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The professional soccer player Maddy Cusack’s untimely demise came as a shock to everyone who knew her closely. Her death on September 20, 2023, at just 27, left an indelible mark on the lives of her close ones, especially her family.

Born in Sheffield, Maddy’s parents knew of her enthusiasm for soccer early and enrolled her in the Nottingham Forest youth academy as a kid.

She later trained in soccer at other reputed soccer academies, including Aston Villa and Steel City.

Maddy’s biggest dream was to play for the senior English women’s national team, and everyone from her family supported her sports career. However, with her sudden passing, it has remained unfulfilled.

English Professional Soccer Player Maddy Cusack
English Professional Soccer Player Maddy Cusack (Source: The Guardian)

Maddy Cusack was an English professional soccer player who last played as a midfielder for Sheffield United of the Women’s Championship, England’s second-highest division of women’s soccer.

Last season, Cusack completed her 100-match appearance for the club, becoming the club’s longest-serving player in the current squad. Moreover, she was the club’s marketing executive for the last two years.

Similarly, the club had appointed her their vice-captain just last month.

Aside from her club career, Maddy had previously represented the U19 English women’s national football team at the 2013 UEFA Women’s U19 Championship. 

Maddy Cusack Family: Wikipedia

Maddy Cusack was born to her mom, Deborah Cusack, on October 28, 1995, in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Besides her, she has three siblings.

Unfortunately, there is no information about her father on the Internet.

Born to a family of soccer enthusiasts, Maddy and her siblings grew up around Derby County in England, supporting Derby County Soccer Club.

Maddy Cusack And Her Brother Richard
Maddy Cusack And Her Brother, Richard (Source: Facebook)

Her brother, Richard Cusack, nicknamed Rich, is a soccer writer for the Derbyshire Live. He covers the news concerning League One, the third tier of English soccer.

He frequently posts pictures of him visiting Derby County’s soccer matches with his mother, Deborah, a huge soccer fan.

The two and Deborah’s younger daughters often used to go to Maddy’s matches to support her.

Similarly, Maddy’s younger sister, Olivia, was born on May 25, 1999. She holds a degree in Fashion Marketing and Branding from Nottingham Trent University.

Olivia works as a social media and marketing coordinator at The Derby Runner, a sporting goods shop in Spondon, United Kingdom.

Not to mention, she also has a younger sister, Felicia, born in 2005.

British DJ James Cusack Is Maddy’s Relative

Famous British DJ and broadcaster James Cusack is Maddy Cusack’s relative. James posted stories following her untimely demise in September 2023, mourning her loss.

In an Instagram story, he wrote, “One of the family had to be able to kick the ball properly, and it was never going to be me, was it? Rest in peace, Maddy.”

James Cusack
James Cusack (Source: Yorkshire Live)

Born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, James started his media career at school, starring on the ITV’s children’s show Diggit.

He later appeared alongside Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates on another ITV show.

Cusack has been working as a show presenter at a British radio, Heart and BBC Radio 1 since December 2020. Besides, he has performed at several European festivals as a DJ alongside famous musical artists, including Olly Murs and CamelPhat.

Net Worth Of Maddy Cusack

Even though Maddy officially never revealed her net worth, she had an estimated net worth of between $100k-$200k.

She had been part of the Sheffield United club since 2019, and as one of the longest-serving members, Maddy was one of the highest-paid athletes in the club.

She had just signed a new contract for the sixth season in July this year.

Aside from her league earnings, she earned money through merch sales and brand endorsements. She was associated with Delta Fitness Apparel in 2021.

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