Kenny Bednarek Girlfriend Sharmila Nicollet Is A Golfer

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Kenny Bednarek, a sprinter in the American track and field arena, is currently in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Sharmila Nicollet, a talented professional golfer from India.

Their relationship became public when Kenny shared pictures from their summer vacation in 2020, giving a glimpse into their time together.

Kenny Bednarek During His Game
Kenny Bednarek During His Game (Source: Instagram)

A prominent American track and field sprinter Kenny Bednarek is recognized for his prowess in the 200-meter distance, achieving significant successes.

Born October 14, 1998, Kenny had ADHD and had a lot of energy as a young kid. He was one of those kids who was always getting into trouble, running in the hallways and jumping over tables for some reason.

To get rid of that energy and pass the time, his mom decided to have me go into cross country at the beginning of first grade.

Kenny didn’t like playing cross country, so he began playing football and considered football as his first love. However, due to the risk of injuries, he decided to focus on the track field.

In July 2019, he joined forces with Nike as a professional athlete. He began his training journey in Florida under the guidance of Justin Gatlin, a former world champion sprinter and Olympic medalist.

Kenny Bednarek Girlfriend

Kenny Bednarek’s other half Sharmila Nicollet is a professional golfer hailing from Bangalore, India.

Born on 12 March 1991, Sharmila attended Bishop Cotton Girls’ School and Bangalore International School and completed her 10th and 12th-grade exams privately. 

Her passion for golf began at the young age of 11 in 2002, and by 15, she had already won her first tournament. Prior to dedicating her time to golf, she excelled in swimming, earning numerous medals from 1997 to 2001.

Kenny Bednarek Girlfriend Sharmila
Kenny Bednarek Girlfriend Sharmila (Source: Instagram)

She also participated in athletics during her school years, setting records along the way. Sharmila represented India in events such as the Asian Games in 2006.

Sharmila Is the Youngest Indian Golfer To Qualify For The Ladies European Tour

At the age of 18, Sharmila turned pro, becoming the youngest Indian golfer to qualify for the Ladies European Tour.

Since then, she has had a successful career, achieving several tournament wins and establishing herself as a top Indian golfer. In 2012, she made history once again by becoming the youngest Indian golfer to qualify for the Ladies European Tour.

Her journey in golf has been remarkable, filled with numerous accomplishments and a great deal of hard work.

Sharmila And Kenny’s Relationship Timeline 

Pro golfer Sharmila and Kenny have a strong and loving relationship. They started seeing each other in 2020 and eventually made their relationship public by sharing pictures of the happy moments they spent together.

In an interview with NBC Sports, Kenny revealed that he met Sharmila in 2020 when he was going through a tough time mentally.

Kenny Bednarek With His Girlfriend Sharmila
Kenny Bednarek With His Girlfriend Sharmila (Source: Instagram)

Sharmila played a key role in helping him connect with the right people to work on his physical health.

Although they haven’t yet exchanged vows, their deep bond is evident from the adorable photos they share on social media.

These sweet and charming snapshots of their life together showcase the strong connection they share.

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