Louis Rees Zammit Net Worth & Salary 2024: How Much Will He Earn In NFL?

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The earnings and net worth of former Welsh rugby player Louis Rees Zammit are expected to increase substantially as he transitions to the NFL.

To begin with, Louis was a prominent player for the Wales national team and his club, Gloucester.

He has made sporting headlines after deciding to change his career path from rugby to enter the NFL.

Welsh Rugby Star Louis Rees-Zammit
Welsh Rugby Star Louis Rees-Zammit (Source: Sky Sports)

Louis Rees Zammit, former rugby player for Wales and Gloucester, is a well-renowned British sporting figure.

Playing 31 times for the Wales national team, he is an agile, brisk-paced full-back.

His athletic voyage will now sail to the United States, as he is set to join the NFL through the foreign player pathway route.

Pursuing a lifelong dream of playing in the NFL, he can now test himself against the challenges it offers.

Louis Rees Zammit Net Worth & Salary

A household name in Wales and Gloucester rugby, Louis’ net worth is around the $3 million to $5 million mark.

Subsequently, it has to be noted that the sport isn’t as lucrative as the NFL or the NBA.

The pay disparity between rugby and the NFL is considerably significant. This is leading to more and more rugby players trying to enter the American league.

To illustrate, the minimum salary of a main-roster NFL player is $750,000. This is gigantic compared to rugby, where even the best players don’t earn more than $1.5 million.

The Welsh starlet earns $383,000 a year at Gloucester, and his contract was supposed to end this season.

He was expected to earn more if he stayed with Gloucester or joined a new club next season.

However, the salary he can earn in the NFL nearly triples in value to whatever his rugby earnings could become.

Louis Was A Key Feature In The Gloucester Squad
Louis Was A Key Feature In The Gloucester Squad (Source: BBC)

The skill sets required in rugby align with that of American Football, making the move tempting.

Louis will join the NFL’s International Player Pathway (IPP), which offers elite athletes a chance to enter the NFL rosters.

Additionally, he will receive an initial $63,500 by joining the IPP. Players named as part of a practice squad earn a minimum of $216,000 a year.

So, Louis’ earnings will skyrocket once he makes the practice roster or the main roster.

Besides his earnings and salary, Louis has sponsorship deals with Adidas, BMW, and Hyperice.

In summary, his rugby earnings, move to the NFL, and brand deals with the most lucrative companies make Louis a multi-million dollar athlete.

Goodbye To Rugby

In a groundbreaking announcement, Louis said he would bid farewell to rugby and join the NFL’s IPP in January 2024.

Posting a notice on X, the young rugby starlet wrote he was excited about the new opportunity.

He hopes to impress in the tryouts and make the main NFL roster as soon as possible.

Louis Appeared 31 Times For His Nation Wales
Louis Appeared 31 Times For His Nation Wales (Source: The Independent)

The announcement received mixed reviews from fans. While some wished him luck for his new journey, others criticized him for ‘selling out.’

Furthermore, analysts are keen to see how he adjusts to American Football.

Transitioning from one sport to another involves a shift in physical skills and a mental adjustment to a new set of rules, strategies, and dynamics. 

Needless to say, his fans are waiting with bated breath to see if he succeeds in the trials and makes the NFL one day.

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