Luca Van Assche Parents: Italian Mother And Belgian Father

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Professional tennis athlete Luca Van Assche is one of the four children of his parents, belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds.

Even though Luca and his siblings are French, his parents were initially citizens of different countries. While his dad is Belgian, his mom was originally from Italy.

Born in Belgium, Assche admits he has almost no connections with the Belgians as he has lived in France for as long as he can remember.

Nevertheless, he acknowledges his roots and often says he belongs to three different nations.

French Professional Tennis Player Luca Van Assche
French Professional Tennis Player Luca Van Assche (Source: Tennis Majors)

Luca Van Assche is a professional tennis player representing France in senior international tournaments since becoming a professional in 2021. 

When he was three, Van Assche moved to France and was raised in various cities, including Lyon and Paris. Growing up, he showed interest in tennis and started playing the game before he reached ten.

In 2021, he won the French Open Boys’ singles title, defeating another young French talent, Arthur Fils, in the final. 

Moreover, Luca made his Grand Slam debut in the singles category, receiving a wildcard entry into the Australian Open in 2023.

He also appeared in the other three Grand Slams in 2023, but his best performance was reaching the second round of the French Open. As of this writing, Van Assche is at No. 69 in the ATP singles ranking.

Luca Van Assche’s Parents: Italian Mother And Belgian Father

Luca Van Assche was born to an Italian mother and a Belgian father on May 11, 2004, in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium. Besides him, his parents had three other kids: two daughters named Elisa and Sofia and a son named Paolo.

Unfortunately, there is no information about his parents’ names on the Internet.

His dad worked at a shipping company, which constantly required him to move from one place to another. During one such occasion, he met Luca’s mother in Italy and eventually married her.

Luca Van Assche With His Family After His 2021 Junior French Open Win
Luca Van Assche With His Family After His Junior French Open Win In 2021 (Source: X)

After marriage, the couple began living in Belgium. They stayed there for three more years after Luca’s birth, following which Luca’s dad took everyone to live with him in France. After that, he grew up in Aix-en-Provence and Lyon as a kid before settling in Paris.

Young Van Assche showed interest in tennis early on, so his parents signed him up with the Fidesian Tennis Club, where he practiced tennis until he was eleven.

He later garnered the attention of the Regional Tennis League scouts, consequently providing him with better opportunities to propel his tennis career further.

Additionally, Luca continued receiving guidance and support from his parents. His mom, an Italian language teacher, later acquired French citizenship so Luca could represent France in international tournaments.

Van Assche Is Pursuing A Degree In Mathematics

Aside from being a professional athlete, Luca Van Assche is a college student. He is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the Paris Dauphine University.

He started playing competitive tennis at a young age, due to which he often missed classes. However, he has always been a bright student.

Luca Van Assche
Luca Van Assche (Source: We Are Tennis)

Luca admits that even though he was sure about becoming an athlete, he never considered abandoning his studies. After obtaining his baccalaureate in 2021, he took two years gap before joining the University.

Currently a sophomore student at Dauphine, he mostly takes virtual classes but returns to Paris for exams. 

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