Meet Nez Balelo Wife Lisa: Married Life And Kids

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Nez Balelo’s wife is Lisa Balelo, but there is not a lot of information about the couple. They have seen some rough times together.

Shortly after their marriage, Balelo faced an accident, which ended his career. However, Lisa stood by his side, providing constant support.

Nez Balelo Is A Sports Agents With An Amazing Portfolio
Nez Balelo Is A Sports Agents With An Amazing Portfolio (Source: PelicanHillMagazine)

Balelo stands out as an outlier in the world of sports agencies due to his ability to bag deals with precision and ease.

After relocating from the Madeira Islands in Portugal, his family raised him in San Diego, California. He grew up in the commercial fishing sector in Portugal, experiencing a somewhat different childhood.

After his senior year at Pepperdine University, the Seattle Mariners drafted Balelo in the fourth round.

Furthermore, Nez honed his entrepreneurial talents by establishing West Coast Baseball School, a development baseball school outside Los Angeles.

At the same time, he accepted a position as a hybrid development, scouting, and consulting with the Atlanta Braves.

Balelo currently heads up the Baseball division within CAA Sports. He has been responsible and a part of negotiating over $4 billion in contracts while at CAA.

Meet Nez Balelo Wife Lisa. Married Life After Accident

Nez Balelo is happily married to his wife, Lisa. He prefers to keep his wife and family away from the spotlight that he embraces comfortably.

The same is the case in his professional life; he does not even use social media. Both of them love Italy and claim that Pelican Hills Resort is one of their favorites there.

We also know that catastrophe fell upon the couple soon after they got married, which seriously tested the foundations of their relationship.

Nez Balelo had just begun his professional career as a shortstop and was waiting for a breakthrough. In 1985, the Seattle Mariners drafted him after he signed a professional contract.

Nez Balelo Along With His Wife Lisa
Nez Balelo Along With His Wife Lisa (Source: PelicanHillMagazine)

When tragedy struck, the young man was on his way to becoming a major league player. Balelo was working on a construction site when he fell 40 feet down an elevator shaft and landed on a concrete slab.

This injury wrecked his entire body, and he witnessed the same thing happen to his major-league hopes. He had recently married his wife, Lisa, which marked a significant turning point in their life.

Despite the drawbacks, Balelo endured and persevered through all of it, rising to become one of the top sporting agents in history.

Balelo Shohei Ohtani Contract: Largest Deal In Sports History 

Nez Balelo has facilitated the biggest deal in sports history by landing Shohei Ohtani’s contract. 

Shohei Ohtani has signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers. On Saturday, MLB’s most skilled player and most sought-after free agent announced his decision on Instagram.

Nez Balelo Has Managed To Land The Biggest Contract In Sports History With Shohei Ohtani
Nez Balelo Has Managed To Land The Biggest Contract In Sports History With Shohei Ohtani (Source: Twitter)

Ohtani’s contract is for ten years and a whopping $700 million. The $700 million deal is by far the highest in MLB history. Mike Trout’s previous record for guaranteed money ($426.5 million) is surpassed by $273.5 million.

Here is a list of the biggest deals in MLB history if you want a comparison:

  1. Shohei Ohtani, Dodgers: $700 million
  2. Mike Trout, Angels: $426.5 million
  3. Aaron Judge, Yankees: $360 million
  4. Manny Machado, Padres: $350 million
  5. Francisco Lindor, Mets: $341 million

Needless to say, Ohtani’s record-breaking contract is convoluted; he will not be paid a flat $70 million per year for the next ten years.

Indeed, the transaction is significant for the amount paid out and how it was handed out.

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