Kevin Durant Mother: All About Mama Durant!

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Wanda Durant is widely-acknowledged as Mama Durant – she is the mother of famous basketball player Kevin Durant.

She is an incredible lady and a great mother to both of her children. Not only has she been an inspiration to them but also to millions of people throughout the globe.

Kevin Durant with his mother Wanda Durant
Kevin Durant with his mother, Wanda Durant (Source: Pinterest)

While the parents of many renowned personalities are known only for their relationship with their kids, Mama Durant strived to make her career and successfully made a name for herself worldwide.

In this article, we will talk in detail about Wanda Durant. But before jumping into the details, let us look at some quick facts about Wanda.

Quick Facts

Full Name Wanda Durant
Nick Name Mama Durant
Birthdate September 7, 1967
Age 56 years old
Birthplace Cheverly, Maryland, United States
Residence Not Available
Mother Barbara Davis
Father Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Past Relationship Wayne Pratt
Children Two (Tony Pratt, and Kevin Durant)
Height  1.82 meters (6 feet)
Weight 190 lbs (86 kg)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Profession Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker
Popular as Kevin Durant’s Mom
Marital Status Divorced
Ethnicity African- American
Net Worth $6 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update May 2024

Early Life & Family

Wanda Durant was born in Cheverly, Maryland, the United States, on September 7, 1967. Her mother’s name is Barbara Davis, but her father’s name is unknown.

Although Wanda is now no longer not a private person, information regarding her early life, education, and parents is still unknown. Likewise, there is no information about her siblings as well.

However, according to sources, she was raised in Maryland.

Furthermore, Wanda met her boyfriend Wayne when she was a teenager, and they started their relationship at a young age. Wayne was two years older than Wanda at that time.

The couple had a child before they officially got married in 1986. 

However, the relationship did not last long, as Wayne abandoned his children and wife after three years of marriage. At that time, Wanda already had two children with Wayne. She became a single mother at a young age but handled everything like a champion.

Kevin Durant Mother | Career

Wanda Durant is a very professional woman and is actively working in various fields. 

After Wayne abandoned her two children, Wanda took care of her children as a single mother. Wanda worked for the federal government for almost two decades to sustain her living. 

Her life became more manageable after she left her government job. She is now an established motivational speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

Kevin Durant's mother Wanda Durant (Source: Fadeaway World)
Kevin Durant’s mother, Wanda Durant (Source: Fadeaway World)

Moreover, she is the CEO of the motivational platform called  Hope, Dream, Believe, and Achieve (HDBA), which she created herself. Likewise, she supports various other foundations such as Baller Moms, Positive Tomorrows, The Boys & Girls Club of America, etc. 

She inspires thousands of single mothers worldwide and guides them in their parenting process.

Wanda is so committed to her work that she travels to various places sharing her life story and struggles with single mothers and women of all ages throughout the globe.

Kevin Durant Mother | Net Worth

According to various sources, Wanda’s net worth is around $6 million. As she is a very successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, it is not surprising that she is rich.

However, her son, Kevin Durant, is a multimillionaire with a net worth of around $200 million. 

Kevin Durant Mother | Age & Body Measurements

As of 2024, Wanda Durant is 56 years old.

Regarding her physical features, Wanda is a tall woman at 1.82 meters (6 feet) tall. Moreover, she weighs around 190 lbs (86 kg).

As she is of African- American ethnicity, Wanda has beautiful black skin. Similarly, Wanda has short black hair and beautiful black eyes. 

Kevin Durant Mother | Personal Life

As mentioned above, Wanda married Wayne in 1986 after they fell in love in their teenage days. Wanda was just 18 years old when they started dating. The couple gave birth to their first child, Tony, before officially married in 1986. 

Likewise, the couple was blessed with their second child, Kevin, on September 9, 1989. But sadly, after the birth of their second child, Wayne abandoned his family. At that time, Wanda was just 21, and it was difficult for her to look after two children alone.

Wanda Durant with her sons (Source: Instagram)
Wanda Durant with her sons (Source: Instagram)

It was one of the most challenging times in Wanda’s life. Wanda’s mother, Barbara, helped her raise two children when Wayne abandoned them. 

Wanda served as a federal government officer for 20 years and raised her kids to be successful people. She did everything she could to raise her children and ensure they did not get involved in illegal activities.

All those years of struggle made her the person she is today. She has been actively involved in charity work through different foundations. She helps single moms worldwide to raise their children and motivates them never to give up. 

Wanda’s Biopic

In 2016, a biopic titled The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story was made based on the life of Wanda Durant.

It portrayed the inspiring story of Wanda as a single mother and her struggle while raising one of the greatest NBA players in history. The biopic was released on May 7, 2016.

As expected during its release, the biopic inspired many single mothers struggling to raise their children all across the globe. Overall the biopic was considered an enormous success.

Life & Career

Wanda’s younger son, Kevin Durant, is a renowned American basketball player playing for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA.

Durant was born on September 29, 1988, in Washington, DC, USA. His father’s name is Wayne Pratt. Kevin’s mother raised him with his brother, who is three years older than him.

Although he never saw his father around while growing up, Kevin reunited with his father when he was 13, and they traveled around the country while participating in different basketball tournaments.  

Kevin began schooling at National Christian Academy and was part of the school’s basketball team. He was also a part of other high schools teams like Oak Hill Academy and Montrose Christian Academy.  

Kevin Durant with the Oklahoma City Thunder (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Kevin Durant with the Oklahoma City Thunder (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

After high school, Durant went to the University of Texas at Austin for his higher education. Kevin was regarded as the second-best high school player of 2006. During college, he played for the Texas Longhorns for a season before going for the NBA draft.

Kevin started his professional career when he was selected second in the overall pick 2007 NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics. Since then, Durant has already played under NBA teams like Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors, and Brooklyn Nets.

He is currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets. Kevin has won numerous awards throughout his basketball career, including NBA champion and NBA All-Star. 

Anthony “Tony” Durant

Anthony Durant, who is known chiefly as Tony Durant, is the first child of Wanda Durant.

Tony is primarily famous as the brother of the NBA player Kevin Durant. He was born in 1985 and is three years older than his brother Kevin. He shares a very close bond with his brother Kevin. 

Like his younger brother, Tony also played college basketball at Towson University. It was he who instilled a love for basketball in Kevin. However, Tony did not pursue a basketball career. Instead, he chose to become a businessman and was quite successful.

Furthermore, Tony has enough time to take a break from his busy schedule and give some hours to his childhood passion, basketball. He is also serving as the head coach of the Baltimore Thrill basketball team.

Kevin Durant Mother | Relationship With Kids

Wanda shares a healthy relationship with both of her children.

All the years of her struggle to raise the children have now finally paid off, and she lives a lavish life alongside her children. Fortunately, both her sons became very successful in their respective fields.

Wanda is a very proud mother, and she is often seen cheering for her son Kevin in most of his matches. She never misses the chance to see her son playing in the NBA.

In an interview, Wanda once said her kids were the ones who saved her during difficult years of her life. Although she pursued many careers while raising her kids, she never failed to be present for them whenever they needed her.

After winning the NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in 2013-14, Kevin said his mother, Wanda, was the real MVP for sacrificing everything to raise them. This statement alone shows how strong the bond is between Wanda and her kids.

After Wayne abandoned Wanda and his kids, Kevin chose to keep his mother’s last name as his surname. After leaving Wanda, her ex-husband, Wayne, married another woman and had two children with his second wife.

She also shares a good relationship with Wayne’s kids from his second marriage. 

Kevin Durant Mother | Social Media Presence

Wanda Durant is a famous personality and is active on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Moreover, she also has her official website.

Wanda has an Instagram account that goes by the name “therealmamadurant” and has over 70k followers. She shares videos of her life with her followers. Likewise, she sometimes shares pictures capturing moments of joy with her kids and grandkids.

In addition, she has a Twitter account that goes by the name “Wanda Durant” and has 50k followers as of July 2022. She is relatively less active on her Twitter handle than on Instagram.

Moreover, She also has a Facebook page named “Mama Durant,” with around 1.8k followers. However, she is barely active on Facebook, and her latest post dates back to 2021.


Has Kevin retired from basketball?

No, Kevin has not retired from the game yet. However, back in 2018, in an interview, Kevin hinted he is thinking of officially retiring after he turns 35. As of 2022, Kevin is 33 years old.

What is Kevin Durant’s net worth?

According to multiple sources, Kevin Durant’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million as of 2022. He is also said to be among the wealthiest player in the NBA as of 2022.

Has Kevin Durant suffered from any significant injury?

Kevin was injured in 2022 during the match between New Orleans Pelicans and Brooklyn Nets. He later suffered injuries on his left knee and was diagnosed with a Sprained Medial Collateral.

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