Kevin Durant Girlfriend: Career, Net Worth & More

Kevin Durant Girlfriend is someone that the public wants to know eagerly. People want to know about his girlfriend from their past to the present.

Kevin Durant‘s professional career and dating career have been totally opposite. He has been inactive in his sports career due to injuries, whereas he is still “active” in dating life. 

Kevin Durant with his former girlfriend, Cassandra Anderson (Source: FirstSportz)
Kevin Durant with his former girlfriend, Cassandra Anderson (Source: FirstSportz)

Although he has not announced anything publicly, there have been many rumors about his dating life since the early days. 

Let’s dive into some quick doses about the personalities he has dated.

Kevin Durant Girlfriend | Quick Facts

Full NameMonica Ashante Wright
Date of BirthJuly 15, 1988
Age34 years old
Zodiac SignCancer
CitySan Antonio, TX
ProfessionBasketball Player (WNBA)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Net Worth$200 thousand
Social MediaInstagram
Full NameCassandra Anderson
Date of BirthMay 25, 1990
Age32 years old
Zodiac SignGemini
ProfessionReal Estate Agent
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter

Kevin Durant Girlfriend | Cassandra Anderson

Personal Life

Anderson is mostly known in the media world as the former girlfriend of Kevin Durant. She was born on May 25, 1990, and is 32 years old.

Most of her childhood was spent in California. Later, she went to Bakersfield High School and then to the University of Florida. She graduated from college pursuing tourism and recreation in 2012. 

Talking about her athletic career, she was part of the Gators Volleyball Team at the University. 

Cassandra as Real Estate Agent (Source: Redfin)

Kevin and Cassandra met in 2017, ever since, she used to watch every Warrior’s game from the position where spouses are at. 

There were many pictures and videos of these two hanging out. This relationship was in forward right after splitting with his former partner Monica Wright.

As of now, she is a part of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services as a real estate agent. She attended her high school in the Bay area, familiarizing herself as a real estate agent.

Social Media Handles and Net Worth

Cassandra has around 1500 followers on Instagram and about 3000 followers on Twitter

And talking about her net worth, there is no correct information. But having a portfolio of such kind and currently working as a real estate agent must pay her a good amount of money.

Kevin Durant Girlfriend | Brittney Elena

Personal Life

Brittney was born in California, on March 23, 1989. She is currently 33 years old. Besides being known as Kevin’s girlfriend, she was already famous as a TV Actress, Host, Model.

Elena came into the limelight after appearing in the seventh and eighth seasons of Wild ‘N Out. She also emerged in Netflix movie Deuces.


After her split with Kevin, there is no correct source of her dating life or boyfriend. Maybe she is in a secret relationship apart from the media.

Information about friends and family members is nowhere to be found.

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Physical Appearance

She has a height of about 5 feet 6 inches and weighs about 58 kg. The color of both her hair and eyes is black. Rather than all black, she has tanned skin.

Net Worth and Social Media Handles

On Instagram, she has 833 thousand followers as of 2022 and 30 thousand on Twitter. She is also active on Tiktok, with 139 thousand followers.

She also has her Youtube channel, which she created back in 2014. The actress usually uploads her vlogs to her 18 thousand subscribers. 

Elena gets most of the income from modeling, acting, hosting, and brand collaboration. According to some sources, her net worth is around $2.5 million.

She also showcases her love for animals on Instagram. She has been a member of the Basketball Beauties League.

Kevin Durant Girlfriend | Jasmine Shine

Personal Life

Shine has always been a mystery in her relationship with Kevin, even when they were together. It was hard to know if their relationship was all rumor or real.

Shine is really less known to the public. Even her date of birth is nowhere to be found.

Jasmine has kept her privacy as the main priority of her life. Her family, origins, and social media handles are nowhere to be found. 

Why did they split?

According to a few found sources, they knew each other quite well before going into dating life with each other. Kevin got into her after splitting with Monica Wright in 2013. It was said to be an “on and off” relationship, which ended in 2016.

It is rumored that Durant asked her to leave his house for him to focus on his career. 

Kevin Durant Girlfriend | Monica Wright 

Personal Life

Monica Ashante Wright, who was born on July 15, 1988, is a basketball coach and former player. She played basketball in college for Virginia. She was drafted into WNBA by the Minnesota Lynx in 2010, second overall.

In her professional playing career, she played in Poland, Turkey, Australia, South Korea, and Iceland.

Wright is 34 years old and has an older brother. She was born in Texas, but later her family moved to Woodbridge. 

She was ranked number 2 guard and number 11 overall player in the nation.

Monica Wright (Source: VIRGINIA Magazine)

The WNBA player was once engaged to the NBA player, Kevin Durant.

At some moment, the internet seems to be quite sure that the pair will be married soon after a stumbled relationship. But later, Kevin told GQ that he loved her but not in the right way. So they again called off the relationship.

Their relationship was also portrayed in a movie called Love and Basketball as their actual names.

Her injuries destroyed her playing career, which she turned into her strong side. She started coaching, joining as an assistant coach at Liberty University. Later Wright was hired as an assistant coach for the Virginia Cavaliers women’s basketball team.

Social Media and Net Worth

Currently, she has around 9.4 thousand followers on Instagram

She has a net worth of approximately $200 thousand as a professional basketball coach.

Kevin Durant Girlfriend | Dai Frazier

Personal Life

Warrior star Durant was first seen with Dai in early 2017. She is an attractive young woman from Washington DC. She grew up in DC. 

However, her family supposedly moved away from DC for some specific reasons. Rumors have come up that her family moved to Dallas, but she won’t agree to that.

Dai Frazier (Source: Patrick McMullan)

According to some sources, Kevin even introduced Dai to his mother. Kevin’s recent girlfriend made a movie about his mother.

About Frazier’s daily activities, on her social media, she posts modeling shots on a daily basis. She is also seen in New York sometimes for modeling purposes. 

Dai was also seen attending the movie premiere of The Space between us in 2017.

Net Worth and Social Media Presence

As of March 2022, she has 6.4 thousand followers on Instagram

She goes to many places for modeling purposes, like New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Germany, Zurich, and Paris. But there is no such data about her net worth from any sources.

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Did Kevin Durant and Lana Rhodes ever date?

It has not been confirmed, but we guess sometimes hints are just fine in the world of celebrities. On June 7, the adult movie star opened up about her dating life.

She expressed that she went on a date with a player of the Brooklyn Nets; nevertheless, she did not close out the specific name on the podcast.

But again, she gave a small hint about the player being Libra, so fans pointed quickly that he is non-other than Kevin Durant.

Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades was born on Sep 6, 1996. She is 26 years old. She is a pornographic film actor.

Rhoades stands 1.6m tall and 55 kg. Her ethnicity is mixed, and her religion is Christianity.

On Instagram, she has followers of 16.8 million with just 14 posts. As of 2022, Rhoades has a net worth of $24 million. 

Kevin Durant is a huge name in the world, and with that comes various tastes in women and women’s eyes on him. Over the years, there have been many rumors and speculations about his relationships with women, as listed above. 

Even Durant has not ever publicly announced any relationships other than that of Monica Wright.

Who is Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant is a basketball player who plays for the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA. He was born on September 29, 1988. He is 34 years old. 

Durant has won two simultaneous NBA Championships with Golden State Warriors in 2017 and 2018. Later, he had to join Nets as a free agent due to injuries.

His height is 6’10” and weighs around 240 lb. The NBA drafted him in 2007 as the second pick among his competitors. 

Kevin Durant Basketball
Durant during practice hour 

According to the expertise of the game, he has a great shooting range a good ability to finish at the free-throw line. This world-class athlete is one of the best scorers in the game. He has a ring count of two.

He started his professional career in 2007 with on and off injuries.

Besides his basketball career, he has also entered the movie industry. He did his acting debut with John Whitesell directed Thunderstruck. Nowadays, he acts as a producer in the industry.

He has Instagram followers of around 12.7 million and 19.6 million on Twitter as of March 2022. 

Summing up all the income from his salary, brand endorsement, sponsorship, partnership, his estimated net worth is $170 million, making him one of the highest-paid NBA players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kevin Durant healthy right now?

After signing a contract with Brooklyn Nets, he has said that he has fully recovered and is ready to play the 2021-22 season. His fans are early waiting to see him perform on the court.

How many rings does Kevin Durant have?

He has two champion rings, both with Golden State Warriors. Further, the team got the victory in a row (2017 and 2018).

Why is Kevin Durant so special?

He is said to have versatile skill sets along with great shooting range and use of his athleticism. That’s why he is so special.

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