Lonnie Johnson Jr. Bio: Early Life, NFL, Personal Life & Net Worth

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Football is not only regarded as a sport but also as a religion to many people. And the NFL is one huge platform that has derived many potentials and let them evolve.

In like manner, we have Lonnie Johnson Jr., who carries all the potential to be one good athlete.

Lonnie is pretty much known for the evident speed that he showcases on the ground and the notable physical makeup that leads him to tackle the counterattacks.

To put it simply, for those who are still not aware of this name. Lonnie Johnson Jr is a professional football player for the Houston Texans of the NFL.

It’s just been a year that he has brought himself into this line professionally and managed to make names in the world of football.

Lonnie Johnson Jr
NFL Player Lonnie Johnson Jr

We will try to reveal all about Lonnie’s early life, NFL, affairs, wife, kids, salary, net worth in this article.

You have to scroll down and keep reading, rendering all your attention. And yes, of course, if you find some facts going missing, incomplete, or wrong, you can surely add them down in the comment box.

But before that, how about having a smart sneak peek into the must-known quick facts about the cornerback, Lonnie Johnson.

Quick Facts

Full Name Lonnie Johnson, Jr.
Birth Date November 4, 1995
Birth Place Gary, Indiana
Nick Name Lotto
Religion Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education West Side Leadership Academy, San Bernardino Valley College, Garden City Community College, University of Kentucky
Horoscope Libra
Father’s Name Lonnie Johnson
Mother’sName Nora Johnson
Siblings Darion Johnson
Age 28 years old
Height 6 feet 2 inches (1.87m)
Weight 213 lb (97 kg)
Roster Status Active
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Jersey Number 32
Build Athlete
Marital Status Married to Selena Morgan Johnson
Kids Ayla and Alani
Position Cornerback and Safety
Profession NFL Player
Net Worth around $6 million
Salary around $731,575 base salary
Currently Plays for Houstons Texans
Merch Logo Face Cover
Active Since 2019 – Present
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update March, 2024

Lonnie Johnson Jr. | Early Life And Family

The very basic fact to start with, Lonnie Johnson Jr. was born on November 4, 1995, to his parents Lonnie Johnson and Nora Johnson, in Gary, Indiana. He grew up playing along with his brother Darion.

Lonnie is an American by nationality and has black ethnicity. Well, nothing much has been revealed about his parents and his childhood on the internet.

But yes, Lonnie, his brother Darion and his cousin Jon’Vea Johnson grew up having enormous athletic skills.

Nora, Lonnie Sr, and Uncle Jason all three have played two seasons in the NFL for the Broncos and the Steelers. His cousin Jon’Vea is a Toldeo wide receiver who started off as a free agent with the Cowboys.

Lonnie Johnson Jr.
Lonnie Johnson Jr.

Moreover, the place where he was born, Gary, is more like a criminal place. So there is something negative going around the corner.

According to Lonnie, ” It’s a rough city to grow up in .” He often saw a lot of deaths, a lot of shootings, his parents visiting the jail.

Henceforth, those incidents turned him to be of those who dreamed of doing something hilarious for his hometown in a positive manner and giving it back to his community.

All Loonie wanted was, as a kid, to remove all the stains of blood, sins, and brutality from the place where he hailed.

Struggles as a kid

According to his mother, Nora, they had their own share of struggles. When Loonie was in high school, his family moved into his grandmother’s two-bedroom home for several months as their house was put on the market without letting them know.

At least seventeen members had to live in the same room.

Nora worked two jobs as a bus driver and one as a track coach to survive her and families livelihood. She used to spend her rent money to drive 13 hours to see him play.

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Not only that, how do you feel when you lose your friend because of some sort of violence as a kid? Guilty, sad, maddening, anxious, depressed.

Yes, Loonie had gone through all these mixtures of feelings as he lost his friend, Daja Brookshire, a jovial kid with whom he ran track, who was shot dead when she was stepping out of her boyfriend’s car.

According to Loonie, she was not meant for bullets. She had done nothing to deserve a bullet in the reward that too in a wrong time and in a wrong situation.

He inked several tattoos on his right hand to pay him honor. Also, so that people would see that while shaking hands or playing football.

Lonnie Johnson Jr. | High School, Recruiting, and College Career

He went on attending West Side Leadership Academy in Gary, Indiana.  His uncle Jason remained his coach for high school. He tried playing several positions during high school and also ran tracks.

Lonnie actually committed to Ohio State University to play college football but eventually pulled from their recruiting class. So instead, he switched to San Bernardino (Calif) Valley College in 2014.

And 2014 happened to be one of the dreadful years for him as he struggled really hard to survive his living expenses, and it was the same time when his parents were separating, We guess.

He again switched to another college named Garden City (Kansas) Community College for the third time in a row.

The simple reason to switch was that the college provided him with a meal plan, and he could easily get rid of hunger.  He was hired as a wide receiver then during his college.

Jeff Sims, Garden City’s coach, asked him to turn into a full-time cornerback in 2015. But, talking to his mom, he realized he had to work hard, play hard to give his family a quality life.

He knew he had to strike hard to achieve those aims he has set for himself and the family.

Well, for the 2016 season, Lonnie sat out and concentrated on his studies. There goes an interesting point; his younger brother Darion was a lot more inspired by him. How did he take studies and games parallelly?

As a matter of fact, only Lonnie knew how tough it is to study hard where your only world revolves around football.

Kentucky University

Furthermore, for the season of 2017, Lonnie acquired his spot at Kentucky University. He grabbed a starting spot for the last five games of his junior season. And he had his first career interception in the Citrus Bowl against Penn State as a senior.

Lonnie conquered his college career with 64 tackles and 12 pass breakups and was also called up for Super Bowl Competition, where he first faced Texans.

Lonnie Johnson Jr. | Professional Career

Well, it was a proud moment for Lonnie and his family, including his uncle Jackson when his name was called up in the 2019 NFL draft.

Loonie was on a couch with his mother, brother, and fiance in the drama room at Gary’s West Side Leadership Academy when the NFL draft pickup names were declared on TV.

The Houston Texans drafted loonie with the 54th pick in the 2nd round in the NFL draft 2019. As soon as he heard the news, their eyes got filled with tears of happiness.

Lonnie Johnson Jr. on the field
Lonnie Johnson Jr.

And Lonnie put on his new cap from the table to cheer louder. Lonnie inked his rookie contract with the Texans on May 10, 2019.

According to the recent news on the internet, Texans interim head coach and former defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel have planned to set him as a safety more than a cornerback. His body style suits a lot to that position.

Moreover, Lonnie enjoys the new position and putting in a lot of effort to learn the position. There are some vivid pains and penalties.

But it’s okay with him. Lonnie is a fighter. He knows how to deal with the newness in the position.

Lonnie Johnson Jr. | Career Stats

Career 117 90 27 0 0 1 1 0 0

Learn More About his season combine and stats on NFL Combine.

Lonnie Johnson Jr. | Personal Life

Coming to the personal aspects of his life, there are several chapters to open and read. Yes, of course, his early life struggles are already mentioned in the upper section.

A Young Dad

Yes, readers, you read it right. Lonnie became a dad at a very early age. He declared that he was expecting a kid with his girlfriend via an Instagram post on 17th November 2018. You can also have a significant look at the picture embedded below.

An Instagram post of Lonnie proposing to his girlfriend
An Instagram post of Lonnie proposing to his girlfriend

Moreover, on 21st April 2019, Lonnie went back to Kentucky and proposed to his girlfriend, Selena Morgan. This was all after he got selected in the NFL draft 2019.

They welcomed their first little one on 20th June 2019 and named their kid Yesenia Marcel Johnson. Additionally, by Scrolling down Lonnies Insta feeds, we also found that they have welcomed their second baby, Alani Johnson.

Here is an Insta post of Lonnie where he has uploaded his wife’s picture, who seems pregnant with his second child.

How did Lonnie get his nickname, Lotto?

He was nickname Lotto by his father. And Lotto somewhere means lucky. He is lucky. Do click here and see what he has to say about his nickname. Additionally, he has also remained outspoken about being a sportscaster actually. Yes, he is a wanna-be sportscaster.

Lonnie Johnson Jr. | Net Worth And Salary

We all are very well-equipped with the fact that Lonnie is reaching the pinnacle of success. His body type fits tremendously well for any position in football, be it cornerback or at safety.

The position does not matter unless his name is often cheered and hooped on the ground. Well, getting back to his net worth and salary in amounts.

After cracking a 4-year deal with the Houston Texans, Lonnie is on the top, which offers him a $1,805 201 signing bonus and an annual average salary of $1,301,163.

Lonnie Johnson with his mother
With his mother

Aligning with the online sources,

Not yet sure, but Lonnie Johnson Jr. might have an accumulated net worth of around $6 million as of 2021.

Moreover, he gifted his beautiful mother with a beautiful mansion. All the hard work had to pay off. Here is the picture where he has posed freakingly happy with his mom.

Lonnie Johnson Jr. | Social Media Presence

There is no getting worried as we can completely catch him on his Instagram and Twitter handles. So that means, yes, he is acutely available on Insta and Twitter.

Lonnie keeps posting about his opinions, games, competitions, love-life, family, planned and unplanned trips. Thus, we can totally get a hold of him.

So, why should we lose this chance? Hurry up, scroll down, and click on the links given below and give this smarty a follow.

Instagram- @lonniejohnson06 with 31.6k followers.

Twitter- @Lonnie30johnson with 13.2k followers.

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Lonnie Johnson Jr. | FAQs

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