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Marcus Satterfield’s wife, Sarah Satterfield, married the football coach in 2004. The Tennessee natives have since become parents to a daughter and have moved several times from one state to another. 

The Nebraska offensive coordinator, Marcus Satterfield, graduated from East Tennessee State University, where he was a wide receiver. And instead of turning his collegiate football career into a professional playing career, Satterfield became a coach.

Marcus Satterfield Addresses The Media On September 19, 2023
Marcus Satterfield Addresses The Media On September 19, 2023 (Source: Twitter)

Since 1999, Satterfield has coached several sides, including Temple, Baylor, Martin, and UT. He even was part of the Carolina Panthers coaching team in 2020.

Satterfield had joined South Carolina only in 2021 and after two successful seasons, decided to leave the side to reunite with Matt Rhule at Nebraska. The team isn’t off to a good start with the lingering quarterback issue, which Satterfield addressed after their first win of the season against Northern Illinois. 

Marcus Satterfield Wife, Sarah Satterfield, And Daughter

Marcus Satterfield’s wife, Sarah Satterfield, resides with her husband and daughter in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The couple tied the knot on December 19, 2004, and have become parents to a beautiful daughter, Harper. On their 16th wedding anniversary in 2020, Sarah shared a sweet post, a black and white photo of her and Marcus.

The picture was clicked the moment before they revealed to their friends they had picked December 19 as their wedding date. The couple might have likely met during Marcus’ stint at the University of Tennessee.

Sarah is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and shared a strong bond with the late Gus Manning, the UT athletics administrator, who served the school for five decades. 

Marcus Satterfield And Wife, Sarah Satterfield Pictured With Their Daughter, Harper In Columbia In 2021
Marcus Satterfield And His Wife, Sarah Satterfield, Pictured With Their Daughter, Harper, In Columbia In 2021 (Source: Facebook)

Previously, Sarah’s Instagram handle was available for public viewing, but in recent months, she has locked her profile. But a few of her family photos and daily life updates can be seen on her Facebook handle

A sports enthusiast, Sarah attends several football games, especially of the team her husband coaches. Sarah, with her daughter, Harper, is seen wearing the team’s jersey and cheering for it from the stands. 

The couple’s only daughter, Harper, was born on April 22, 2007, and she like her dad, is an athlete. In 2019, Sarah uploaded several pictures of her daughter competing in a gymnastics event.  

The Satterfield family also has three furry pets, about whom Sarah gives updates time and again. Their oldest dog, Anabelle, is a Labradoodle, and their youngest, Winnie, is a Bernedoodle. 

Their third dog, Coach, a Shih Tzu, and last year Sarah shared a few pictures of the family celebrating Winnie turning one. 

Since tying the knot with Marcus, Sarah has had to relocate several times. But that is just the life of a football coach’s spouse. 

Marcus Satterfield Coaching Career 

Born and raised in Greenback, Tennessee, Marcus Satterfield began his coaching career with the University of Tennessee at Chatanooga. 

He worked as a graduate coach from 1999 to 2000 and later joined the Tennessee Volunteers football staff as a graduate assistant. He coached at Western Carolina and UT Martin and returned for a second stint at Chattanooga before joining Temple. 

At Temple, Marcus spent three seasons and helped the team to a conference divisional championship. He helped the team earn its first top-23 ranking in 36 years.

The offensive coordinator has a strong partnership with the current Nebraska head coach, Matt Rhule. The duo has been working in coaching duties since 2005 when they were at Western Carolina. 

Marcus Satterfield Pictured With Head Coach Matt Rhule Before The Game
Marcus Satterfield Pictured With Head Coach Matt Rhule Before The Game (Source: Twitter)

The partnership was seen at Temple, then Baylor, and later in the NFL team Carolina Panthers. Marcus worked in the NFL for one season and joined South Carolina in 2021. 

In his second year at South Carolina, Marcus’ offense posted the third-most passing yards in school history and collected the fourth-most points.

Earlier this year, Satterfield reunited with Matt Rhule in Nebraska, and the two will be hoping to turn the tide around.   

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