Macklin Celebrini Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?

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Macklin Celebrini Girlfriend: At just 18 Years Old, Macklin Celebrini is swiftly ascending to stardom in the dynamic world of ice hockey.

Even at this young age, he has managed to capture the hearts of fans and establish himself as a favorite among the audience.

As his professional trajectory continues to soar, there has been considerable speculation surrounding Macklin Celebrini’s romantic life, with fans eager to know more about a potential girlfriend.

Celebrini Playing For Boston
Celebrini Playing For Boston (Source: Sportsnet)

Macklin Celebrini, a prominent Canadian ice hockey player, is associated with Boston University in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Having committed to play for Boston University from the 2023–24 season onward, Celebrini is poised for an exciting journey in collegiate hockey.

As an eligible prospect for the 2024 NHL Entry Draft, Celebrini is widely recognized as the top contender for the first overall selection.

Before his collegiate commitment, Celebrini inked a deal with the Chicago Steel in the United States Hockey League (USHL) for the 2022–23 season.

Macklin Celebrini Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?

In his teenage years, Macklin Celebrini is thriving and making a significant impact in his ice hockey career.

His prowess on the ice has garnered attention, and he is steadily building a name for himself, bringing immense pride to his parents.

With remarkable skills, Macklin has already left an indelible mark on the ice hockey scene, capturing the admiration of fans and experts alike.

However, amidst his growing success, speculation has arisen regarding his romantic life, prompting many fans to inquire about the status of his relationship.

Despite the curiosity surrounding his personal life, a closer look at Macklin’s social media posts and game interviews reveals that he is currently more focused on his hockey career and appears to be enjoying his singlehood.

Macklin Playing For Canada
Macklin Playing For Canada (Source: TSN)

In his NHL Draft Diary, he explicitly mentions his unwavering dedication to the sport, stating,

“All I want this season is to win. I want to have success in the Hockey East regular season, the Hockey East Tournament, the Beanpot Tournament, and then the NCAA Tournament. Those are our team goals and my goals for this year.”

For Macklin Celebrini, the priority is clear – achieving success on the ice and bringing glory to his team.

As he continues to navigate the challenges of his burgeoning career, his commitment to hockey takes center stage, making him a promising prospect in the ice hockey world.

Macklin Celebrini Family Chronicles

As stated before, Macklin was born into a family with sports in their DNA.

His father, Rick, played soccer for the Vancouver 86ers and later was a staff for the Vancouver Canucks NHL franchise.

Additionally, the Golden State Warriors hired Rick as their performance director.

Rick has been a revolutionary in the field of sports medicine and performance.

He founded Fortius Institute, a unified team of sports medicine, science, and training experts devoted to performance excellence.

Macklin Celebrini And His Siblings
Macklin Celebrini And His Siblings (Source: The Athletic)

In his 2024 NHL Draft Diary, Macklin revealed how his family played a significant role in his upbringing regarding his passion for sports.

“My dad, Rick, played hockey growing up, but he switched over to soccer, and my mom, Robyn, was a soccer player, too. My whole family is into both soccer and hockey but of my three other brothers, me and two others, Aiden Celebrini and RJ Celebrini … we picked hockey.”

Similarly, Macklin’s older brother, Aiden, also plays hockey.

The Vancouver Canucks selected him as a late-round pick in the 2023 NHL Draft.

As kids, both Aiden and Macklin were die-hard supporters of the popular NHL franchise Vancouver Canucks.

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