Top 12 Female Professional Wrestlers In WWE

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WWE has always boasted powerful superstars with amazing power and persona. There is a full roster of talented and flamboyant female professional wrestlers, where they will show their fighting skill which is a delight for the viewers.

They make headlines and attract millions of pay-per-view events. Similarly, the talents have also been upgraded drastically from what they used to be just a decade ago.

Becky Lynn
Becky Lynn (Source: Instagram)

The women’s roaster in WWE has evolved with time. Likewise, their in-ring skills and performances are just breathtaking.

Considering these wrestlers’ bigger-than-life presence in the WWE world, we have compiled a list for you. This list contains emerging and veteran stars who have cemented their positions as the top WWE female superstars.

So now, let us dive into the list without any further delay.

The list has been prepared with the help of various trusted sources from the internet like TheSportster, SportsUnfold, etc. Let’s check out the list.

Top 12 Female Professional Wrestlers In WWE 

S.N Name Of The Female Professional Wrestlers  Country
12. Shayna Baszler USA
11. Nia Jax Australia
10. Naomi USA
9. Carmella USA
8. Natalya Canada
7. Bayley USA
6. Asuka Japan
5. Bianca Belair USA
4. Ronda Rousey USA
3. Charlotte Flair USA
2. Sasha Banks USA
1. Becky Lynn USA

12. Shayna Baszler

We will start our list with Shayna Baszler, an American professional wrestler, kickboxer, and former mixed martial artist.

She is affiliated with WWE and performs on SmackDown.

Baszler first started her career as a mixed-marital artist in MMA in 2006. There, she gained a lot of popularity and recognition. After that, being cut from the UFC led her to a wrestling career.

From 2015 to 2017, Baszler worked in the various events of the Independent circuit and World Wonder Ring Stardom. Then on August 10, 2017, she made her debut in WWE’s brand NXT.

Shayna Baszler
Shayna Baszler (Source: Instagram)

After that, she has been part of the main roster of female wrestlers. She is one of the best female submission wrestlers in WWE history. Her Kirifuda Clutch is a terrifying main move that no opponent wants to get caught into.

Baszler is a former two-time NXT Women’s champion and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion with Nia Jax. 

Baszler assisted Rousey in retaining her title against Shotzi on 26 November 2022 at Survivor Series WarGames. She went on a trip to Warhammer World in 2022 with Cesaro.

She made her WWE video game debut as a playable character in WWE 2K19 and returned for WWE 2K20; she appeared in WWE 2K22.

Baszler played for the first time in a new Warhammer 40K-inspired look at last night’s Royal Rumble event in San Antonio.

As of 2024, Baszler’s statistics of MMA are a total of 26, win 15, by knockout 1, by submission 13, and by decision 1. Losses 11, by knockout 7, by submission 1, and decision 3.

In one of the episodes of Wrestling Observer Radio on February 5, 2023, Dave Melzer said Rousey and Shayna Baszler might have a women’s tag team championship run as former UFC requested. 

11. Nia Jax

Born as Savelina “Lina” Fanene, Nia Jax is an Australian-born American professional wrestler. Nia Jax is the ring name by which she wrestled in WWE.

Jax was a plus-size model before she entered the world of wrestling. In early 2014, she was signed by the WWE, and the following year, she made her debut in the NXT.

She initially debuted under the ring name Zada but later changed it into Nia Jax. A year after her debut in the NXT, Jax was drafted to the Raw brand as part of the 2016 WWE draft.

The draft gave her a chance to make her debut in the main roster. Nicknamed “The Irresistible Force,” her main move is a Samoan drop as a finisher named the Annihilator.

Nia Jax
Nia Jax (Source: Instagram)

Jax is a former RAW Women’s Champion and two times Women’s Tag Team Champion with her partner Shayna Baszler.

On 8 February 2023, in an autograph signing and Q&A session with fans through the Higspots Superstore, Jax said that WWE’s COVID era was her “favorite.”

She made a surprise return to WWE at the No.30 in the women’s Royal Rumble match and won the women’s tag team titles twice during WWE’s lockdown era with her former partner Shayna Baszler.

Jay and Shayna are in a four-way tie for the most WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship reign, with the titles being created by WWe in late 2018.

In 2023, she returned to the Women’s Royal Rumble at the 30 spots and was eliminated by the combined efforts of the remaining 11 women in the ring.

10. Naomi

On our number 10 of the top female professional wrestler is Naomi. Her real name is Trinity Fatu, but she is popular with the ring name Naomi and is currently signed to WWE’s brand SmackDown.

Naomi first made her debut in NXT in 2010 after WWE signed her the previous year. Her main roster debut was in 2012, along with Cameron as valets for fellow wrestler Brodus Clay, dubbed The Funkadactyls.

In the 2016 WWE draft, Naomi was drafted to SmackDown. After that, she debuted her new gimmick, lock, and entrance called “The Glow.”

Naomi (Source: Instagram)

There’s no doubt that Naomi is one of the most skillful female wrestlers in the WWE roaster. Additional to her skill, her gimmick, and personality make her popular among her fans.

Naomi is a two-time WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, and she was the winner of the 2018 WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.

The wrestler debuted in-game in WWE’13 as a non-player character along with her then-tag team partner Cameron, appearing during Brodus Clay’s entrance and winning celebration in WWE 2K14. She later appeared as a playable character in WWE 2K15, WWE 2K16, WWE 2K18, WWE 2K19, WWE 2K20, WWE Battlegrounds, and WWE 2K22.

She won the inaugural WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34 the following year and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion with Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 38 in 2022.

Naomi debuted modeling at New York Fashion Week alongside Sasha Banks in September.

9. Carmella

Born as Leah Van Dale, Carmella is a professional wrestler signed to WWE’s brand Raw. Aside from being a professional wrestler, she is also a dancer, fitness instructor, and model.

Carmella made her debut in-ring on NXT on October 16, 2014. She was included in the main roster in SmackDown after the 2016 WWE draft. 

Carmella has some of the most impressive collections of championships among the female wrestlers on the main roster. She is a two-time WWE 42/7 Champion WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Similarly, Carmella is the first winner of the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. In addition, she is the 2019 WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal winner.

Carmella (Source: Instagram)

After being drafted to Raw in the 2021 draft, she formed a tag team with Queen Zelina and won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

In the lost match at WrestleMania, Zelina blamed Carmella and attacked her, leading to the end of their alliance. She suffered an injury during a live event on August 6.

Recent Career

On 30 January 2023, Carmella returned to the episode of Raw and displayed her previous gimmick, which she used in 2020.

She defeated Candice LeRae, Mia Yim, and Piper Niven in a fatal four-way match to qualify for the women’s Elimination Chamber match at the namesake pay-per-view.

Carmella was in a relationship with Matthew Polinsky, known by the stage name Corey Graves. They married on April 7, 2022, and were pregnant with his baby.

However, she revealed on her Instagram account that she had an ectopic pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage on 31 October.

The wrestler returned in the episode of Raw on January 30, 2023, with her previous gimmick. She defeated Candice LeRae, Mia Yim, and Piper Niven in a fatal four-way match to qualify for the women’s Elimination Chamber fight at the namesake pay-per-view the following week.

8. Natalya

Natalya is the next on our list of female professional wrestlers. Her real name is Natalya Neidhart, a famous Hart wrestling family member.

Natalya is the daughter of a Hall of Famer and a former member of Hart Foundation, Jim Neidhart. Similarly, she is a third-generation professional wrestler and also a columnist. In 2007, she made her WWE debut.

Also a member of the famous trio of the Hart Dynasty, Natalya is a two-time women’s world champion. Natalya is the first woman in WWE history to win both Divas Championship and the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Natalya (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Natalya is the only female wrestler who holds three Guinness Book of World Records. Her record includes the most pay-per-view appearances, matches, and wins by a female WWE wrestler.

Similarly, Natalya and her tag team partner Tamina are former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Currently, she is part of the SmackDown roster.

The wrestler entered the Queen’s Crown tournament, where she lost to Doudrop in the first round in October. 

She won the six-pack challenge at Money in the bank but failed to win the title in one of the episodes of SmackDown in 2022.

7. Bayley

Famously known by her ring name Bayley, she was born Pamela Rose Martinez. She is a free agent who WWE signed in 2012. She made her NXT debut the following year.

After her debut in the NXT, she became the NXT Women’s Champion in 2015. Bayley was nicknamed “hugger” in her early career for hugging many fans (especially young ones) during her entrance.

In 2016, Bayley made her main roster debut and pay-per-view debut at Battleground. She then became part of the Raw roster. In the 2019 WWE draft, Bayley was drafted to SmackDown.

Bayley (Source: Instagram)

Bayley is famous for her finishing move in-ring called belly-to-belly suplex, also called Bayley-to-Belly. Thanks to her skills, she has one of the impressive WWE achievements.

She is a former NXT Women’s champion, WWE Raw Women’s champion, two-time WWE SmackDDown Women’s Champion, two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team champion with Sasha Banks, etc.

Likewise, Bayley is the longest-reigning modern Women’s champion in WWE history. Currently, she is inactive due to torn ACL.

Bayley entered the Women’s Royal Rumble match on 28 January 2023 by eliminating Lynch and the other 4 women but was defeated by Liv Morgan.

6. Asuka

Our number 7 top female professional wrestler is the Japanese wrestler Asuka. She is a free agent currently signed by WWE. Her real name is Kanako Urai.

Asuka made her professional wrestling debut under the name Kana in 2004. After that, she wrestled on different platforms as a freelancer before signing with WWE in 2015.

After signing with the WWE, she became the second female Japanese wrestler to sign with the Enterprise. She debuted in the WWE’s NXT brand. Her performance soon captured the WWE world’s attention.

Asuka (Source: Instagram)

Asuka was called one of the greatest champions in WWE history by the NXT General Manager. Then she was included in the main roster of Raw. In 2018, she was drafted in SmackDown.

In 2021, Asuka was named one of the top 5 greatest female superstars of all time by WWE. Asuka is a former NXT Women’s Champion, two-times WWE Raw Women’s Champion, and SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Similarly, she is also a two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion with Kairi Sane and Charlotte Flair. In addition, Asuka was also the 2020 Women’s Money in the Bank winner.

Asuka participated in the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble match with a new look, Kana’s character. She was eliminated by winner Rhea Ripley finishing in third place.

5. Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair is one of the current female superstars of the WWE Raw brand. She is a former track and field athlete who became a professional wrestler.

In 2016, Blair signed with the WWE and made her debut under the ring name “Binky Blair.” Relentless and aggressive, she soon became a fan favorite. After Wrestlemania 36, she made her main roster debut.

Bianca Belair
Bianca Belair (Source: Instagram)

In the 2020 draft, Blair was drafted to SmackDown but returned to Raw in the 2021 draft. She is a WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

In 2021, she won the Royal Rumble match, making her the second African-American wrestler to achieve the feat after The Rock.

Similarly, after Blair won the SmackDown Women’s Championship in Wrestlemania 37, she and Sasha Banks became the first Black women to headline Wrestlemania.

Ranked as the No. 1 female wrestler by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, she is one of the top superstars of WWE. 

WWE CEO Nick Khan and Bianca have started filming for the Hulu reality show, which will be aired in 2023.

They got engaged in 2017, and tied the knot in 2018.

4. Ronda Rousey

Next up, we have a professional wrestler, a former judoka, mixed martial artist, and actress. Ronda Rousey is one of the most powerful and skillful female wrestlers in WWE.

Rousey is famous for being a former UFC fighter. She achieved a lot of popularity while in the UFC, from where she retired in 2016.

In 2018, WWE signed her and thus began her WWE superstar journey. Rousey has been nicknamed “Rowdy,” inherited from WWE Hall of Famer wrestler Roddy Piper.

Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey (Source: Instagram)

She headlined the WWE’s inaugural all-women pay-per-view. Similarly, after winning the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, she became the only woman to win the UFC and WWE Championship.

Rousey was one of the richest MMA fighters with a $12 million net worth; she was the only woman in the top 20 in Jnauary 2022.

She was also added to the list of playable characters in the game Raid Shadow Legends on November 30, 2022.

Rousey is the longest-reigning Raw Women’s Champion. She won the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble. She wrestles with the SmackDown brand.

3. Charlotte Flair

Number 3 of the top female professional wrestler goes to a second-generation professional wrestler, Charlotte Flair. She is the daughter of the WWE Hall of Famer, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

Flair began training in the WWE a year before her debut in the NXT in 2013. While in NXT, she won the NXT Women’s Championship twice.

Then in 2015, she was promoted to Raw’s main roster. After making her main roster debut, Flair won the Divas Championship.

Charlotte Flair
Charlotte Flair (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, she has won the Raw’s Women’s Championship and the SmackDown Women’s Championship for a record six times. Furthermore, she also won the Women’s Tag Team Champion becoming a Triple Crown Champion and a Grand Slam.

In 2021, she was drafted to SmackDown as a Raw Women’s Champion. A talented and skillful wrestler, Flair has inherited her father’s talent.

Flair collaborated with jewelry brand Rockford Collection in a new line of designer rings named Eminence on October 2022.

2. Sasha Banks

Our number 2 goes to Sasha Banks. Born as Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado, she made her debut in 2011 in WWE brand NXT under the name.

Previous to her WWE debut, Banks wrestled in the independent circuit. After her debut, she was a one-time NXT Women’s Champion. She made her main roster debut in 2015.

After her debut in the main roster, Banks has held the WWE Raw Women’s Championship five times. Similarly, she has also won the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship two times.

Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks (Source: Instagram)

When Banks won her SmackDown championship, she became the fourth WWE Women’s Triple Crown Champion and the third Women’s Grand Slam Champion.

At Wrestlemania 37, she and Bianca Beliar became the first Black women to headline Wrestlemania jointly.

In 2021, Banks was the third most tweeted-about female athlete. She is currently active in the WWE’s SmackDown.

Varnado had to walk out of WWE and could not negotiate a new contract after creative issues in 2022. After that she debuted in NJPW/Stardom at Wrestle Kingdom 17 in January 2023 with the ring name Mercedes Mone.

1. Becky Lynch

And our number 1 top female professional wrestler is non-other than Becky Lynch. She is an Irish wrestler named Rebecca Quin and is currently active in the Raw roster.

Lynch is the current Raw Women’s Champion. In addition, she is one of the most recognizable and highest-paid WWE wrestlers.

She started training in 2002 as a professional wrestler and used Rebecca Knox as her ring name. Lynch signed to WWE in 2013 and started her WWE journey from NXT.

Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch (Source: Instagram)

In 2015, the wrestler made her main roster debut in Raw. Lynch was part of the trio along with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks, with whom Stephanie McMahon called for a revolution in the WWE Diva division.

Similarly, she made her SmackDown debut after being drafted in the 2016 WWE draft. With her deadly arm-lock called “Diss Arm Her” and Manhandle Slam, Lynch has been able to dominate WWE.

She won WWE Raw Women’s Championship once before. Likewise, she is a former, four-time WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion and 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble winner.

In 2020, Becky was the sixth highest-paid WWE wrestler and the highest-paid woman, according to Forbes, with a salary of $3.1 million.

Lynch was named one of the Top Female Game-Changers in the 21st Century by Glazia Magazine in 2022.


The WWE female roster has evolved drastically from what it used to be. The credit also goes to these ladies who have charmed us with their skills and bigger-than-life persona.

Do you agree with our list? Who do you think is the top female professional wrestler? Do let us know!

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  1. Since the majority of matches have predetermined winners it is very hard to dispute your list. I do not think Charlotte Flair has anywhere near the talent her father has, she uses her size rule breaking talents to her best interests. All the other wrestlers mentioned are a credit to the WWE and themselves. They deserve a champion that is a credit to their organization not just a former champion’s daughter.

  2. I agree with most of the list but I wouldn’t have Becky Lynch as number 1. Lynch should be 5. Behind Asuka as 4, Bayley 3, Sasha Banks 2, and if you like her or not even if you’re tired of her Charlotte Flair should be 1. She’s going to bring something big in every ppv. I don’t agree with Becky Lynch because she muffs her moves entirely too much.


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