MLB Brandon Gomes Parents Paul And Lynette Gomes

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Former MLB player Brandon Gomes’s parents, Paul and Lynette, have pride in their son’s simplicity despite remaining among the most popular sports figures in the United States. 

Previously the Tampa Bay Rays player in the MLB for around four years, Gomes has been serving as the Los Angeles Dodgers’ general manager since 2022.

However, his parents say that Gomes has always been a low-key guy who does not know how to brag.

Even though he has reached immense heights because of his baseball career, they believe he is still the down-to-earth guy he has always been.

Former American Professional Baseball Player Brandon Gomes
Former American Professional Baseball Player Brandon Gomes (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Brandon Gomes started his MLB career, debuting for the Tampa Bay Rays on May 3, 2011.

Even though selected by the San Diego Padres in the 2007 MLB draft, the former baseball player spent almost four years playing in the minor leagues for several clubs, including San Antonio and Fort Wayne.

Before that, he was a collegiate baseball player for Tulane Green Wave. 

After graduating, Gomes opted to pursue a baseball career, which spans nearly a decade, combining minor and major league careers. His last appearance for the Tampa Bay Rays in the MLB was in 2015.

Moreover, he had a brief stint with the Chicago Cubs of the minor league in 2016. 

Brandon Gomes Parents: Paul, And Lynette Gomes

Brandon Gomes was born to his parents, Paul and Lynette, on July 15, 1984, in Fall River, Massachusetts. Even though he is an American citizen, he is of Italian and Portuguese descent through his parents.

His dad, Paul, is a music enthusiast and member of the band The Crowd. Aside from recording original songs, they primarily perform in live concerts in their locality.

Brandon developed his interest in music at a young age, influenced by his dad.

However, Brandon’s first love has always been baseball. He started playing baseball for his Little League team at Columbus Park when he was seven. Like most boys from his area, he dreamed of making it to the Major Leagues.

Paul and Lynette were aware of Brandon’s dream and saw how much dedication he showed to improve his game.

Despite their financial limitations, the couple tried to provide him with the best training within their reach and ensured he had his tools ready.

When he started playing in the professional leagues, his parents often traveled far from home to see their son play.

Gomes often used to say that his parents were his most incredible supporters and credited them as the foundation for his successful career.

Brandon, As A Baseball Executive

Brandon Gomes retired from his professional career at 32.

Although he wanted to stay in the professional arena for more years, it all ended after the Chicago Cubs released him on June 4, 2016.

Brandon Gomes
Brandon Gomes (Source: Spectrum News)

Later that year, he joined the Los Angeles Dodgers as their pitching coordinator, part of the team’s player development department.

The club promoted him to the director of player development in 2017.

Still associated with the Dodgers, the former Tampa Bay baseball pitcher serves as the team’s G.M. as of this writing. Previously the V.P. and assistant G.M. of the club, he took the post of general manager on January 18, 2022.

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