Kristi Yamaguchi Family: Parents, Husband And Kids

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The legacy of former figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi goes beyond her athletic triumphs. Behind her successful career stands her family, who played a significant role in her achievements.

Kristi has won the hearts of millions with her breathtaking performances, captivating the world with her talent and charisma as a figure skater.

Let’s explore the important aspects of her family and the profound impact they have had on her journey.

Kristi Yamaguchi Captured Her First And Only US Singles Title in 1992
Kristi Yamaguchi (Source: Instagram)

Kristine Tsuya Yamaguchi is a former American figure skater, an author, and a T.V. personality. Born in Hayward, California, on July 12, 1971, she started ice skating at the age of six.

She had earned victories at the most highly regarded domestic and international competitions by the early 1990s.

Her major accolades include the 1988 World Junior Championships, the 1992 Winter Olympics, and World Championships in 1991 and 1992.

The skater then embarked on a successful professional career, touring with Stars on Ice and winning numerous competitions. 

Kristi is a member of the 1998 U.S. Olympic Committee Olympic Hall of Fame and the 1999 World Skating Hall of Fame.

Moreover, she is also the founder of the Always Dream Foundation and is also popular for her books and magazine articles.

Kristi Yamaguchi Parents: Jim and Carole Yamaguchi

The story of Kristi Yamaguchi family is a tale of love and success that begins with her parents.

Kristi was born to Jim Yamaguchi and Carole Doi Yamaguchi. Her father was a dentist, whereas her mother was a medical secretary. 

As per one of the Olympian’s interviews, her mom and dad are still active community members.

Kristi Yamaguchi Parents Jim and Carole Yamaguchi Are Japanese Descendants
Kristi Yamaguchi Parents (Source: Instagram)

Her parents’ love and support played a significant role in shaping her successful career.

Jim and Carole encouraged Kristi’s passion for figure skating from an early age and were actively involved in nurturing her talent.

Both of Kristi’s parents have a Japanese heritage, which influenced her cultural identity.

Eventually, she became a symbol of representation and empowerment for the Asian-American community.

Kristi Yamaguchi Husband: Bret Hedican

Kristi Yamaguchi found love and companionship in the form of former NHL player Bret Hedican in the mid-90s.

The couple met at the 1992 Winter Olympics when Bret played for Team USA. They didn’t develop a strong bond until a few years later. 

Kristi Yamaguchi Celebrated 2022 Christmas With Husband Bret Hedican And Kids
Kristi Yamaguchi Celebrating 2022 Christmas With Her Husband And Kids (Source: Instagram)

Bret was known for his skill as a defenseman in the National Hockey League, and his successful career complemented Kristi’s fame in the world of figure skating.

After a beautiful courtship, Kristi and Bret tied the knot on July 8, 2000. Their marriage has been marked by love, understanding, and mutual support.

They have stood by each other’s side, navigating the challenges of being public figures with grace and dignity until today.

Kristi Yamaguchi Kids: Keara Kiyomi And Emma Yoshiko

The love story of Kristi and Bret blossomed further with the arrival of their first child, a daughter named Keara Kiyomi Hedican, on October 1, 2003.

Keara is an actor with multiple theatrical and short film experiences. Similarly, she is skilled in dancing, screenwriting, and custom designing.

The 20 years old is studying BA THEATER MAJOR at UCLA since 2022.

Moreover, she is currently working on a short film with some fellow creatives at UCLA called Call of the Siren, as per her website.

Kristi Yamaguchi With Her Daughters Keara Kiyomi And Emma Yoshiko
Kristi Yamaguchi With Her Daughters During Their Trip To Maui (Source: Instagram)

A few years after the birth of Keara, Kristi and her husband welcomed their second daughter, Emma Yoshiko Hedican, on November 16, 2005.

Unlike her elder sister, Emma is following in her mother’s footsteps and has been skating for many years. Emma was coached by Kristi’s former partner, Rudy Galindo.

The mother-daughter duo also performed together during The Golden Moment in Honolulu in 2015. 

In light of her Instagram bio, Emma attends Monte Vista High School and will graduate in 2024.

Kristi As A Mother

Kristi is dedicated to her daughters and wants to give them the freedom to find their own path in life.

Both Kristi and Bret encourage their children to try a lot of things to see what sparked their interest.

Despite her busy schedule, Kristi always prioritizes spending quality time with her family.

Kristi does her best to set an example of still keeping busy and focusing on raising her daughters.

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