Matt Hardy Cheating Allegations Sparks Divorce Rumor

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Following a cryptic video posted by his wife on Tiktok, Matt Hardy is facing cheating allegations, and rumors of the wrestler’s divorce are sparking on the internet.

Matt Hardy is undoubtedly going through a rough patch regarding his relationship with his wife, Reby Hardy.

This stems from Reby’s obscure and confusing TikTok videos where she seemingly accuses Matt of infidelity.

Wrestler Matt Hardy
Wrestler Matt Hardy (Source: FOX Sports)

Born on September 23, 1974, Matt is from Cameron, North Carolina. An athlete right from a young age, Matt played baseball and football in his formative years.

Attending Union Pines High School in North Carolina, he excelled academically, getting multiple scholarship opportunities for college.

Wrestling frequently as a tag team, Matt and his brother Jeff Hardy first teamed up in 1996 for WWE (then WWF) programming.

Affectionately known as “The Hardy Boyz,” their high-flying action is still included in every wrestling highlight reel.

Additionally, Matt has also had notable stints as a singles wrestler in WWE and Impact Wrestling.

Matt Hardy Cheating And Divorce Rumors

Matt’s world would be turned upside down at the start of 2024. Fans were bewildered after his wife Reby posted a video on TikTok with an enigmatic message.

Starting with optimism for the New Year celebrations, the video ends with Reby sitting alone with the caption “Not My Year.”

Further, she would post another video that alluded to Matt possibly being involved with another woman.

Matt Hardy And Reby Hardy Have Been Married Since 2013
Matt Hardy And Reby Hardy Have Been Married Since 2013 (Source: Bleacher Report)

Although she didn’t provide extensive details, she hinted at the possibility that Matt Hardy might be fixating on another woman.

Adding further fuel to the fire, she would then post another video revealing that Matt might be suffering from CTE. However, she immediately deleted that video.

The caption of said video stated, “Trying to talk to my husband, but his brain is fried from CTE.”

It has to be noted that Reby’s videos might be nothing serious. Instead, it could be another silly TikTok trend. But it has undoubtedly sparked rumors of the couple’s separation.

On the other hand, while Matt remains active on X, he has not made any comments regarding his wife’s videos yet.

The thing about Reby’s cryptic clips is that it could just be fans trying to deduce too much from a simple, fun video.

Whether it is anything serious or she is just playing around, the best thing to do is wait for the couple’s official clarification.

More On Matt’s Family

Matt and his wife, Reby, exchanged wedding vows in 2013. The couple welcomed four children into the world in a marriage spanning almost a decade.

They are named Eevee, Wolfgang, Maxel, and Bartholomew. Being supportive parents, the couple frequently post pictures of their children on social media.

Matt Is A Proud Dad Of His Four Children
Matt Is A Proud Dad Of His Four Children (Source: X)

Furthermore, fans also hope the children will continue the Hardy Boyz lineage in wrestling.

Although there are rumors of turmoil in the relationship, Matt and Reby’s bond over the years has been strong.

Needless to say, fans certainly hope that this is just a blip in the couple’s relationship and they will ride this storm together.

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