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As not every one of us had to prove again and again that the best is still inside us, Kevin Durant is one of them. Choosing a career as a basketball player inspired by the NBA team Toronto Raptors, Kevin was so much into it.

On the long list of basketball history changers, Kevin Durant is one of them. Kevin also got to play NBA electing to drop out of his college starting from a very young age.

Additionally, Kevin is one of the best scorers and shooters in the match, playing from the forwarding position.

In brief, at a very young age, Kevin was pretty much taller and mature to be on the team. And with so reason, he got to be on the NBA team for so long.

Simultaneously honored by prestigious awards from achievements, Kevin has established himself as one of the generation’s best players.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Simultaneously, mentioning more about Kevin, here are some of the quick facts as below:

Quick Facts

Full Name Kevin Wayne Durant
Known as Kevin Durant
Nickname KD
Birth Date 29th September 1988
Birth Place Washington D.C., USA
Residence Oklahoma City
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity African- American
Education Oak Hill Academy, the University of Texas at Austin, Texas
Horoscope Libra
Father’s Name Wanda Durant
Mother’s Name Wayne Pratt
Siblings 3 (Brianna, Tony, and Rayvonne)
Age 35 years old
Height 6 feet and 0.9 inches (2.06 m)
Weight 109 kg (240 lbs.)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark brown
Body type Athletic
Profession Basketball Player
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Monica Wright
Children None
Beginning of Professional Career 2007
Retirement N/A
Playing style Thunder and a free-flowing, pass the first system with the Warriors
Sports team Brooklyn Nets, United States of America
Coach Charles Craig
Trainer Alan Stein
  • FIFA World Championship Most Valuable Player (2010)
  • USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year (2010, 2016)
  • NBA’s most valuable Player (2014)
  • The Most Influential People by Time Magazine (2018)
Victory Three times All-NBA Second team (2016,2017, 2019), six times All-NBA first team (2010-2014,2018), two times NBA All-Star Game MVP (2012, 2019), and a ten times NBA All-Star (2010-2019)
Four times NBA scoring champion (2010-2012,2014)
Net Worth $170 million
Salary $21 million
Position Small Forward
Last Update April, 2024

Kevin Durant | Early Life

With the full name Kevin Wayne Durant, Kevin was born on 29th September 1988 in Washington D.C., USA.

Similarly, he was raised by his mother, Wayne Pratt, along with his three siblings, Brianna, and two brothers Tony and Rayvonne. It is said that his father Wanda abandoned them at a very young age.

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Earlier from the age of ten, Kevin got to know about his future in basketball. Despite the separation from their parents, his mother promised to devote herself to his career with the extra hardship of work.

Similarly, his father also toured the country together for basketball tournaments.

For some instances, Kevin got insecurities about his height, but as his grandmother, Barbara Davis, encouraged the importance of height in basketball, it really comforts him.

Kevin Durant | College Basketball

On the contrary, Kevin had enough height compared to his mates, which is 6.0 feet. In fact, he finally got to utilize it wisely from his college days.

Meanwhile, Kevin joined the college at the University of Texas. Afterward, he got the opportunity to join NBA just after having an amazing year in Texas.

Starting from the school days, Kevin was admitted to ‘National Christian Academy’ and at the ‘Oak Hill Academy.’ Besides being good at basketball from an early age, Kevin began his early career playing from ‘Amateur Athletic Union.’

He introduced himself to other future ‘NBA’ players like Michael Beasley, Greivis Vasquez, and Ty Lawson.

Subsequently, there was an increase in height by seven inches. Kevin won many of the Year awards in Texas, including the prestigious Naismith and Wooden awards.

During his first year, he won the ‘Oscar Robertson’ and the ‘Adlof F Rupp’ awards.

Kevin even ranked as the country’s second-best high school prospect going into freshman year. That made him to MVP trophy at the 2006 McDonald’s All American game.

Kevin got remarks on his exceptional basketball skills at such a young age. There, he scored an average of 25.8 points and 11 rebounds per game in 35 games altogether.

Accordingly, he was named as the Big 12 tournament’s Most Valuable Player, setting a tournament record of 92 points. Later, Kevin got into consideration from the ‘NBA’ draft after just a year of playing college. 

Kevin Durant | NBA

In the year 2007, the Seattle SuperSonics drafted and chose Kevin as second overall. On the other hand, he signed a $60 million contract with Nike. Accordingly, in his first season, he ranked 20 points per game and earned the NBA’s Rookie of the Year Award. 

In 2010, the Sonics relocated the organization to become the Oklahoma City Thunder. There Kevin emerged as the face of the franchise earning his first All-Star selection.

In the same year, he claimed the first of three consecutive NBA scoring titles ranking 30.1 points per game.

Earlier before the starting of the 2010-11 season, the contract with the Thunder was extended for five more years.

Eventually, he scored an average of 27.7 points per game-winning 55 games. Likewise, in the next season, Kevin recorded his first 50 points against Denver Nuggets.

Later, Kevin joined a 40-90 club during the 2013 season, becoming the NBA’s youngest player.

Subsequently, he recorded a career-high 51 points against the club like the Golden State Warriors. And in the 2014 season, Kevin was voted as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player.

Golden State Warriors

Gaining more abilities, in 2016, Kevin signed with the Golden State Warriors. This time, Kevin earned fans were not happy with his decision.

Due to so reason, Kevin had to explain his words to satisfy fans. Likewise, Kevin explained that his decision was completely based on his potential for his growth as a player.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

He further claimed this decision is equally important to encourage him for evolution as a man and a player itself. Moving on, Kevin helped his team to win the championship.

He himself became the team’s top scorer, scoring 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 5.4 assists. Therefore, he won his second consecutive ‘Finals MVP’ award in that season.

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While during 2018-19 might be because of Kevin’s injury, the ‘Warriors’ faced many losses and lost the final game, including their chance at a three-peat.

Eventually, the injury was on his lower right calf that made him take bed rest for a whole season.

With the timing of the sign and trade deal, Kevin officially signed with ‘Brooklyn Nets’ in 2019.

Brooklyn Nets

For the 2019 season, viewers expected Kevin to be absent for the 2019-20 season because of the previous injury. But following the announcement, the deal was for four years.

Kevin also tested positive for the virus after the NBA season’s suspensions due to COVID’s protocol.

Kevin Durant | Achievements & Awards

Starting from a very early age, Kevin won his 2 Parade All-American in a row in 2005 and 2006. Then, they won McDonald’s All-American Game MVP.

Further, in the year 2007, he was the one to win the big 12 players of the year, the consensus first-team All-American, and Consensus national college player of the year.

In 2008, Kevin was included while winning NBA Rookie of the Year and NBA All-Rookie First Team. Then in 2010, he got the chance to FIFA World Championship.

Along with the championship trophy, Kevin won the title of ‘FIFA World Championship Most Valuable Player.

Kevin Durant with his Trophies
Kevin Durant with his Trophies

Accordingly, Kevin was honored by lots of prestigious awards; those include USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year (2010, 2016). Additionally, he was in the 50-40-90 club (2013), 4 times NBA scoring champion (2010-2012,2014). 

Moreover, specifically in the case of the NBA, Kevin won.

3 times All-NBA Second team (2016,2017,2019), 6 times All-NBA first team (2010-2014,2018), a times NBA All-Star Game MVP (2012, 2019), and a 10 times NBA All-Star (2010-2019).

Meanwhile, Kevin was the NBA’s most valuable Player (2014) as well.

Kevin Durant | Personal Life

Kevin has a close relationship with his mother just after the separation between Kevin’s parents. Also, Kevin being religious tattoos on his stomach, wrist, and back being a Christian and religious boy.

Furthermore, Kevin is well-established and one of the richest players in the world.

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Meanwhile, he might not have been open about his love life relationships, but it is reported Kevin, and WNBA player Monica Wright is currently engaged.

Besides basketball, Kevin also has invested in a restaurant KD Southern Cuisine in the Bricktown neighborhood.

He also has endorsement deals with Nike, 2K sports, Sprint, Gatorade, and Panini. Moreover, Kevin acted in the movie Thunderstruck for children’s welfare.

Brand endorsement with Nike
Brand endorsement with Nike

On the other hand, Kevin’s jersey is among the consistently best-selling and one of the top All-Stat votes getters.

Similarly, keeping up his kindness, Kevin launches with a purpose to establish the phrase “being kind is not a sign of weakness.”

Social Work

Recently, Kevin is trying his best to be outspoken and controversial at the same time. Lately, in 2018, for some instances, Kevin was on Twitter. He also is philanthropic and charitable.

In 2013, he donated $1 million to the American Red Cross to help out those affected by the Moore tornado.

Accordingly, influencing many, Kevin was honored as the Most Influential People by Time Magazine in 2018.

Kevin Durant | Net Worth

After being involved in so many fields, Kelvin can be counted as one of the richest NBA players in history. And his Net Worth is estimated to be $170 million.

For more detailed information on his net worth and more, click right here: Kevin Durant Net Worth | All about his money!

Frequent Questions (FAQs)

On how much did Kevin Durant sign with Brooklyn Nets? How much is Kevin’s wingspan?

Leaving the Golden State Warriors, Kevin signed a $164 million contract of four years with the Brooklyn Nets.

As for the wingspan, Kevin’s measures 2.25 meters. 

What is Kevin Durant’s career statistic like?

To date, Kevin Durant has played a total of 884 games during his career saving 881 with an average of 36.7 minutes per game. Well, he has a field goal percentage of .494, a three-point percentage of .384, and a free throw percentage of .883.

Furthermore, he maintains an average rebound of 7.1, assists of 4.2, steals of 1.1, and points of 27.0 per game. 

Moving on to his playoff career, Kevin has played a total of 151 games saving all of them while averaging 40.3 minutes per game. Well, he has a field goal percentage of .478, a three-point percentage of .357, and a free throw percentage of .865.

Additionally, he maintains an average rebound of 7.8, assists of 4.0, steals of 1.0, and points of 29.5 per game. 

Who is Kevin Durant’s wife?

Kevin Durant is currently unmarried but reported as engaged with the WNBA player Monica Wright.

Who is Easymoneysniper?

Despite all of the trolls on social media, Kevin Durant’s social media account is online as @moneysnipereasy.

Is Kevin Durant balding?

Back in June 2021, Kevin Durant’s haircut caused a stir on the internet. In a few of his pictures, he seems to have been balding as he had lost a few patches of hair in some parts of his head. 

Indeed, it is the effect of aging and many even commented he embraces his natural hair now. 

When is Kevin Durant returning now?

Recently, during the Nets match against the New Orleans Pelicans, Kevin Durant struggled with a left knee injury during the second quarter. Later, the team stated that he had sprained medial collateral [MCL] and didn’t give a definite timeline for Kevin’s return. 

However, ESPN’s Adrian Wojaronwski state his opinion that it would take about four to six weeks for Kevin’s return. 

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