Who Are Meredith And Callie Minshew? Gardner Minshew Sister

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NFL star Gardner Minshew has two sisters. One of his sister pursued a career as a dentist, while the other sister is actively involved in playing college-level volleyball.

The siblings share a close bond and frequently express their love and appreciation for one another on social media.

Their Instagram accounts showcase their family time together and their support for their brother’s football games.

Gardner Flint Minshew, an American football quarterback, made his NFL debut after being selected by Jacksonville Jaguars in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Gardner Minshew
Gardner Minshew Celebrating (Source: Instagram)

After starting his football career at Northwest Mississippi Community College, Gardner Minshew now plays for the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL.

During his college time, he even won the NJCAA National Football Championship.

Gardner Minshew Sister: Meredith And Callie Minshew

Talking about Gardner Minshew’s sisters, Meredith And Callie Minshew, both of them have established themselves in their own careers and paths.

The Colts star cherishes his two sisters and holds them in high regard, as they share a close bond and are a significant part of his life.

One of his sisters, Callie, is an athlete like her brother. Moreover, she is an accomplished volleyball player representing EMU (Eastern Michigan University).

Before her time at EMU, Callie also played for Hailstate, showcasing her talent and passion for the sport. 

In addition, Callie earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Administration from Mississippi State University in 2022.

Likewise, Gardner’s other sister Meredith Minshew, the eldest sibling, is currently pursuing her medical education at the School of Dentistry.

Gardner Minshew's Family
Gardner Minshew’s Family (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, She has completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Mississippi State University in Science – Biology/Biological Sciences.

She further pursued a Master of Biomedical Science (MBS) degree at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, which she completed in 2022.

Supportive Parents Of Gardner

Gardner Minshew was born on May 16, 1996, in Flowood, Mississippi, to Flint Minshew and Kim Minshew.

Like every parent, Flint and Kim also support their son in every way possible. They are often seen attending his games and cheering for him.

Minshew is not the only athlete in his family. His mother, Kim, played college basketball at Mississippi State, showcasing their family’s sports background.

Additionally, Gardner’s father, Flint, played a role in his athletic development by coaching his pee wee football team.

Kim acknowledges her son’s passion for football and his dedication to understanding the value of the game.

Outside Of The Football

Apart from his football skills, Gardner Minshew is known for his unique appearance and exercise habits, earning him several nicknames.

One time he grew a Fu Manchu-style mustache, which became a fan favorite, with some supporters even wearing fake mustaches to his NFL games.

During his stint with the Jacksonville Jaguars, he sported a memorable mullet hairstyle, his fans even compared him to “Uncle Rico,” a character from the film Napoleon Dynamite.

Gardner Minshew With A Stylish Look
Gardner Minshew With A Stylish Look (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Minshew also made a cameo appearance in the Netflix documentary miniseries “Last Chance U,” which focused on the college football program at East Mississippi Community College. 

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