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Mo Sanders is one of the most established names in the world of skating. Many of his fans and followers believe him to be a pioneer in the skating scene within Washington.

Further, his reputation has earned him the nickname Quadzilla L.K. or Quadzilla. 

As a famous American roller skater, Sanders has competed in inline skating, jam skating, and roller derby at a national and international level. 

Mo Sanders
Mo Sanders

His journey in inline skating, which began in 1991, has progressed exponentially, and now, he competes in the X Games. 

Further, by late 2001, Mo was a sensation in Seattle. But, more importantly, it was his breakdance on the skates that caught the most attention. 

Quick Facts:

Name Mo Sanders
Nickname Quadzilla L.K or Quadzilla
Birthdate 1971
Age 52 years old
Birthplace Tacoma, Washington, United States
Nationality American
Professional American roller skater
Inline skate debut 1991
Inline skate debut 1993
Body type Athletic
Height 1.83m/ 6 feet
Weight 96 kg/212 lb
Eye color Black
Hair color Dark
Skin Dark
Profession Roller skater
Affiliated teams Quad Express
Puget Sound Outcast Derby
Teams coached Rat City Rollergirls
Team Legit
Team Awesome
Oly Rollers
Featured documentaries Wheels will Land, This is How We Roll & Derby Baby
Television shows Roller Jam television show
Titles “Best Double Threat”
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth $5 million
Merch  Inline Skating Equipments
Last Update  April, 2024

Mo Sanders Early Life & Family

The professional skating star Mo Sanders was born in 1971 in Tacoma, Washington, United States. Growing up, Mo was influenced by his father as he used to roller-skate to work.

Furthermore, the interest grew in him so much that he spent all of his spare time skating at the local rink. 

Despite his popularity, not much is known about the Washington star. It includes his personal life and details about his family.

Thus, the identity of both of his parents is kept private. Moreover, Sanders did not have any coach guiding him while growing up.

So, he used to spend hours in the rinks learning new moves and techniques. Later, he was coached by none other than Lan Werner.

Mo was under his guidance during his attempt at the champion artistic roller skating event. Mo also spent the late 90s spending his time skating in Venice Beach, California.

Besides, he also auditioned for the Roller Jam television show at the time. The show was based around banked track roller derby. 

During the show, Mo Sanders was most famous for his acrobatic moves and multicolored hair. However, the skating star later stated that the nature of the exhibition “sucked.”

In addition, he claimed that the show was unsuccessful because it was full of script and drama. 

Moreover, Mo Sanders became a part of the “Quad Express” jam skating team in 2005. Additionally, his team would reach the finals and win the finals of the Roll Bounce Championship. 

Also, he subsequently made an appearance and performed at the Hollywood opening of the Roll Bounce Film. 

Consequently, it led to his involvement with Enchanted, in which Mo did the choreography for the skating. 

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How old is Mo Sanders? Age, Height & Weight

The former Skating star is currently 52 years old. However, despite his old age, Mo has maintained his physical fitness.

Judging from his physique, we can say that Mo does several exercises to keep his body active and fit. 

The athletics star stands at the height of 6 feet (1.83m), weighing around 96 kg (212 lb).  

Mo Sanders | Career Background

His career left a legacy in the skating scene, which also earned him the title of “rink rat.” Besides, before starting his career, Mo worked at a local skate shop in the early 1990s. 

Consequently, his hard work earned him a scholarship from a local skating company. Thus, Mo started traveling across the world, demonstrating his skill and talent. 

During his travel, Mo used to visit numerous skate parks. In addition, he also sang for different competitions as he learned about the products within the industry. 

Shortly after, the popularity of the inline skating scene rose in most parts of the United States.

But, on the other hand, Mo took things to his own and added a little twist to his skating. Amidst the popularity of skating, he was a pioneer for breakdancing while skating.

Additionally, he also started to coach the Rat City Rollergirls during the first season. 

“They were still learning the game, and they asked me to teach them the basic stuff about roller derby,” Sanders said.

Mo Sanders eats, sleeps, and breathes roller skating.

By day, Mo runs a business called Grn Mnstr Roller SportsHe is devoted to it as it is one of his favorite sport. Further, his company is an online wholesale company, which serves up his products. 

These particular products are created and designed accordingly to help skaters.

Additionally, the company is known for its Heartless Wheels and Antik Skate boots. 

Besides, Gumball toe stops and other skate-related accessories and apparel are also some of the company’s favorite products.  

Apart from his dedication to the sports company, Mo trains to Puget Sound Outcast Derby. On the other hand, he enjoys his spare time unwinding the four wheels at his disposal. 

These are some of Quadilla’s or Mo Sanders’s dedication apart from competing in skating events. He gained nationwide recognition after appearing on numerous popular Television shows. 

Company Venture

Mo Sanders began his journey to develop his own company back in 2008. However, despite his optimism, he knew the market did not exist at the time. 

The Mo Stated how he has been in this industry his whole life. To this, he added,

“You generally start making things out of necessity. What do I want? What products are missing? I knew other people out there felt the same way.”

Thus, the lack of products on the market led him to design his skates. These skates were built to feel lighter with ankle support for agile movement.

Thus, skaters used to love them while trying them out in the rink. 

Additionally, his take on the products was a hit in the market. Some of these skates even went on to become top sellers in the market.

When asked about the reason for the success, Mo commented saying-

“I’m in touch with the market and the skaters.”

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Helping Hands

In his venture with the sporting company, Jennifer Savaglio was one of few people who recognized his vision. Jenifer is a former member of Rat City Rollergirls, who became one of the shop’s owners. 

Further, according to her, Mo is a hard-working man and also makes you work hard. However, despite the tough outer shell, she claims Mo is fair and reasonable to work with. 

It was proven after the company’s products became number one in shops, including Fast Girl Skates. Moreover, Jennifer says that it was magical to watch him skate on the rink as a coach.

In addition, she stated that there was a lot to learn from him as a student. Additionally, the idea of Mo developing his products grabbed her attention.

Her faith in Mo Sanders did not waste as the products were impressive and progressed in the industry. Also, she claims that it was all because of Mo’s hard work and dedication. 

Jennifer believes that he is unlike any other man she worked with and that it’s inspiring to watch him. 

Return to skating

The king of the rink initially made his return, skating as “Barack O’Trauma and Quadzilla L.K.” Besides, apart from coaching the likes of Rat City Rollergirls, Mo also looked after the Oly Rollers. 

Moreover, in 2008, he led the Team Awesome to second place in the National Banked Track Championship. 

Similarly, Mo Sanders managed Team Legit to the national title in 2009, including many international leagues.

Besides, he continued to develop Heartless Wheels and Antik Skate boots as well. His coaching career would not end here as he was the principal coach for Rat City in 2011.

Mo Sanders with fans
Mo Sanders demonstrating his skill.

In addition, he also remained active as a skater for the Puget Sound Outcast Derby. 

Further, he played a crucial role in winning second place during the Men’s Roller Derby Association Championships in 2011. 

Also, he made an appearance for the derby documentaries like This is How We Roll and Derby Baby.


In 2011 Mo won the “Best Double Threat” title during the Derby News Network.

Further, his legacy remains in the documentary, such as “Wheels will Land,” an Australian-based documentary that was released in 2016. 

However, his popularity was short-lived. Mo was publicly accused of sexual assault by Hannah Jennings in 2017. 

The accusation by the member of the Rose city rollers empowered 13 other skaters.

These skaters also came forward shortly after. Similar to Hannah, they accused Mo Sanders of sexual misconduct. 

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Mo Sanders | Net Worth

Mo earned most of his fortune through his career as a professional skater. Additionally, his sports company also contributed a lot to the numbers throughout the years.

Thus, Mo Sanders has been living a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

However, despite the lavish facility, Mo refused to slack around and always dedicated himself to work. Further, it is estimated that his current net worth stands at $5 million

Besides, Mo has also been benefited from endorsement deals with various brands.

Social Media Presence:

Similar to other skaters, Mo is also quite popular on social media platforms. He has over 2,800 followers on Twitter under the username @Quadzillalk. 

On the other hand, Mo has accumulated a lot of followers on Instagram as well. You can follow him by the username @Quadzillalk. Mo Sander has over 12k followers on the respective platform. 

Some FAQs:

Where is Mo Sanders from?

Mo Sanders is from Tacoma, Washington, USA.

Has Mo Sanders been arrested?

No, despite numerous accusations against him, Mo Sanders has not been arrested. 

Does Mo Sanders Skate?

Yes, Mo Sanders is a professional roller skater. 

Which TV Show was Mo Sanders featured in?

Mo Sanders was featured in Roller Jam television show.

What is Mo Sanders Nationality?

Mo Sanders is American by nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

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