Marcus Stroman Controversy: Is He Racist? Tweets Surfaced Amid Yankees Interest

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Once again, Marcus Stroman is in controversy regarding his past with the Yankees, even though this is not the first time he has been associated with them.

For the past few years, Stroman has fallen into several controversies, whether liking a racist tweet or his other tweets.

Now, a mere rumor of him signing a million-dollar contract with the Yankees has also rekindled the past between them.

The American Baseball Player Marcus Stroman
The American Baseball Player Marcus Stroman (Source: Facebook)

Stroman, born on May 1, 1991, in Medford City, New York, U.S., is the son of Earl Stroman and Adlin Auffant, who divorced when he was in his fifth grade.

Marcus Earl Stroman attended Patchogue-Medford High School in Medford City.

In 2009, the Washington Nationals drafted Stroman in the 18th round of the MLB draft, choosing him 532nd overall.

Choosing not to sign, he entered Duke University and played for the college baseball team.

Later on, the Jays selected Stroman 22nd overall, making him the first Duke player ever chosen in the first round.

What Was Marcus Stroman Controversy? Is He Racist?

Chicago Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman has always been outspoken and unafraid to share his thoughts.

This has led him down some rumors. An example is when Stroman chose to retweet a tweet from Jason Whitlock.

Jason was defending anti-Semitic comments made by Nets’ star Kyrie Irving.

Likewise, during his controversy with the Mets, he became involved in an incident where he “liked” a tweet that used an Italian slur against a reporter.

Later, Stroman stated that he would never denigrate another race.

Stroman Practicing On Field
Stroman Practicing On Field (Source: Facebook)

However, in 2022, Marcus Stroman wrote in a tweet that Mets fans directed racist comments and death threats at him when he pitched in New York.

Stroman also retweeted responses, including one where supporters wrote Mets fan pages were inundated with comments of “weaponized racism” against Stroman.

Moreover, in response to a user defending the Mets’s fanbase, stating not all New York fans are racist, Stroman tweeted:

“I respect and love you for that, but the amount of racial/bias hate I received was truly disgusting.”

The pitcher went on to post screenshots from his direct messages, revealing the presence of highly hateful slurs directed towards him.

Yankees And Stroman: Is It Hypocrisy?

One of Stroman’s controversial actions on social media involved a feud with Brian Cashman after the Yankees chose not to acquire him in 2019.

Perhaps this stemmed from bitterness, as in 2019, Cashman stated that Stroman believed he would not have been an impact pitcher for the Yankees during that season’s stretch.

However, the Yankees’ agreement with the consistently reliable veteran right-hander Marcus Stroman was quite surprising, considering the uneasy history between the parties.

Stroman's Edit In Yankees Uniform
Stroman’s Edit In Yankees Uniform (Source: Twitter/X)

Stroman hinted at the news just before the announcement began circulating by posting an edited photo of himself wearing a Yankees uniform on his Instagram story.

The Yankees’ sudden decision to sign Stroman has puzzled some, considering they chose not to select him in 2019.

However, many were happy for the pitcher to join the team.

Some reports suggest fear is diminishing for Yankees’ top three rotation targets, and there is a clear need for pitching.

Therefore, the Yankees must have concluded that Stroman was their best option.

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