Madeleine McGraw Parents Colin And Jackie McGraw: Sister & Family

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The American child actress Madeleine McGraw is one of the very few movie stars who does not come from an acting family. Both her parents have nothing to do with acting, but surprisingly all her siblings have appeared in Hollywood production films.

However, McGraw’s parents, Colin and Jackie, are ready to do what it takes to make their children’s Hollywood dream come true.

With their constant support and dedication, Madeleine and her younger sister, Violet, have become big names in the movie industry.

Following in her sister’s footsteps, Violet has already appeared in films and series, including the famous horror movie M3GAN in 2022.

The American Film Actress Madeleine McGraw
The American Film And Television Actress Madeleine McGraw (Source: Flat Profile)

In 2014, the six years old twin kids, Madeleine and Aidan, got opportunities to appear in Clint Eastwood’s war drama film American Sniper.

Bradley Cooper, who had a lead role in the movie, played the American sniper Chris Kyle with Madeleine and her brothers as his kids.

Following the commercial and critical success of her first film, Madeleine’s stardom grew, and consequently, she began signing new movies.

Currently, McGraw is starring in one of the leading roles in a television drama series, Secrets of Sulphur Springs, in which she portrays Zoey Campbell.

In addition, her new movie Captain Tsunami’s Army is in post-production and set to release very soon.

Apart from her interest in movies, Madeleine loves watching and playing soccer games with her teammates. She had once expressed her wish to play soccer for her college team.

Madeleine McGraw’s Parents, Colin, And Jackie McGraw

Madeleine McGraw was born in California, United States, to her parents, Colin and Jackie, on December 22, 2008. Aside from her, Colin and Jackie have three other kids.

Colin McGraw and Jackie both watched movies, but they had never been closer to the movie industry before their kids made their careers in the field.

Madeleine McGraw's Dad Colin McGraw
Madeleine McGraw’s Dad, Colin McGraw (Source: LinkedIn)

Professionally, Colin is currently working as a financial service representative at Strategy Partners Inc. in Valencia, California.

Before that, he had worked for the British multinational company Edwards Vacuum for several years holding various positions, including key account manager and director.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in management from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. 

Similarly, his wife, Jackie, works as a party and events manager in San Jose, California. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is an owner and party stylist at Jack and Kate Event Planning Company.

Madeleine McGraw’s Sister And Family

As mentioned above, Madeleine is not the only famous member of the McGraw family. Her younger sister, Violet McGraw, is a film and TV star.

Born three years after her sister in 2011, she made her film debut at seven, starring in Ready Player One.

After a small uncredited role in her first film, Violet began getting offers from movie and TV series creators.

Although it was tough for parents and children to do movie projects alongside continuing academics, the McGraw family eventually took the challenging paths.

Madeleine McGraw With Her Younger Sister Violet
Madeleine McGraw With Her Younger Sister Violet (Source: Pinterest)

Violet is not associated with significant productions but is busy doing ads and other showbiz stuff. Her next movie, a sequel to her previous film M3GAN will be released in 2025.

She also had a central role in the 2019 American action crime drama series Jett.

Besides that, Madeleine’s brothers, Aidan and Jack, have also acted in films but are not as successful as their sisters.

While Aidan had a small role alongside Madeleine in American Sniper, Jack voiced a character in the 2015 animated movie The Good Dinosaur.

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