Mark Nawaqanitawase Parents Fiona And Aisake Are Proud Of Him

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Mark Nawaqanitawase parents take immense pride in his accomplishments and are constant pillars of support in his life.

They faithfully attend his matches, offer guidance, and provide him with encouragement, which has undoubtedly contributed to the athlete’s determination.

Their love and nurturing have instilled in the rugby player a strong motivation to excel and succeed in his chosen sport.

Mark Nawaqanitawase During A Match
Mark Nawaqanitawase During A Match (Source: Instagram)

Mark Nawaqanitawase is a talented rugby union player who serves as a wing for both the Waratahs and the Australian national team.

His rugby journey began at St. Patrick’s College, and he commenced his professional career with Eastwood RFC in the competitive Shute Shield competition.

In 2018, he had his first taste of professional rugby when he played for the NSW Country Eagles. Moreover, his first try came against Fijian Drua on 14 September 2019.

Moving forward, Mark joined the NSW Waratahs in the 2020 season after signing with them.

Furthermore, he has earned more than three caps while representing the Australian national team.

His international debut took place on November 13, 2022, against Italy. Despite putting up a strong fight, the Wallabies sadly lost the match by a single point with a score of 28-27.

Who Are Mark Nawaqanitawase Parents?

Mark Nawaqanitawase was born in Burwood, New South Wales, on 11 September 2000 to Fiona and Sevuloni Nawaqanitawase Senior.

He has an older brother named Albert Nawaqanitawase, as well as four stepbrothers and three stepsisters from his parents’ subsequent relationships.

Although his biological parents separated for unknown reasons, he was fortunate to have all his parents, including his stepfather Aisake, who played a significant role in his life.

Their support and encouragement have been constant throughout his young career.

Mark Nawaqanitawase With His Parents
Mark Nawaqanitawase With His Parents (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he maintains a close bond with all his family members, often sharing pictures of them on social media.

These parents have been a source of love and guidance, providing the foundation for his achievements.

With the collective efforts of his biological and step-parents, Mark’s talent has been nurtured and developed.

Beyond rugby, they have instilled strong values in him and have assisted him in navigating the challenges that come with pursuing a professional rugby career.

Additionally, Mark’s cultural identity is diverse, as he has Fijian heritage from his father’s side and Italian heritage from his mother’s side.

The Harsh Truth

During his time as a school student at St. Patrick’s College in Strathfield, Nawaqanitawase’s ultimate aspiration was to become a professional rugby player.

Although his parents provided strong support for his rugby dreams, his mother expressed some uncertainty about whether he would ever achieve success at the highest level.

This concern led her to advise him to have a backup plan, especially considering that he had missed out on various representative teams in the past.

Nevertheless, Mark had the sole ambition to become a professional rugby player.

Fiona’s words served as motivation for him, and she has consistently been a supportive presence.

Mark Nawaqanitawase With His Mother Fiona
Mark Nawaqanitawase With His Mother, Fiona (Source: Instagram)

She wishes for her son to lead a fulfilling life, regardless of where his path takes him.

In his own words, he described himself as a young kid who might have goofed off a bit too much in school, but his love for rugby was undeniable.

He was taken aback by his mom’s advice to focus on education.

Moreover, he has acknowledged that her guidance was well-intentioned and had consistently been a source of support throughout his career.

As part of his journey, he successfully graduated from the Gen Blue Academy, which was a significant accomplishment.

While Nawaqanitawase desired a long-term contract with the Waratahs, he settled for a one-year extension until the end of 2024.

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