LSU QB Jayden Daniels Parents: Jay Daniels & Regina Jackson

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An American football quarterback for the LSU Tigers, Jayden Daniels was born on December 18, 2000, to his parents, father Jay Daniels and mother Regina Jackson.

Born in San Bernardino, California, Jayden attended Cajon High School and emerged as a standout talent, garnering a 4-star recruit status.

His remarkable skills as a dual-threat quarterback propelled him to the second rank nationally, solidifying his reputation as a top prospect in the country.

With Jayden’s athletic father, his entire family has always been his greatest fan and supporter throughout his life.

Let’s discover more about his family and their influence on his journey.

LSU Tigers quarternback Jayden Daniels
LSU Tigers Quarternback Jayden Daniels (Source: Instagram)

Jayden Daniels is an American football quarterback for the LSU Tigers. He began his journey as a standout quarterback at Cajon High School.

He immediately made an impact as the starting quarterback after starting his college career at Arizona State University as a true freshman in 2019.

Discussing his accomplishments, Daniels’ amazing talent made him one of the top young quarterbacks, and he even gained multiple Pac-12 Freshman of the Week honors during his freshman season.

The dual-threat won LSU’s Most Valuable Player for the 2022 season. Similarly, his other notable trophies include the 2023 Citrus Bowl and the 2019 Sun Bowl (MVP).

Jayden Daniels Parents: Who Is His Father?

Jayden Daniels was born on December 18, 2000, to parents Jay Daniels & Regina Jackson. His father, Jay, was a former college cornerback at Washington and Iowa State.

On the other hand, his mother has been playing the role of a supportive mother and wife in their life since the beginning.

Inheriting the sports passion from his father, Jayden started showcasing his skills at a young age.

Impressed with his possessed speed, lanky range, and athleticism, his athlete dad trained and raised him to be a cornerback. 

Jayden Daniels' mother Regina Jackson
Jayden Daniels And His Mother Regina Jackson (Source: Twitter)

The father-son duo, sharing a common love for football, were the closest. The young man started working with a former league quarterback, Ryan Porter, when he was just 10.

As Porter was a close friend of Jayden’s father, they immediately clicked, and Daniels started his journey as quarterback during his freshman year.

Moreover, his dad also trained him and taught him to be calm and have a cool attitude no matter what.

Following the mantra, Jayden’s patience helps him perform well under pressure and gain victory against his competitor. 

Grandparents Died During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Apart from his parents, the football quarterback was also close to his grandparents, especially his grandpa. 

Both his grandparents, Betty and William Daniels, were battling the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While his grandfather struggled while on life support, Jayden played through grief, competing in just four games of his sophomore season. 

Due to the pandemic protocol, he could not visit his grandfather. On his grandparent’s wedding anniversary, the Daniels family removed William from life support after his death on Jan 9, 2021.

Jayden Daniels with his grandparents
Jayden Daniels With His Grandparents (Source: Instagram)

Lingering with sadness, he wrote a lengthy emotional paragraph of pure grief on his Instagram handle after Williams’ death. 

Recently lost my best friend man. Wish I was able to see you and roll with you one more time.

Sadly, he also lost his grandma, Betty, on her birthday, Feb 5, 2021. As there were restrictions in the pandemic, the family delayed the burial by a month.

It was one of Jayden’s worst days when he had to return home for their last rituals during his junior season spring practice.

Buring his pain of his grandparents’ loss, the LSU QB never opened up with anyone. As per his mother, Regina, Daniels let it out only after transferring some 1,400 miles to the East. 

Expressing his emotions, he shared that knowing his family’s sacrifice, he works day and night to make his parents and grandparents proud of him. 

“I play for my family and the name on the back of my jersey. I play for them, knowing what they sacrificed for me to get here to this point. It goes back to my mom and dad and late grandparents. Rest in peace. Picking me up from school while my parents worked. Grandpa used to pick me up from school every day and take me to practice and training. My family has sacrificed for me to get to this point.”

Daniels found peace at LSU; he is now doing great in his football career and is in a better place with his parents.

Whenever he feels low and falls down in life, he follows Paw-Paw Williams’ mantra, picks himself up by the bootstraps, and dusts himself off. 

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