Mark Richt Kids: Son Zach Richt, Jonathan Richt, David Richt & Daughter Anya Richt

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Former football coach and TV analyst Mark Richt and his wife, Katharyn Francis, are proud parents of four kids. One among them is Jonathan Richt, who was formerly a quarterback coach for the Miami Hurricanes.

Mark had two sons from his marriage with Katharyn. Additionally, they later adopted two kids, originally from Ukraine. 

Although they initially intended to keep their adoption story a secret, Mark and Katharyn later revealed it in detail through a documentary released on ESPN in 2008.

Former American Football Coach And Player Mark Richt
Former American Football Coach And Player Mark Richt (Source: X. com)

Mark Richt is an American former football coach who spent over three decades coaching different college teams until 2018.

During his coaching career, Mark coached various top teams, such as Georgia Bulldogs, Florida State Seminoles, East Carolina Pirates, and Miami Hurricanes. During his tenure, he won several championships, including SEC, SEC Eastern Division and ACC Coastal Division.

Aside from winning team trophies, Mark was twice the winner of SEC Coach of the Year and once the ACC Coach of the Year. Richt announced his retirement while he was with the Hurricanes on December 30, 2018.

Following that, Mark started his television career in 2019, serving as a football analyst on the ACC Network in 2019.

Mark Richt Kids

Jonathan “Jon” Richt Is A Football Coach

Mark and Katharyn Richt’s oldest son, Jonathan, was born on March 11, 1990, in Florida, United States.

His family later migrated to Georgia after his dad, Mark, joined the coaching staff of the Georgia Bulldogs in 2000.

As a result, he attended Prince Avenue Christian School in Bogart, Georgia, where he honed his football skills, playing for its varsity team.

Mark Richt's Oldest Son Jon
Mark Richt’s Oldest Son, Jon (Source: On3. com)

After school, Jon initially enrolled in Clemens University to continue his studies and football career but shifted to Mars Hill after his first year. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education in 2012.

Jon initially worked with his dad’s team at the University of Georgia for a while, after which he joined the Buffalo Bills as their offensive assistant coach. He later served as a quarterback coach for the Miami Hurricanes for around two years.

Jon is currently working as an offensive coordinator and strength/ conditioning coach for Prince Avenue High School. He is married and currently lives with his wife, Anna, and three children in Georgia.

David Richt

David Richt is the second son of Mark and Katharyn Richt. He was born on December 1, 1994, in Florida, United States.

Born to a sports-loving family, David was also initially inclined towards athletics. Not only did he enjoy watching games, but he also played football for Park Avenue’s football team during his first high school year.

However, he decided to focus more on music in his sophomore year, and his parents agreed with his decision as well.

After graduating from school in 2012, he enrolled in Belmont University, where he took up a course in Music Business.

Richt released his music album titled Everybody Matters while still a freshman in college. Moreover, he has written songs for various artists, such as Jesse McCartney, Hillary Duff, and Rob Thomas, and has also worked with producers, including Mark Lee and Tyler Hayes.

Currently, in his late twenties, David is working as a booking coordinator at an entertainment agency named Greg Oliver Agency, aside from continuing his music career.

Mark Richt Kids | About Zach And Anya Richt

Aside from their two kids, Mark and Katharyn adopted two other children- a son and a daughter

Zach Richt, born May 15, 1996, and Anya Richt, born February 13, 1997, are originally from Ukraine. The Richt couple took them in when they were still very little in 1999.

Little Anya With Her Dad Mark Richt
Little Anya With Her Dad, Mark Richt (Source: X)

Anya Richt was born with a rare disorder, proteus syndrome, which deformed her face. Her biological parents had reportedly abandoned her while she was in the maternity ward of a hospital in Ukraine after learning of her deformity.

Fortunately, the kids found a new home in the United States later, where they received plenty of love and care. Zach graduated school from Shelterwood Academy in 2017.

Likewise, Anya is a registered veterinary technician at the University of Georgia. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Southern Regional Technical College in 2020.

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