Motocross Danielle Gray Obituary & Death Linked To Accident

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Danielle Gray Obituary- Motocross rider Danielle Gray lost her life during a biking accident at Murphys MX. Gray was only 13 and had only started her career. 

Only in the last week of December, the young motocross rider shared a post mentioning her achievements with her friends on her Instagram handle. 2023 was a special year for Danielle, who had achieved podium finishes in various events.

Danielle Gray Was Only 13 When She Lost Her Life On Monday
Danielle Gray Was Only 13 When She Lost Her Life On Monday (Source: Instagram)

Alongside working towards her dream of making a name for herself in the motocross community, Danielle was also supporting charities that were building schools in Uganda. Her supportive father, Daniel Gray, was with her at every step.

Many of her friends and relatives have shared their tribute on their social media handles. It has been a bad weekend for the Motocross community, as on Saturday, the community lost the veteran rider, Mike Walker.  

Motocross Danielle Gray Obituary 

The motocross rider Danielle Gray lost her life at only 13 years of age. The talented youngster was participating at the Murphys MX, where she was met with an accident. 

In the Vital MX forum, one user wrote that Danielle had worn all the necessary gear and protective equipment. Another user wrote that Danielle had gone off the track and hit a tree. 

Danielle had started posting her riding motorbikes on Instagram since last year. Last year, in October, Gray participated in the District 20 event and shared a gallery of images. 

In the same month, Danielle also participated in the State Championship. The youngster earned a second-place finish at the Iron Dog MX and had made swift progress in her motocross career.

Danielle Had Participated In Her First Ever Series, District 20 Last Year In October
Danielle Had Participated In Her First Ever Series, District 20 Last Year In October (Source: Instagram)

She ended 2023 with a first and second finish overall in both her classes and earned a podium finish in the SNL event. Danielle was only getting started and probably wanted to make it big in the motocross.

A native of Houston, Texas, Danielle trained at Texas Tornado MX – TTMX. She came from a religious family and had a strong belief in Christianity. With her family, young Danielle was trying her best to make an impact on the lives of the orphaned kids in Uganda.

She had started a fundraiser for school projects for orphaned children in Uganda and had raised $11.9k. Danielle had previously visited the African nation with her dad, Daniel Gray. 

Danielle Gray Family

The 13-year-old had her father, Daniel Gray, as her biggest cheerleader. Since, Danielle’s passing, Daniel has shared several posts for his daughter. 

Daniel shared a Facebook post on Sunday asking everyone to pray for his daughter. A day later, Daniel confirmed his daughter’s passing and shared a series of pictures of his daughter as a tribute. 

He captioned the post, “My baby, I love you forever and always. Let your name forever live on. Can’t believe you left me so soon.”

Daniel shared a video made by his daughter’s best friend, Harley Williams. As a tribute to her late friend, Harley shared a video reciting a poem she wrote for her friend. 

Danielle Pictured With Her Father, Daniel, And His Partner, Taylor Moss
Danielle Pictured With Her Father, Daniel, And His Partner, Taylor Moss (Source: Instagram)

In another post, Daniel wrote, “Last week, we were discussing goals and inspiration, learning to drive, the journey to qualify for Lourettas. This week, I have to decide where you will be laid to rest. I love you so much.”

Daniel is a real estate agent and recently welcomed a baby boy with his partner, Taylor Moss. Moss is a hairstylist and has become a vital part of Daniel and his daughter’s life in a short time. 

She also shared a tribute post for Danielle on her Instagram handle, questioning why it had to happen to Danielle. She wrote, “In our short time, we have shared many laughs, lessons, memories and even some tears. I will always feel so lucky that God allowed me to care for you, to love you, to know you.”

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