Kevin O’sullivan Wife Minde: Florida Gators Baseball Coach Scandal

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The player-turned-baseball coach Kevin O’Sullivan exchanged his wedding vows with his wife, Minde O’Sullivan.

His wife, Minde, is currently in the news headlines after a law was passed due to her disturbing backstory.

Florida Gators Head Coach Kevin O'Sullivan
Florida Gators Head Coach Kevin O’Sullivan (Source: Twitter)

The New York-born Kevin has been the head coach of the Florida Gators baseball team since 2008.

Previously, he worked as an assistant coach at Clemson University for nine seasons.

Kevin played as a catcher during his collegiate years at Florida Community College before transferring to the University of Virginia in his junior season.

In addition, he was a member of the 1991 Atlantic Coast Conference baseball tournament All-Tournament Team.

Kevin O’Sullivan Wife, Minde

The American baseball coach Kevin O’Sullivan tied the knot with Minde Prince on September 24, 2022.

Minde Prince O’Sullivan completed her education at the University of Florida.

Kevin O'Sullivan With His New Wife Minde, Daughter Payton & Son Finn
Kevin O’Sullivan With His New Wife Minde, Daughter Payton & Son Finn (Source: Facebook)

Minde was born to parents Mike Prince and Tammy Sanders. She grew up with a brother named Philip, who is now married to Lauren.

Minde O’Sullivan Ex-Husband Scandal

Minde O’Sullivan’s ex-husband, Paul Otto Reinhart, 46, tragically took the lives of the couple’s sons in May 2021.

Following the act, he proceeded to set the house on fire and ended his own life.

The young boys’ autopsies were publicly released, revealing that their father had shot them.

The local television station provided specific information through a news article on its website outlining the number of times the boys were shot and the exact locations on their bodies.

Minde O'Sullivan With His Late Sons, Brody & Rex
Minde O’Sullivan With His Late Sons, Brody & Rex (Source: Facebook)

Minde proposed with lawmakers to develop a bill to prohibit the public disclosure of autopsy reports for minors who are victims of domestic violence.

The Senate version of the bill was passed on April 11, 2023, which also happened to be Minde O’Sullivan’s birthday.

The passed bill now bans the release of photographs, audio recordings, or videos related to cases involving the death of a minor, regardless of the circumstances. 

And in honor of her beloved sons, Minde O’Sullivan established a nonprofit, Rex and Brody Foundation.

The mission of the foundation is to educate, empower, and equip the youth through the game of baseball to impact the communities positively.

Kevin O’Sullivan Ex-Wife: Barbara Jo Davis

The Gators’ head coach, Kevin, was previously married to Barbara Jo Davis.

When Kevin was serving as the assistant coach at Clemson University, he received an offer from the University of Florida, which led him to sell his condo in Clemson.

The sale of the condo was facilitated by the real estate agent, Barbara Jo Davis, where they met each other for the first time.

Kevin O'Sullivan With His Ex-Wife Barbara & Daughter Payton
Kevin O’Sullivan With His Ex-Wife Barbara & Daughter Payton (Source: Gainesville)

Following the sale, Barbara Jo Davis did not immediately relocate with Kevin to Gainesville.

Instead, they attempted a long-distance relationship for a year before she eventually joined him there.

They eventually tied the knot on Jupiter Beach on New Year’s Eve of 2009.

The former couple share two children: one daughter and one son. Their daughter, Payton, was born in December 2010.

They welcomed their son, Finn, two years later in September 2012.

Unfortunately, the exact details regarding their divorce and its date have not been revealed.

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