., ESPN
Active Since 2012
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update July, 2024

Kayce Smith was born on October 25, 1988, in Texas (U.S.). Also, she was taken to a proud Father, Ron Smith, and an unnamed mother.

Similarly, Kayce is an older sister to Ally Elaine Smith. Further, she is American and comes under the Caucasian ethnicity classification.

Added to that, Smith is a Scorpio, according to horoscopic charts. About the horoscope, the sportscaster exudes determination, ambition, and secretiveness.

Kayce Smith sharing a throwback picture with her father
Kayce Smith Sharing A Throwback Picture With Her Father (Source: Instagram)

As such, due to the secretive nature of a Scorpio, much of her early life is indeed a mystery.

However, we know that Kayce attended Texas A&M University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communication.

Besides, the Texan was an avid sports lover, and her passion for the field collided when she eventually pursued her journalism career.

It seems as though being a broadcaster and a sports enthusiast became a perfect fit.

Kayce Smith | Age, Height, & Body Measurements

When writing, Smith is 35 years old and enjoys every moment life has to offer with family and loved ones.

As it turns out, the Texan celebrates her birthday a few days before Halloween.

Likewise, we like to add that, Kayce is ferocious at her work, never too dull, and always pouncing on the moment and asking all the relevant questions.

Additionally, her delivery skills and ability to tackle critical points are astounding.

Smith might be one of the most attractive sportscasters in the present times.

With a voice that oozes confidence to a flawless charm and a captivating camera presence, it just glues viewers to the screen to have the patience to listen to what the Texan has to say.

Also, Kayce is a beautiful woman with a gifted gene as she stands at 5’7″ (1.77 m) and possesses an alluring body figure.

Being a devoted reporter, the Texan is also quite conscious about her health.

In the same way, being in from the camera can be pretty daunting and demanding, and frankly, her charms are just a bonus to her technical abilities.

Most importantly, Kayce has grey eyes, wavy blonde hair, a slender body frame, and a pointed nose.

Kayce Smith Career | Sportscaster

In particular, right after graduating from college, TexAgs.com hired Smith as a radio host in 2012.

With two years of hosting experience in her hands, the Texan embarked on another journey with Fox Sports to work as a sideline reporter.

Although her career at Fox Sports was brief, the experiences she garnered during her stay were fruitful. The reason for Kayce’s departure from Fox Sports remains unknown.

On the other hand, ESPN offered her a job soon enough, wherein Smith’s career would take a new height.

Kayce Smith for ESPN
Kayce Smith For ESPN (Source: Twitter)

In like manner, after two years and two months, the Texan brought together a creative team to officially launch The Kayce Smith Show.

The show made partnerships with Nation National Radio and Gridiron Now. Despite the show’s success, it met an untimely closure after being on air for only six months.

Furthermore, Smith took the helm as a host for N.B.C. Sports Boston, which lasted a year starting from March 2018.

Nonetheless, after working for several networks and showcasing her skills on several platforms, it was about time the Texan ventured into another journey with Barstool Sports.

Currently, the sportscaster remains employed at the Dave Portnoy-owned network.

Kayce Smith Net Worth | Salary & Income

For instance, with over a decade of serving as a sideline reporter, host, and sportscaster, Kayce accrued an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Besides, Broadcasters and TV hosts earn between $50,000 and $55,294 per year on average. (Standard PayScale Rate). 

Kayce Smith wearing Barstool Sports merch
Kayce Smith Wearing Barstool Sports merch (Source: Wikipedia)

Similarly, depending on the level of one’s job, the wages can spike up to $84k.

At the same time, we feel there is a discrepancy in women’s salaries in broadcasting and other professions.

Hopefully, talented women like Kayce will earn significantly higher wages in the coming future.

Is Kayce Smith married? Personal Life, Spouse, And Kids

To begin with, fans and general viewers remained interested in the hips and happening in Smith’s life. Generally, the question that everyone would pick on was her dating life.

We have news for you; Kayce is in a relationship with Nathan Sebesta.

It would only be a matter of time before a brave man would gather the courage to ask the Texan sportscaster out on a date.

In the same way, Nathan beats several men to win the key to Kayce’s heart. I hope the pair-up couple will tie their wedding knot soon.

Kayce Smith with Nathan Sebesta
Kayce Smith with Nathan Sebesta (Source: Instagram)

Apart from her beau’s name, we cannot pinpoint the occupation or any other details regarding Sebesta.

Nevertheless, through several public outings and Smith’s Instagram, it came to a revelation that both the couple is in deep romance and just relishing in each other’s Company for the moment.

Battle With Cancer

It might shock people new to Kayce, but those who have watched her for a long time are aware of the darkest period in her life.

To illustrate, on her 25th birthday, dreadful news revealed itself. As it turns out, the sportscaster was suffering from Stage 1 melanoma.

It is a type of Cancer that originates from pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. Indeed, her parents and loved ones were crestfallen at the news.

Kayce Smith with her doctor
Kayce Smith With Her Doctor (Source: Facebook)

However, Kayce showed a semblance of hope and remained cheerful throughout the taxing period.

Moreover, she found out about Cancer through a fan’s eagle eye. It was the game day of her favorite team, Texas A&M.

Unfortunately, the Texas team faced a bitter defeat, and Smith lost her senses and was so furious that she took her jacket off and ripped them off.

Although it was not a sight much thought they would see, one fan, in particular, noticed a white spot on her back.

Eventually, after being concerned, Kayce went for a diagnosis, which yielded a positive for Cancer.

After that, the sportscaster underwent extensive treatment, and with the care and successful treatment, she has been a proud Cancer survivor for a couple of years.

Popularity line of Kayce Smith

Kayce Smith has the most searched graph in the year 2022 between the month of march to July, and it keeps fluctuating, which shows her popularity as it’s not static.

Kayce Smith's Graph.
Kayce Smith’s Graph. (Source: trends.google.com)

Social Media Presence:

Kayce Smith is quite active on social media. You can follow her via these links:

Instagram: 471k followers

Twitter: 291.9k followers

Some FAQs:

Who is Kayce Smith’s agent?

Kayce Smith, the prominent sportscaster, is represented by CAA agent Josh Santry in the industry.

Who was Kayce dating previously?

Previously, Kayce was alleged to be dating Pastor Carl Lentz. After the news came up in the media, Kayce made her Instagram account private.

The pastor has also worked with Barstool sports previously and appeared in a podcast episode in 2017.

Was Kayce Smith into swimming in college?

No, the reporter stuck to reporting sports rather than being in sports. Moreover, we did a brief scroll through her Instagram account and couldn’t find the broadcaster in even a bathing suit. 

Hence, it is safe to say that Smith did not take up swimming in college. 

Where did Kayce complete her high school education?

There is no information about Kayce high school information. However, she completed her University education at Texas A&M University.

Did Kayce Smith work at Boston Sports?

The sportscaster worked at many places and at N.B.C. Sports Boston before she relocated to New York. 

Why did Fairbanks Police Department search for Kayce Smith?

Kayce Smith, 35 year old lady, was missing since January 9, 2021, so Fairbank Police Department searched for her. However, she is not the Kayce Smith we are talking on this article.

Did Kayce Smith leave Barstool Sports?

No, Kayce Smith is still working in Barstool Sports. She signed an extension contract with the Company in 2020 that will keep her with the Company for years to come.

Likewise, based on various interviews and her appearances on several shows, she seems very happy at Barstool and will work at the Company for many more years.

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