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Kiya Winston is a celebrated name in the fashion and sports industry. More than that, she is widely popular for her high-profile marital relationship as she is the wife of Mike Tomlin.

Kiya Winston is an African-American fashion designer who operates a studio and runs apparel workshops.

Her husband, Mike Tomlin, is the former football player and present head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League.

Kiya Winston Photoshoot At Her Studio
Kiya Winston at her studio (Source: Instagram)

Owning to her hard work, Kiya is a successful businesswoman and cannot be assumed to be well-known just because of her husband.

Moreover, Winston describes herself as a mom of three kids, a wife, and an artist.

Mrs. Tomlin has a rejoiceful love life with Mike and the kids, simultaneously leading the clothing business, which is the career of her likeness.

Before we dig up more details about Kiya Winston, let us scroll through her quick facts.

Kiya Winston | Quick Facts

Full Name Kiya Winston/Tomlin
Birth Date January 13, 1974
Birth Place Morristown, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Current Residence Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education Graduate in Designs, Arts and Architecture Planning
University University of Cincinnati
Horoscope Capricorn
Sexuality Straight
Known For Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin’s Wife
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unrevealed
Age 50 years old
Height 5 feet 3 inches or 136 cm
Weight About 60 kilograms or 132 pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Slim and Toned
Profession Businesswoman & Fashion Designer
Active Years 1992– Present
Marital Status Married
Husband Mike Tomlin
Kids Dean Tomlin, Mason Tomlin, and Harlyn Quinn Tomlin
Net Worth $2 million
Merch of Mike Tomlin Tribute Card
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Updated July 2024

Kiya Winston | Age & Family Members

The ambitious Winston was born on January 13, 1974, in the town of Morristown in the state of New Jersey. So, her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Winston grew up alongside her siblings, where her passion for crafting and sewing clothes arose from a very young age.

Regrettably, the details about her parents and the siblings of Kiya are from the media.

Also, Kiya and her siblings were raised by her mother singly as her parents divorced while she was attending junior school.

Seeing her mother struggle to raise her children, Kiya yearned to support her mother and become financially independent hence from an early age.

Kiya Winston & Mike Tomlin With Family
The Tomlin family (Source: Instagram)

In addition, the 50-year-old has a family of her own with the head coach, Mike Tomlin. They are married and have three kids: two boys and a girl.

Early Life & Education of Kiya Winston

The beautiful Kiya lived her childhood in Morristown, where she studied, played, and started sewing and knitting in the neighborhood.

As a child, Kiya was tiny, and due to this, she struggled wearing ready-made attires. So, she could not wear cool and trendy outfits.

When she was ten years old, Kiya asked for a sewing machine as a Christmas gift, and she began crafting clothes for herself and creating her own solutions for clothing.

Besides that, the young stylist set off tailoring pillows, ducks, and dresses. Her costumes and garments were concerned for babies and her friend’s prom and parties.

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Surprisingly, Kiya Winston entered the College of William & Mary under the faculty of medicine and joined the gym club.

During college, Kiya was popular, making attires for her friends and the members of the gymnastic club.

Furthermore, she even made clothes for her gym coach, who was pregnant then. Winston shared on her Instagram: 

“My college coach, she was pregnant one year. I made all her maternity clothes.”

Kiya met her husband, Mike Tomlin, at the College of William & Mary when Mike was a pre-law student and a footballer, and Kiya was a pre-med student at that time. Thus, the duo then began dating, which eventually ended in marriage.

Later on, the fashionista switched courses to the faculty of arts and moved on to the College of Design, Art, and Architectural Planning at the University of Cincinnati.

Marriage with Mike Tomlin

At William & Mary, Kiya’s first encounter with Mike was in the training room – both resting because of injuries. Then, Tomlin was a class ahead and played as a wide receiver for the school’s football team.

When Tomlin made up his mind to chase a career as a coach, Kiya also moved along with him to support Mike’s career.

Kiya Winston Celebrating Her 47th Birthday
Kiya Winston celebrating her 47th birthday (Source: Instagram)

Two weeks after Kiya finished her graduation, the pair got engaged in 1996. During which Mike had also finished school not long back.

At that moment, Mike was working as a graduate assistant at the University of Memphis.

The couple enjoyed their single time for a period and had their first child, Dean Tomlin, in 2000. Later, they had Mason Tomlin in 2002 and a girl child Harlyn Quinn Tomlin in 2006.

What’s more, Kiya seemed to have a transitory life for the first few years of marriage. The fashion designer moved to various cities such as Tennessee, Arkansas, and Ohio because Mike was pursuing a coaching career at that time.

Currently, the pair resides together with their kids in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Professional Career | Kiya Winston

As mentioned before, Kiya had an immense interest in fashion and designing clothes and fabrics. Further, she spent her entire childhood tailoring and designing, which paved the path for her success today.

Winston’s professional career began after she finished her college education and started working towards her goal of establishing a name in the fashion world. 

After continuously working towards achieving her childhood dream, Kiya opened a workshop in 2012 and began sewing trendy clothes inspired by the energy and aspirations of today’s modern woman.

In 2014, she finally launched her company under the name Uptown Sweats, which was focused on busy mothers over the age of 30 so that they could wear classy clothes. Kiya released versatile, fashionable, and machine-washable dresses blended with bamboo fabrics produced in the U.S.A.

Kiya Winston In Her Studio at Uptown Sweats
Kiya Winston in her Studio at Uptown Sweats (Source: Instagram)

Kiya’s sweatshirts soon picked up the pace in the market due to her client-focused product and the quality of the product. And it was bound to happen since her fashion tagline is “Comfortable. Confident. Beautiful.”

Though it took some time for the designer to earn a name among the crowd, the hardworking woman did not falter from her path, and now sports and Hollywood celebrities line up to wear her designs.

Considering various online magazines, the couturier has several high-profile celebrities as her clients who buy her designer dresses.

Today, Kiya Tomlin has opened another retail store so that ordinary people aside from celebrities and models can also buy and wear her designed clothes. She has set up the store near her workshop in Pittsburgh city.

Body Measurements | Kiya Winston

Right now, even at the age of 50, the mother of three kids has maintained herself really well. She has a well-toned physique, and her knowledge of style and fashion adds more beauty to her sturdy health.

Sadly, the exact height of the mother is unknown, but comparing her with Mike, we can guess that she stands 136 centimeters tall. Having said that, the lady weighs about 60 kilograms which is fair considering her age.

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Over and above, Mrs. Tomlin has fair skin and black hair, and glittering brown eyes that add charm to her radiant smile.

Kiya Winston | Social Media Marketer

The stylist is also a huge social media user as she promotes her designs and dresses through them. Winston regularly often posts highlighting the latest of her handy skills and new looks.

Running with nearly 9000 followers, Kiya has Instagram handle under the username ‘kiyatomlin,’ where she updates her fresh and recent releases. Her Instagram account can keep you up-to-date on her new outcomings.

Kiya Winston & Mike Tomlin Attending A Party
Kiya Winston & Mike Tomlin attending a party (Source: CelebrityMirror)

Likewise, you can follow her on Twitter (@KiyaTomlin), where she has about 6000 followers. Here she posts and also interacts with other users.

Not only that, whenever she has time on her hands, Kiya scrolls on Twitter, where she is seen supporting and retweeting her husband’s team’s matches.

However, you will rarely see Winston’s or her family’s photos uploaded on her social media. The many times you see her photo will also be Kiya promoting the newest of her attires.

Kiya Winston | Net Worth

Seeing how her mother worked vigorously and to help her mother, the businesswoman dedicated herself to her passion for sewing and designing from a pretty young age. Her hardworking nature and absolute-positive attitudes toward her work are the primary reasons for her success and fame.

And today, she is thriving and owns a clothing line called ‘Uptown Sweats,’ which generates nearly $1 million annually.

The wife of the NFL coach owns a few luxurious cars like BMW and KIA SUV and co-owns a residence with her husband that they bought for $1.8 million in the neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Thus far, Kiya Winston is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million.

Still, Winston’s income looks pale next to her husband’s income, whose current gain is $16 million. Mike Tomlin earns $6 million as his annual salary and is currently listed as the 8th wealthiest NFL Coach of all time.

The American duo together holds more than $20 million worth which explains their lavish lifestyle and hobby of deluxe residences and vehicles.


Does Kiya Tomlin work in the Hollywood industry?

Kiya Tomlin is a fashion designer who designs fancy outfits for several Hollywood celebrities and sportspersons. Although, she is not a hired professional of any specific star or group.

What is Kiya Tomlin’s net worth?

As of 2022, Kiya Tomlin’s collection of fortune is expected to be around $2 million.

In contrast to her husband’s worth, Kiya lags much further behind as Mike’s holdings are approximately $16 million.

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