Lions Ben Johnson Net Worth: Will He Get $15 Million Contract Worth Salary?

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Fans are very curious about the net worth of Lions Ben Johnson after sources have said that he wants his next contract to be $15 million.

If Johnson manages to find a contract of this range, he will be in line to be one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL currently.

Ben Johnson Looking At The Team Training
Ben Johnson Looking At The Team Training (Source: CDN)

Benjamin David Johnson was born on May 11, 1986, in Charleston, South Carolina. He is an American football coach and former player.

Currently, Johnson has been serving as the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions of the NFL.

He had always been a fan of the sport growing up, but it wasn’t until his college days that the coach was recognized.

Johnson graduated from the University of North Carolina with a mathematics and computer science degree.

He was a walk-on quarterback at North Carolina from 2004 to 2007. Johnson began coaching as a graduate assistant at Boston College in 2009.

In 2011, the team promoted him to tight ends coach. On February 10, 2012, the Miami Dolphins named Johnson an offensive assistant.

And once again, in 2013, the team promoted him to assistant quarterbacks coach. The Detroit Lions hired Johnson as the offensive quality control coach in 2019.

Lions Ben Johnson Net Worth & New Contract

The net worth of Ben Johnson is expected to be somewhere around $5 Million after taking into consideration the earnings of NFL coordinators. 

But many teams target the offensive coordinator after a successful season with the Lions, and fans expect this to change soon.

Furthermore, he turned down offers from other teams last season and decided to stick with the Lions.

This has further solidified his negotiating power, and his agents are now gunning for something big. 

Word on the street is Johnson is looking for a $15 million contract if any team wants him as a head coach. 

Ben Johnson Is Looking To Increase His Net Worth By Signing A $15 Million Contract
Ben Johnson Is Looking To Increase His Net Worth By Signing A $15 Million Contract (Source: SportsIllustrated)

According to CBS Sports analyst Josina Anderson, Johnson wants a compensation of “at least or around” $15 million per year. This is if they want him as a head coach.

When rejecting the allegation, Johnson’s agent, Richmond Flowers III, used the same language as Anderson.

According to Pro Football Network, Bill Belichick ($20 million), Sean Payton ($18 million), and Pete Carroll ($15 million) are the only NFL coaches who earn at least $15 million each year.

Sean McVay ($14 million), Mike Tomlin ($12.5 million), Andy Reid ($12 million), and John Harbaugh ($12 million) are the next in line.

With negotiations going on behind the scenes, we might not know yet if Johnson will get a heavy deal or accept it if he gets one.

What About His Coaching Style? 

Johnson’s coaching style is characterized by creativity, aggressiveness, and a talent-maximizing approach.

In the offseason, Johnson had adopted an old-school, back-to-basics training style for his offense during OTAs.

He emphasized focusing on fundamentals, breaking down each position group’s nuts and bolts.

A strong emphasis on ball security highlights Johnson’s belief in mastering the fundamentals.

Ben Johnson Has A Different Style Of Coaching
Ben Johnson Has A Different Style Of Coaching (Source: TheAthletic)

This contributed significantly to the team’s success in the latter half of the previous season.

While Johnson stresses a return to basics, he reassures that the team won’t lose its creativity or aggressiveness.

The goal is to execute plays more efficiently and avoid leaving potential yards or points on the field.

Despite their innovative approach, Johnson acknowledges that the team left opportunities untapped in the previous season. This has led to their continued push for improvement.

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