Mickie James Husband Nick Aldis: Married Life And Kids

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Mickie James’ husband, Nick Aldis, met the former WWE superstar in 2010. The couple has been married for seven years and are parents to a baby boy. 

Previously, the British wrestler Nick Aldis had talked about his dissatisfaction with being known by his wife’s name. But that was something he should have seen coming before their wedding. 

Mickie And Nick Click A Playful Picture For A Wrestling Promotion In 2022
Mickie And Nick Click A Playful Picture For A Wrestling Promotion In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The 11-time women’s world champion between WWE and Impact Wrestling, Mickie James is a legend in her field. But Nick hasn’t done too bad for himself. 

He is a one-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion and three-time TNA Tag Team Champion. And last month, his wife confirmed his WWE status. 

Rumors were circulating that Nick was working as a producer for WWE’s weekly television show, and Mickie, during an interview with MuscleManMalcolm, confirmed those rumors.

Mickie James And Husband Nick Aldis Share The Same Field

There aren’t many couples who can say they have the same profession. But Mickie and Nick are a few of those lucky ones. 

The former WWE star, Mickie James, began her wrestling career in 1999 and worked with several wrestling federations before joining WWE. She made her WWE debut in 2005 and worked for five years before returning to TNA.

Nick Aldis is seven years younger than his wife and began wrestling in 2003. At first, he had begun his sporting career as a bodybuilder and later switched to professional wrestling. 

Mickie James And Nick Aldis Promote Their Show, WrestleCon LA In March 2023
Mickie James And Nick Aldis Promote Their Show, WrestleCon LA In March 2023 (Source: Instagram)

His professional debut was in British Wrestling Promotion Dropkixx Wrestling in 2004. He has since worked with TNA, The British Invasion, Impact Wrestling, and Global Force Wrestling. 

With Mickie having worked with WWE, the female wrestler is more popular than her husband. Their social media following is a testament to the gap in popularity between them. 

Mickie’s followers are in the millions, and Nick’s haven’t reached 80k. And Nick has previously talked about how he doesn’t want to be known as Mickie’s husband. 

In Not Sam Wrestling Podcast, in 2018, Nick talked about facing Cody Rhodes and a common point between them. The British wrestler said Cody is more known for being the son of Dusty Rhodes, and he doesn’t want the same to happen to him.

He said his accomplishments get outshined because of whom he is married to, and nobody wants to talk about him being TNA World Heavyweight Champion. 

But in recent years, Nick Aldis has craved a strong fanbase. He is considered one of the most underrated wrestling superstars of his generation, and at 36, Nick believes the best is yet to come. 

Mickie James And Nick Aldis Married Life And Kids

Nick Aldis fell in love with the former WWE superstar the first he saw him. In an interview, Nick said the first time he saw Mickie was at catering in Orlando, and his friend had to tell him to put his tongue back as he was dribbling on the table. 

The wrestling couple might not have even met if WWE had not released Mickie in 2010. The two met during their time in TNA. The couple dated for four years before they became parents to a baby boy named Donovan in 2014. 

They were engaged the same year in December and tied the knot a year later. Earlier this year, in an interview, Mickie talked about her relationship with her husband. 

Mickie And Nick Pictured With Their Son During Their Trip To Flora-Bama In November 2022
Mickie And Nick Pictured With Their Son During Their Trip To Flora-Bama In November 2022 (Source: Instagram)

She said since getting together, the couple has learned a lot from each other. Mickie said she taught her husband to look the part and carry himself like a star. 

The three-time TNA Knockout Champion, Mickie, said it was important for her to look like Mickie James the Superstar, whether it be at shows or airport. 

James added if you want to be a superstar, you need to be seen and perceived as a superstar. Mickie then shared what she learned from Nick. 

James said Nick had made her more patient. He has helped her to look at things from other’s perspectives. Mickie said their contrasting style has also been a cool part of their relationship.

On their Instagram handle, the couple is seen sharing appreciation posts for each other and a few family photos. 

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