Luka Doncic’s Biggest Cheerleader: Mirjam Poterbin

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Mirjam Poterbin is a former model, a businesswoman, and the mother of a professional Basketball player Luka Doncic. 

He plays for the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA and the Slovenian national group.

Doncic was chosen consistently for the NBA All-Rookie. Notably, he also won Rookie of the Year for the 2018–19 season.

As Doncic’s mom Mirjam became a full smoke show during the 2019 NBA awards. The Rookie of the Year’s mother is gorgeous and made Mirjam trending all over social media.

Mirjam Poterbin, Doncic's Mother (Source: Instagram)
Mirjam Poterbin, Doncic’s Mother (Source: Instagram)

If anyone has watched him play, Luka Doncic is known for his crafty throws, step-back 3-pointers, and clutch moves.

He is also considered one of the best players in his third season in the NBA. Notably, Luka was also the top-5 candidate for MVP in his sophomore year.

Mirjam Poterbin was in a messy lawsuit with Luka in 2022 for the trademark name authority, which ended after three months of trial.

Let’s get to know more about Luka’s biggest supporter in his life. 

Quick Facts | Mirjam Poterbin

Full Name Mirjam Poterbin
Birth Date  April 7, 1974
Age 49 Years Old
Gender Female
Nationality Slovenian
Ethnicity White
Profession Former Model And A Beauty Salon Owner
Parents Milena Poterbin
Married/Single Single
Children Luka dončić
Divorce Yes
Net Worth  Under Review 
Salary  Under Review 
Famous As Mother Of Luka Doncic 
Education N/A 
Social Media Instagram, Twitter 
Luka Doncic’s Merch  Rookie Card, Funko Pop, Autographed Jersey
Last Update March, 2024

Mirjam Poterbin | Early Life, Family & Education

Mirjam Poterbin, quite a sensation now, was born on April 7, 1974, in Slovenia, Europe.

At the hour of composing this article, she is at 49 years of her life.

Likewise, she holds a Slovenian nationality and features a put with white ethnicity. Her religion and sun sign is, however, not revealed yet.

Not to mention, Poterbin is a celebrity on Instagram as she has a specialist Instagram account where she has assembled 55.6k followers.

Doncic's Infant Years (Source: Instagram)
Doncic’s Infant Years (Source: Instagram)

Born in 1999, Mirjam’s child Luka has taken the world of basketball by storm, along with his impactful athleticism and fineness. All that while he’s only 25 years old

Doncic played for Real Madrid in Spain for several years (he joined the youth academy when he was 13) before being drafted by the Dallas Bohemians in the 2018 NBA draft.

Mirjam Poterbin | Career

Poterbin began her career as a beauty pigment contestant, Miss Slovenian Konjic, in 1993. 

Mirjam also won the second Gorenjska pre-selection for Miss Slovenia but lost the competition. Mirjam won the trip to Spain due to her participation in this program.

Mirjam’s popularity peaked after the beauty competition, and she got offers from various cosmetics, lingerie, and healthcare brands.

In addition to being the mother of a sensational basketball player Luka Doncic, Poterbin presently runs a magnificent beauty shop.

She co-founded the multi-product company “LD7” with her son Luka Doncic. Her Facebook page reveals that she is the owner of ‘Salon lepote las in koze “MIRJAM.”

Luka’s Biggest Supporter

When Luka (her son) was 13, he wanted to move from Slovenia to Spain to join the Real Madrid basketball club’s youth academy.

At 13, Doncic moved to Madrid, Spain, to play for the NBA Madrid basketball club. 

However, Luka’s mother, Mirjam, was legitimately uncertain, almost moving to a faraway country.

Mirjam Poterbin, his mother, tried to steer Luka to remain and wait to make a move, but he insisted on ongoing.

Mirijam Supporting Her Son (Source: Instagram)
Mirijam Supporting Her Son (Source: Instagram)

The primary flight back to Slovenia without her son was agonizing. Nevertheless, Luka had her unconditional support. As a result, Mirjam eventually flew to Spain in 2016.

As Luka conquered the basketball world, including his EuroLeague MVP and championship season back in 2018, Mirjam, his mom, was by his side every step.

Poterbin accompanied him to the 2018 NBA Draft in N.Y. City, where he was a first-round pick by the Atlanta Hawks before being traded to the Western Conference’s Dallas Mavericks for Trae Young.

To see him pursuing his dreams, the star’s mother, Mirjam Poterbin, allowed it, and after three long years, she flew to Spain with him.

She confessed, though, that she wasn’t wondering about his future in basketball but his happiness. 

Mirjam Porterbin | About Her Son’s Passion

In an interview with EuroHoops, Poterbin talked about Luka and his passion for basketball. She told, 

“Frankly speaking, I orientated to be noway pondering (his future in basketball) because, as his mommy, what was most pivotal to me was to have him happy and his passion becoming his dream, and all his dreams come true.”

Further, Mirjam added that Luka’s happiness was the most important thing to her than anything. 

“I also allow that Luka was noway sure about how far he could go besides. He was just happy that he was pursuing his passion for playing basketball, which was the foremost important thing in his life.”

Mirjam Poterbin | Married Life & Divorce 

Sasa Doncic, a basketball coach and former player of Slovenia, is Poterbin’s ex-husband.

He last served as head coach of Ilirija in the Slovenian League.

Speaking of Mirjam, she has supported her son from a young age to become the great player he is today.

Sasa was accustomed to taking his son to his games in Ljubljana.

Luka Doncic With Father Sasa Doncic
Luka Doncic With Father Sasa Doncic (Source: Pinterest)

After the divorce of Mirjam Poterbin and Sasa Doncic in 2008, custody and legal guardianship were given to Mirjam Poterbin.

As a result, Mirjam has been the single parent of the basketball sensation Luka.

Luka Doncic has not commented freely on his relationship with his father. However, agreeing to ESPN’s details, Sasa Doncic is presently a coach for a Slovenian club.

Mirjam Poterbin | Motherhood 

Luka’s parents parted when he was only nine years old when Mirjam became his primary caretaker and single parent.

In one of her first T.V. interviews, Luka’s mother speaks with WFAA’s reporter Jonah Javad about her life as a mother, the journey from leaving Slovenia to coming to Dallas, and the future he holds with the Mavs.

The former model noted that those times were “crazy hard,” She cried plenty, traveling to Spain every weekend after Luka flew from Slovenia to Spain.

Talking to WFAA, Luka’s mom described her son as a “racy, naughty” boy growing up. She then admitted that Luka wasn’t racy but a toddler full of energy who wouldn’t stay still for a second.

According to Poterbin, Doncic was seven months old when he first touched the basketball and also played with a miniature hoop in his room at the age of one.

He played various sports in his childhood, including football, which he later quit.

At primary school in Ljubljana, he began playing organized basketball at seven. At the time, his opponents were up to ten years old, as Doncic once reflected:

“I still studied and played with older children who had even more experience than me.”

Mirjam also said that Luka didn’t know how far he would make it. Instead, he was happy about flexibly undertaking and doing what he loves the most: playing basketball.

Relationship With Luka Doncic

Doncic is one of the most-liked guys in the NBA, potentially for fans and his own teammates

Porterbin accepts that what makes her child an extraordinary player is his capacity to remain present in the minute and put all his endeavors into the current game.

Luka Doncic (Source:
Luka Doncic (Source:

What makes Mirjam and Luka’s relationship so extraordinary is the freedom she gives him. She energizes him to chase his dreams and provides him the space to undertake and do so.

Nowadays, Mirjam Poterbin’s son is one of the foremost stars of the Dallas Mavericks and is incredibly likely to form his way through the foremost effective players within the franchise’s history.

It is clear, though, that Mirjam is Luka’s #1 fan and biggest cheerleader, and her Instagram page is the biggest proof and speaks it all.

In addition, Mirjam never fails to praise her son and voice for him through her social media handles.

Luka Doncic Legal Matter With His Mother

Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic and his mother, Mirjam Poterbin, have been in a messy legal battle for the “LUKA DONCIC” trademark.

Luka wanted the authority of the trademark, whereas Mirjam wanted to keep control of it.

In the early September of 2022, Luka Doncic claimed that he had been engaged in a “months-long quest to regain full control of trademarks that bear his name.”

Although after three months, they settled the Lawsuit and ended the fight.

Whereas we don’t know what the decision was, the legal fight was settled.

Luka Doncic | Girlfriend & Personal Life

In Mirjam Poterbin’s life, it’s unclear whether she is dating somebody, and it is rumored that Andre Iguodala tried to hit on Luka’s mommy just last era during the NBA draft.

However, her son Luka is rumored to have been dating Ana Maria Goltes.

Luka Doncic With His Rumored Girlfriend (source Instagram)
Luka Doncic With His Rumored Girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

Born in Spain, Anna Maria has been in a relationship with the Slovenian basketball player for 8 years.

Following the NBA season’s restart in Orlando’s bubble, the couple was quarantined along with their two pet dogs, Hugo and Gia.

Anna also supports Luka as she keeps posting pictures on his support on Instagram, and recently she did one for Eurobasket2022, posing with her three dogs wearing a Luka Doncic jersey.

Mirjam Poterbin | Net Worth & Quotes

Mirjam Poterbin’s net worth is not revealed, yet her kid Luka Dončić’s total assets are $25 million.

Luka signed a five-year $207 million supermax rookie contract extension with the Dallas Mavericks on August 9, 2021. It was the largest guaranteed rookie extension in NBA history at the time.

Someone paid $4.6 million for a Luka Doncic rookie card on March 2021.

It’s the highest money ever paid for an NBA player card. The card was autographed and mounted with his NBA logo patch from a jersey he used.


  • I don’t think that matters right now; injuries are a part of basketball. I was 100%. But I played terribly. Just got to move on to the next one.
  • We have to play harder; I have to play harder, it starts with me, so I have to play way better.
  • Floyd Mayweather said Floyd Mayweather plays like me; I said, “cool, I want to see it live.”

Social Media 

Mirjam Poterbin is a famous mother of Luka Doncic, and was seen supporting his son during EuroBasket2022.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by @mirjampoterbin

  • Instagram: 55.6k

The Search Graph

Mirjam Poterbin is famous for being Luka Doncic, so people search for her too, whenever they search for the famous NBA player.

Mirjam Poterbin Search Graph (Source: Google Trend)
Mirjam Poterbin Search Graph (Source: Google Trend)

Her graph illustrates her popularity which is good enough according to the following she has on her Instagram.

FAQs | Luka Doncic

What does Luka Doncic’s mom do?

Mirjam is more than just Luka Doncic’s mother. She is a former model, a businesswoman, a social media celebrity, and a famous mom of Luka Doncic.

How old is Mirjam Potterbin?

Mirjam was born on April 7, 1976, in Slovenia, Europe. At the hour of composing this article, she is 49 years old.

Is Mirjam Poterbin dating someone?

As far as the sources, Mirjam isn’t dating anyone at the moment.

Does Luka doncic have a kid?

Luka Doncic does not have any kids to date. It is assumed that Luka focuses on his promising basketball career before making a family.
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