Ken Squier Net Worth Before Death: How Rich Was NASCAR Announcer?

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Many fans are curious about Ken Squier net worth before his death. For now, we’ll just say he was a sportscaster cum businessman.

Squier was the owner of a lot of business ventures which were largely focused on the motorsports media business. 

Ken Squier Giving A Speech In The NASCAR Hall Of Fame
Ken Squier Giving A Speech In The NASCAR Hall Of Fame (Source: RaceDay)

Born on April 10, 1935, Kenley Dean Squier was the voice of motorsports which added more thrill to it. 

Squier was an American sportscaster and motorsports editor from Waterbury, Vermont. He is most notably remembered for being the commentator of MRN, CBS Sports, and TBS for NASCAR races.

Kenley’s peculiar broadcasting style included grandiose language and creative analogies. He frequently referred to NASCAR racers of the time as “ordinary men doing extraordinary things.”

Among his many catchphrases were “side over side, end over end” wrecks and “all torn up” destroyed racecars. 

Squier, a legend in the realm of motorsports, has earned numerous honors. In 2000, the Oceanside Rotary Club of Daytona Beach inducted him into the Stock Car Racing Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, in 2002, Squier received induction into the New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame.

He became part of the NASCAR Hall of Fame‘s Class of 2018. Finally, in 2010, the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America also inducted him.

What Was Ken Squier Net Worth Before His Death? 

Ken Squier’s net worth is roughly estimated at $7 million after taking his salaries, earnings, and assets over the years. 

He began making money at the age of 12 as an on-air announcer at his father’s commercial radio station.

He laid the foundation for his career by working as a public address announcer at various local race tracks when he was just 15.

After his father’s death in 1979, he inherited the station and worked in it as a principal owner and CEO.

But that wasn’t the end of it; the seasoned sportscaster had engaged in numerous business ventures throughout his life.

Squier was a co-founder of Motor Racing Network, he played a pivotal role in shaping the network’s success.

On top of carrying on the legacy of his father’s radio station, he decided to add value to it by acquiring several other assets in the radio business. 

Ken Squier Showing Off His Medal
Ken Squier Showing Off His Medal (Source: The Sun)

He managed a notable array of radio stations, including WDEV, WLVB, and WCVT, until their sale in 2017.

Furthermore, he served as the President and owner of Radio Vermont, Inc.

Despite the stations changing hands, he retained ownership of the cherished “Music to Go to the Dump By” showcase until his retirement.

Squier’s financial prowess is evident in his co-founding of World Sports Enterprises, a pioneering television production company in motorsports, which later saw lucrative acquisitions by The Nashville Network and CBS.

Moreover, Squier co-founded Thunder Road International Speedbowl and co-owned Airborne Speedway, later opting to sell these ventures as well.

Therefore, his diverse ventures, combined with his earnings as a veteran sportscaster, contributed to the growth of his net worth. 

Squier’s Cause Of Death 

The legendary NASCAR Hall of Famer Ken Squier passed away on November 15, 2023, in Stowe, Vermont, due to complications from an intestinal blockage at the age of 88.

SiriusXM Radio’s Dave Moody confirmed the news, highlighting Squier’s significant contributions to NASCAR’s growth as his enduring legacy.

In recent years, Squier faced health challenges and was in hospice care. He had even been infected by the COVID-19 virus in November 2020.

After intensive rehabilitation, Squier recovered from his ailment in April 2021.

A Young Ken Squier Posing For The Camera
A Young Ken Squier Posing For The Camera (Source: TheSun)

After Ken’s death, NASCAR Chairman Jim France expressed condolences, acknowledging Squier’s impactful contributions to the sport.

Squier’s family, grateful for the support, shared the news on WDEV Vermont Radio’s Facebook Page.

Squier also announced a wide range of sports outside of auto racing, including ice skating, golf, and tennis.

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