Manchester United 1-1 Fulham: Relegated Fulham to rise

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Manchester United’s Premier League draw against relegated Fulham will “rise” before next week’s Europa League final against Villarreal, said manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Edinson Cavani welcomed the return of fans to the Premier League with a fine 40-lobbed goal. But United failed to mark the event with a win as Fulham returned to play at Old Trafford.

Except for a few games at a few lucky clubs in December, fans have been absent from top football since March 9, 2020.

No fans have seen a goal at Old Trafford since Scott McTominay was inspired for the second time. In United’s Manchester derby against City yesterday.

There were only 10,000 people present to see Cavani’s inspired effort. But what a noise they made when Uruguay hit a long distance from David de Gea

The VAR felt it touch Bruno Fernandes as they passed. Before lifting Alphonso Areola‘s ball into the net.

For a long time, he seemed to be the winner until Joe Bryan was allowed. To enter the long-distance unopposed to turn Bobby Decordova-Reid’s deep cross to the right.

Solskjaer said: “I think it would be a little arousing because we tried to do luxurious things. Flicks, strange things, things that made the fans happy.

“That’s not what we’re talking about. We have to work harder.

“Look at Cavani, look at how you play this game. Each of us is watching him.

“Back tackles, runs, points, no collisions. And we can’t have momentum in a football game.”

De Gea’s uncertain future

After Alisson’s impressive win over Liverpool on Sunday, there has been an honest debate. Over how De Gea has made another significant contribution as a goalkeeper in his team’s attacking attempt.

TV revenge showed Fernand failed to get a touchdown while trying to clear De Gea’s path to Cavani, which he later admitted. 

But if that were true, Cavani should have been dismissed as offside by the VAR.

De Gea’s selection was fascinating in itself.

The Spanish goalkeeper has lost his place to Dean Henderson in the recent weeks. 

Still, Henderson has missed at least one of Liverpool’s four goals in their victory over United six days earlier. 

Hence, it is unclear whether De Gea has been reinstated or given a farewell appearance after a decade of outstanding performance.

De Gea's selection was fascinating in itself (Source: Goal .com)
De Gea’s selection was fascinating in itself (Source: Goal .com)

Both of these conditions have their drawbacks. 

For Henderson, another season as a backup is unlikely to turn up an offer for his England ambitions. And with De Gea is one of the highest-paid players in the Premier League. 

Finding a club equal to that salary, let alone paying a transfer fee, will not be easy.

Until Bryan’s goal, De Gea had little to do with the second-worst plane crash. 

He made a fuss about denying Ademola Lookman and Fabio Carvalho and had a slight chance of Bryan’s last chance to be absent.

Green and gold

In contrast, the protests created the first meeting with Liverpool earlier this month to get over what had been completed. 

And the extra steps, including beds, were sent to the stadium where the players would sleep. Were done to ensure the second one continued, and the game ended in relative peace.

There were still dozens of police, and a helicopter surrounded the stadium before the game. 

Green and gold playcards during Manchester United vs. Fulham match (Source: United in Focus)
Green and gold playcards during Manchester United vs. Fulham match (Source: United in Focus)

But those who chose to wear the green and gold colors. That fought, the Glazer almost decided to sing regularly with American club owners.

The 51-minute protest to suppress the case of the German patent model ’50 +1 ‘was hit with a dangerous kick-kick by management – both are confused.

For United and Solskjaer staff, who had applied for peace on construction, it was undoubtedly a relief.

After the game, Solskjaer spoke through a microphone just before circling the pitch. 

Paul Pogba and Amad Diallo waved the Palestinian flag, announcing that United were “not where they wanted to be.” But they were hoping to bring the Europa League trophy back to England next week.

McTominay’s defeat in what appears to be an injury in the middle of the second half. It will be a matter of concern ahead of a meeting with Villarreal. In Gdansk on May 26 as they will win nine league players in the home ground this season.

Tonight, there was talk of fans – and without a result, they seemed happy to be here.

When asked about Pogba and Diallo hoisting the Palestinian flag, Solskjaer replied: “We have players from different places. Different cultures, and other countries, and we need to respect their views if they are different.

“If my players think about other things besides football, that’s a good thing.

Manchester United 1-1 Fulham (Source: Sky Sports)
Manchester United 1-1 Fulham (Source: Sky Sports)

“We’ve seen that with some of my players before, that they would get tired. You see, Marcus Rashford, for example, has made a difference.

“So, no, we do respect their right to a different perspective.”

‘I don’t understand that it’s not offside.’

Fulham boss Scott Parker felt his side had hit something high and made a mistake in opening United, believing that Cavani should have been discriminated against.

“I thought we were excellent today,” he said. “We played as a great team. We had to be brave.

“The hardest place is to come to Old Trafford, let alone today’s one with 10,000 fans. I’m proud and very excited to do this.”

When asked about Cavani’s goal, he said: “I don’t think it’s offside.

“The fourth official has said if Fernandes hasn’t touched it, he has five yards offside.

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