Kiana James Parents And Ethnicity: Where Are They From?

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Kiana James Parents: Kiana’s original name might confuse some people about her and her family’s place of origin.

Within a short period, Kiana James, the American professional wrestler, has managed to rank among the top 250 female wrestlers.

Her mother raised her single-handedly along with her five siblings, which is why she calls her “Super Hero.”

Kiana James WWE Champion
Kiana James, WWE Champion (Source: Instagram)

The WWE wrestler has four different names. Her original name is Kayla Klingensmith or Kyla Inlay, while her ring names include Kiana James and Xtina Kay.

Born on May 23, 1997, Kayla comes from Sioux City, Iowa, and accomplished her elementary education at East High School.

Moreover, in 2019, she graduated from Morningside University with a degree in science.

On September 21, 2021, in the episode of AEW Dark, Inlay debuted in the ring under the name Xtina Kay and lost to The Bunny.

Later, on the February 1, 2022, episode of NXT, Inlay debuted in WWE under the ring name Kayla Inlay and lost to Sarray.

Moreover, the One-time NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion now competes for WWE since 2022.

Kiana James Parents And Ethnicity

Kiana doesn’t discuss her parents and family much in front of the media. Her mother’s name is Shandell Inlay, while her father’s identity remains unknown.

Kyla Inlay spent most of her life with both her parents for many years.

However, for unknown reasons, her parents separated, and her mother raised her and her five siblings on her own.

The posts on Kiana’s Instagram suggest that her parents might have separated somewhere after 2013.

Additionally, Kiana has a mixed ethnic background, as her parents come from two different backgrounds. However, she has not disclosed exactly where her ethnic background is from.

Kiana James Mother And Father
Kiana James, Mother And Father (Source: Instagram)

Her grandfather, Wardell, is of African descent. The NXT superstar comes from a big family of 8 members.

She has three sisters, including Emery Inlay, Anessa Inlay, and Kenna Inlay, as well as two brothers.

One of her brothers is named Andrell Inlay. Andrell graduated from the University of South Dakota. Additionally, her youngest brother’s name is Kaiden Inlay.

Her brothers and sisters bond very closely with her husband, Zach Klingensmith.

Kayla Husband: Zach Klingensmith

Kiana James is currently married to her husband, Zach Klingensmith. The couple started dating after their university days.

Their social media posts suggest that they have been dating since September 2019.

Zach proposed to Kayla in a beautiful setting, and they got engaged in July 2020.

On January 3, 2022, the couple finally exchanged their vows in a beach-side wedding.

Zach appears to be head over heels for his wife and is supportive of her career as a WWE fighter.

Kiana James And Zach Klingensmith Marriage
Kiana James And Zach Klingensmith Marriage (Source: Instagram)

James’s husband is the eldest of four siblings. He was born on January 2, 1994, to Tammy Sue Klink and Brian Klink.

He has two brothers named Cole Klink and Lukas Klink, and a sister named Haven Klink, a musician.

In 2017, Klingensmith graduated from Morningside University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management.

Before that, during his high school years, Zach Klingensmith was a part of the Wildcats football team.

Despite not being known about his career, he seems to have an affinity for hunting and fishing.

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