Maddy Cusack Tattoo: How Many Did She Have? Meaning And Design

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Maddy Cusack, the English soccer player, did not have any tattoo carved on her body.

While tattoos have become a common form of self-expression among many athletes, including soccer players, Maddy Cusack was among those players who did not show any interest in getting inked.

Maddie Cusack Passed away on September 20th at the early age of 27
Maddie Cusack Passed Away on September 20th At The Early Age of 27 (Source: Instagram)


Maddy Cusack, an accomplished English soccer player, was a valued member of Sheffield United in the second-tier Women’s Championship and had represented the English youth national team.

Her association with Sheffield United commenced in 2019 after her tenure with Birmingham City.

Remarkably, Maddy achieved the distinction of becoming the first player to reach 100 appearances for Sheffield United. She transitioned to the club from the Sheffield United Community Foundation in 2021.

Maddy had embarked on her sixth season with the Women’s Championship team, having recently inked a new contract in July.

Tragically, on September 20, 2023, the world was devastated by the untimely passing of Maddy Cusack, a player known for her dedication and cherished camaraderie on the soccer field.

The sudden and profoundly sorrowful loss of Cusack has reverberated throughout the soccer universe. Her passing at the tender age of 27 serves as a poignant reminder of the capricious nature of life.

What was the cause of Maddie Cusask’s death?

The exact cause of Maddy Cusack’s death remains unconfirmed by her family or club.

Various rumors have circulated on the internet, including speculation about the COVID-19 vaccine and the possibility of suicide.

However, it’s essential to treat these claims with caution, as they lack concrete evidence and have not been verified.

In a touching tribute, Cusack’s brother, Richard Cusack, who is a journalist, expressed his deep love and admiration for his late sister on X.

Maddy was a beloved and highly regarded figure in the women’s soccer community, and her influence extended far and wide.

Consequently, her former teammates, opponents, managers, devoted fans, and journalists have been pouring in an outpouring of heartfelt tributes.

For instance, Billy Sharp  paid his tribute and wrote:

Such a lovely girl, enjoyed some amazing times with Maddy and the Blades. Such a sad loss. RIP Maddy 😢⚔️

How Were Maddy Cusack Last Days Like?

Maddy’s final Instagram post, shared in July, celebrated her signing a new contract with Sheffield United.

She expressed her happiness and excitement for the upcoming season, showing her commitment to the club.

Maddy wrote: “6 years & counting…🤯🤩 Really happy to have signed another deal with Sheffield United. Exited for the season! ⚔️ #utb”

Maddy Cusack
Maddy Cusack (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Cusack was named vice-captain of Sheffield United Women last month by the new manager, Neil Redfearn.

He praised her leadership qualities and said:

Maddy is a great character and has been here a long time. She knows what the club is about and she’s got that experience of playing at this level.”

As we contemplate her promising career and her profound influence on her team and community, our thoughts and prayers are with Maddy’s family during this difficult time.

Maddy’s legacy, defined by her commitment to soccer and genuine warmth, will endure in the hearts of those fortunate enough to have crossed paths with her.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Tattoo Did Maddy Cusack Have?

Maddy Cusack had kept her body free of ink and did not have any tattoos carved on her. 


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