Mike Lange Health & Illness Update: Does He Have Cancer?

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Mike Lange health concern was one of the reasons for his retirement. But Lange wasn’t suffering from any deadly disease; he was 73 and ready to bid goodbye to the thing he had been doing for the past 50 years.

Recently, the broadcaster and his friendship with Jaromir Jagr made headlines. The broadcaster and the hockey player would famously sit together during their bus rides. 

The Veteran Broadcaster Mike Lange Was Recently Interviewed But Didn't Talk About Suffering From An Illness
The Veteran Broadcaster Was Recently Interviewed But Didn’t Talk About Suffering From An Illness (Source: Twitter)

In his recent telephone interview, Lange didn’t mention having any health concerns. He only talked about the bond he had forged with Jagr. For Jagr, Lange was no less than a father figure. 

Lange spent 46 seasons with the Pittsburgh Penguins and retired after the 2020 season. Josh Getzoff was the one to replace the legendary commentator. 

Mike Lange Health & Illness Update

Mike Lange health was one of the reasons he cut down his broadcasting duties in 2019. And in 2022, the legendary commentator decided it was time to hand over the mic full-time.

Lange has always been known as a private guy in the media circle. So, for him to speak on his health in 2019 and that too with The Athletic was a big deal. Lange, 71, at that time, opened up about his health and how he felt right before the season started. 

He said, “You know, I’m doing alright. I’m just trying to get my strength back. I got whacked pretty well this time. I just hope I can get it all the way back.”

Mike Lange Pictured Acknowledging The Crowd On His 45th Anniversary In 2019
Mike Lange Pictured Acknowledging The Crowd On His 45th Anniversary In 2019 (Source: Twitter)

That same year, Lange had faced a powerful case of pneumonia. It forced him out of the broadcast booth during the season’s final three weeks. 

After the COVID hit, Mike started missing more games. He had missed most of the 2020 season while waiting to get his COVID-19 vaccination shot but returned to the Penguins radio booth to call the game against the Boston Bruins. 

In a statement shared by the Penguins on Mike’s return, they also mentioned he had undergone surgery that had affected his walking. In a telephone interview, Mike mentioned about the surgery.

He said, “I had a surgery in January that would have normally been pretty routine, but I did develop some complications. I had to go back in, and that kind of put me behind the eight ball. Had a little bit of a recovery time. Still doing that, it affected the legs.”

Does Mike Lange Have Cancer?

The former Pittsburgh Penguins announcer, Mike Lange, isn’t suffering from cancer. The 75-year-old hasn’t shared any comments that could allude to him suffering from the deadly disease. 

Nobody has heard much from Lange after his retirement in 2021. In his retirement statement, Mike stated he had been cutting down on broadcast but didn’t state it was because he was suffering from cancer or any disease. It was simply because the age had caught up to him.

The pandemic also played a major role in it. His retirement statement read, “As many of you know, I have been cutting back on game broadcasts the last few seasons. This year was difficult with the pandemic, but I was still able to broadcast a limited few, which was important to me.”

The 2020 season marked his 50-year association with broadcasting professional hockey. The veteran also said he wasn’t completely stepping away from broadcasting and would continue to add commentary and voice work on a limited basis to the current radio set-up.

In the recent Athletlic piece, the health of the broadcaster isn’t mentioned, which could mean he is enjoying his retirement. 

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