Landon Collins Children: How Many Kids Does He Have? Wife & Family

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Former New York Giants and Washington Football Team’s safety and linebacker Landon Collins is allegedly the father of three children from three different mothers. Additionally, he doesn’t have a wife and is the son of parents Tom and April Collins.

The recently released free agent is topping the internet trends, with NFL fans curious about his personal life, family, wife, and children. 

The hardworking and talented Collins has faced many challenges in his career and has often been part of controversial news and incidents.

Landon In Giants Outfit
Landon In Giants Outfit (Source: Instagram)

Landon Collins was born on January 10, 1994, in Louisiana, United States. Sports was a part of his life from an early age, evidenced by his participation in track and football at Dutchtown High School.

ESPN also ranked Collins the top safety in its 2012 ranking of the top 150 high school football players but No.6 overall.

The highly recruited prospect ultimately committed to Alabama. By all statistics, he had a successful college football career. 

Commencing that, the New York Giants selected him in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft. He has also featured for the Washington Football Team in the professional league.

Collins’ career is at a crossroads at the moment because he is still looking for a new offer as a free agent. In terms of his personal life, he shares key moments on his Instagram (@thehumble_21). He posts pictures of his kids and his football life.

Landon Collins Children And Wife

People are interested in how many children the linebacker has. This is because his ex-girlfriend accused him of impregnating three women at once back in 2016.

Collins has not stated anything regarding the accusations. However, on his Instagram, he shares stories about his daughter and two sons. The identity of his children’s mothers remains a mystery.

Landon And His Child
Landon And His Child (Source: Instagram)

In terms of his marital life and wife, we can report that he is unmarried. 

By all indications, he is presently in a relationship with fellow Alabama graduate Victoria Lowery. They have been dating since their University days.

Landon Collins Family

Football was in Landon’s family from age 4, as his dad, Tom, coached him in his early years. Landon famously labeled him “the most influential coach I’ve ever had.”

Tom presently works as a station director at the Coastal Bridge Construction Company in Louisiana. Tom gave his son the nickname “money” because everything he would do turned into gold at the age of six.

On the other hand, Landon’s relationship with his mother, April, has not been sailing so smoothly. They had a rift when Landon chose to play collegiate football for Alabama instead of LSU. 

Landon Collins And Mother April Justin
Landon Collins And Mother April Justin (Source: NY Times)

April believed joining LSU would be more beneficial to Landon as he would get more game-time, and the offer was financially more lucrative. 

In terms of siblings, Landon has a sister, Gerrah, and two brothers, Gerald and Justin. Gerald was a college basketball phenom and played for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. 

April and Landon’s relationship has slowly but surely improved over the years after the LSU-Alabama fiasco. The pair try to avoid questions regarding the situation, and there is still a fair bit of tension regarding the matter.

I just want to make this clear: I’m not an LSU fan. But I stick to my guns that he could have accomplished more individually at LSU,” April stated in an interview in 2020 not letting of her stance.

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