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Those who know Mookie Betts recognize the name Willie Betts. Willie Betts, Mookie Betts‘s Father, is a proud, loving, and very supportive person.

In addition, Willie Betts is also a patriotic and responsible citizen of America, as he served dedicatedly and brave-heartedly for the people of his nation.

Likewise, the infamous Mookie Betts is the right fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers of the Major Baseball League(MLB).

The talented player is the first to win the Most Valuable Player, Silver Slugger, Golden Glove Achiever, Batting Title, and World Series in the same season of MLB.

Mookie Betts
Mookie Betts (Source: Instagram – Mookiebetts)

Moreover, Mookie Betts is the foremost player to register his name in the journal of the Major Baseball League as a record holder.

Before moving on, let’s take a quick peek at Willie Betts.

Willie Betts | Quick Facts

Full name Willie Betts 
Birthdate In the 1970s
Birthplace Nashville, Tennessee, United States 
Residence Franklin, Tennessee, United States 
Nationality African-American 
Ethnicity Black
Religion Christianity 
Age 54 years old
Father’s name Unknown
Mother’s name Unknown
Marital status  Divorced
Previous Wife’s Name  Dianna Benedict
Children Markus Lynn Betts
Eye Color Black 
Hair Color Black
Food Habits Non-vegan 
Body type General
Profession  Retired Army Official
Social Media Instagram, Twitter 
Mookie Betts Merch  Jersey, Rookie Card, Signed Merch
Last Update February, 2024

Willie Betts: Mookie Betts Family

Dianna Collins Benedict and Willie Betts are the parents of Master Mookie.

His parents are the most earnest followers and supporters, who always motivated Mookie to carry his dream and become a professional sportsman.

Mookie’s mother was also an athlete in her school life, a potent bowler of baseball, so she took the responsibility to teach her son baseball and became the first coach of Mookie until he started to play professionally.
Mookie Betts With Parents In His Graduation (Source:

In addition, Brianna Hammonds is also in the line of being a member of the Betts family. Since Mookie is engaged with Brianna, and they both have a lovely child.

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How old are young Mookie’s parents?

Willie and Dianna appear as if they are in their mid-fifties. This being said, we do not have their accurate birth details to add on.

But Mookie Betts is 28 years old, born in 1992.

Mookie Betts | Father & Son Relationship

Young Betts and Senior Betts’s relationship is magnificent, and Mookie’s dad has supported him a lot to be in the position he is in now.

Mookie Betts Father
Mookie Betts Father: Willie Betts (Source: Instagram – mookiebetts)

On every occasion and obstacle, Willie Betts is a pillar for his son.

Now and then, Mookie’s Father and his mother can be seen in the crowd wearing the same team’s jersey and cheering their son’s game.

Mookie Betts Father & Mother Details

Mookie’s Father, Willie Betts, is an ex-army officer. In his youth, Mister Willie served in the U.S. Army Air Force during the Vietnam War.

Later on, he quit the army and went on to work as a superintendent in the railways.

Mookie Betts Father and Mother
Mookie Betts Father and Mother As A Supporter (Source: Instagram – Mookie Betts)

Similarly, his mother, Dianna, worked for the Tennessee Department of Transportation.
Miss Benedict played baseball in high school, so she took Mookie to nearby bowling events and played with him as a team.

However, when Mookie was growing up from his primary school life, his parents got divorced.

Even though Diana and Willie did not let their differences affect their child, and remained united in fostering his interests.

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Early Life of Mookie Betts

Markus Lynn Betts, or Mookie Betts, was born on October 7, 1992, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. And his start in baseball was initiated by his mother from a very early age.

At around six years of age, Mookie Betts was introduced to baseball by his mother when Mookie was receiving his primary education.

In expectation of innovating her kid’s talent, Diana Collins carried Betts to Tusculum Elementary, where she hoped to meet a coach who she was told had room for a few extra kids.

The coach looked over at Mookie, and he saw a thin skinny kid with wander in his head. Quickly, the coach said, “Sorry, I have enough small kids. I can’t take him.”

“I mean, he was the skinniest little thing,” Collins spoke in an interview about Mookie. “He looked like he couldn’t catch or do anything.”

Kid Mookie Betts With Diana Benedict (Source: mookibetts)
Kid Mookie Betts With Diana Benedict (Source: Mookie Betts)

“So I gathered up all the kids nobody wanted, and we started our team,” said Collins, a former star high school softball player. “That’s how I ended up coaching Mookie.”

Mookie’s parents separated at 10; hence, he began spending his time between summers at his dad’s place and school years at his mom’s.

The outstanding bowler also experienced a terrifying incident when he was 12 years old, nearly ruining his future baseball life.

While returning from a bowling tournament in Kansas, Betts was ejected from a car after the vehicle hit a utility pole. Betts suffered from a broken jaw and foot in the accident; also, he was pulled out of the damaged vehicle by a passing stranger.

Willie Betts on Social Media

Unfortunately, Mister Willie does not own any social media accounts.

Maybe because he is from the old life, like the people who enjoy living in the present moment, you shall find old Willie beside his son in most of the pictures taken publicly and at private functions.

The baseball history recorder holds several social media accounts but is often active on Instagram.

We can find numerous photos and posts about Mookie and his parents, as our handsome athlete is a loving family guy.

Mookie Betts’s handle is active with the name @mookiebetts.

As mentioned, his parents are always beside Mookie, encouraging him.

Few Minutiae About Mookie Betts

  • The prominent player’s real name is Markus Lynn Betts. However, due to his parents’ immense love for MLB, they named their son to match his initials to Major League Baseball.
  • Posterior to the birth of young Betts, Willie and Diana were watching a match by ex-NBA player Mookie Blaylock which inspired them, and thus nicknamed their son after the basketball guard.
  • Furthermore, the youth sportsman has recently become a Father with his longtime partner, Brianna Hammonds, to a daughter, Kynlee Betts, whom he welcomed in November 2018.
  • You may be surprised, but MLB star Terry Shumpert is the first cousin of our star performer Markus Lynn.
  • Also, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is the distant cousin of Mookie too, a former Actress and now a member of the British Royal Family.
  • As of 2021, Mookie Betts holds a net worth of more than 90 million dollars. This is if we neglect the 12-year contract with the Dodgers in a deal worth $365 million.

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Who is Mookie Bett’s mother?

Mookie Bett is the son of Diana Benedict. 

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