Max Christie Parents: Father Cormac Max Sr And Mother Katrinas Christie

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Max Christie parents have played an instrumental role in shaping Max’s journey to basketball stardom, providing a foundation of love, guidance, and unwavering encouragement.

Max Christie is a highly regarded basketball player who currently competes for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA.

Before joining the Lakers, he showcased his skills as part of the Michigan State Spartans in the Big Ten Conference during his college basketball career.

Max Christie During A Game
Max Christie During A Game (Source:

Christie’s exceptional talent as a shooting guard earned him a consensus five-star recruit status and recognition as one of the top players in the 2021 class.

Throughout his first year with the Spartans, he impressively averaged 20 points, nine rebounds, and four assists per game.

In the 2022 NBA draft, Christie was selected as the 35th overall pick in the second round by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Max Christie Parents: Cormac Max Sr And Katrinas Christie

Max Christie hails from a family deeply rooted in the sport. He was born to Max Christie Sr. and Katrina Christie. 

Both of his parents have impressive basketball backgrounds. So, it’s no surprise that athleticism runs in the family.

Max Christie Sr. made a name for himself on the court during his college days. He showcased his skills at Parkland College and later at Wisconsin-Superior, leaving a lasting impact on the basketball community.

However, his talents didn’t stop there. In addition to his basketball career, Max Christie Sr. also pursued a profession as an airline pilot. His career showcases his dedication and versatility in different fields.

Max Christie Parents
Max Christie Parents (Source:

Katrina, his mother, is another basketball enthusiast who made waves during her playing career. She honed her skills at Northwestern University, where her passion and talent for the game shone brightly.

Katrina’s remarkable scoring record of over 1,000 points stands as evidence of her dedication and prowess on the court.

After her playing days, she transitioned into the field of psychology. She now works as a respected psychologist, combining her knowledge of the human mind with her love for the game.

Max Christie is not the only talented athlete in the family. Alongside him, his younger brother Cameron follows in their parent’s footsteps. He is also making waves for his own skills and potential on the basketball court.

With the unwavering support of his family, Max Christie is well-positioned to achieve great heights and leave his own mark on the world of basketball.

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