Milan Momcilovic Parents: Father Nick And Mother Zorica Momcilovic

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The young basketball athlete Milan Momcilovic was born to parents Nick and Zorica Momcilovic.

As the son of a regulatory engineer and a realtor, Milan chose a different path by pursuing basketball.

Milan has made significant strides in amateur basketball, leading his high school to three consecutive state championships.

Iowa State Basketball Star Milan Momcilovic
Iowa State Basketball Star Milan Momcilovic (Source: ESPN)

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Milan was a high school basketball phenom at Pewaukee High School.

Justifying his outstanding performances, he was rated as a 4-star recruit by ESPN and

Following this, he committed to Iowa State University over numerous offers.

A testament to his talent and skills, he is already a regular feature on the Iowa team sheet in his freshman year.

On the academic front, he is majoring in Business Studies. Given his game style and approach, fans have likened him to the second coming of Dallas legend Dirk Nowitzki.

Overall, after a highly successful high school career, he is matching expectations in college. It will be interesting to see where his career goes from here, as nothing seems far-fetched for the Wisconsin native.

Milan Momcilovic Parents

Milan was born to his father, Nick, and his mother, Zorica Momcilovic. According to their LinkedIn profiles, Nick is a regulatory engineering leader, and Zorica is a realtor.

For the past 16 years, Nick has held the position of GE Healthcare’s lead regulatory engineer.

Not only that, he has been actively involved in the engineering field since 1996. Needless to say, he is well-versed in his job.

Additionally, he graduated from the esteemed University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Milan's Mom Zorica
Milan’s Mom Zorica (Source: LinkedIn)

Talking about Zorica, she shares the same alma mater as her husband. However, she has ventured into diverse fields in her career.

She worked as a primary-level teacher early on before transitioning into the real estate business.

Working for Homestead Realty and boasting over 15 years of experience, she is a prominent name in the Wisconsin real estate sector.

Undoubtedly, Milan’s parents have sacrificed a lot for him to excel, with both of them also busy with their professional careers.

Their success in their corporate careers has certainly rubbed off on young Milan, who is now taking over the world of sports.

Having such a hard-working and supportive family is a big plus for him as he traverses the ruthless world of college sports.

Nick and Zorica also have two other children: a son, Luka, and a daughter, Maya.

Milan’s Siblings Are Also Athletes

The Momcilovic family is driven by a passion for sports and competition. Milan’s brother Luka is a hooper in high school, while his sister Maya plays volleyball.

Luka plays as a power forward for Pewaukee High School and is making waves in the high school scene.

Milan's Sister Maya Momcilovic
Milan’s Sister Maya Momcilovic (Source: Instagram)

College fans are excited to see Luka enter the college realm in the class of 2025. Additionally, he posts stuff related to his basketball on his X account.

Milan’s sister Maya is also a notable athlete. After attending Pewaukee High School, she joined the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse as a volleyball athlete.

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