Naoya Inoue Brother Takuma Inoue Is Following His Footstep

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Naoya Inoue’s brother, Takuma Inoue, became the WBA Bantamweight Champion in April 2023. Their father, Shingo Inoue, was the one to train them from a young age. 

A former boxer himself, Shingo Inoue has undoubtedly made his two sons into formidable fighters. Naoya Inoue can easily be considered one of the greats of the sport. 

In December 2022, Naoya made history after becoming the first undisputed world bantamweight champion. The Japanese boxer defeated England’s Paul Butler to claim the title.

Naoya Inoue(L) Pictured With His Father, Shingo Inoue And Brother Takuma Inoue In 2022
Naoya Inoue(L) Pictured With His Father, Shingo Inoue, And Brother, Takuma Inoue, In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

But always hungry for more challenge, Naoya vacated his titles to move to super bantamweight. Now on July 25, Naoya will face WBC and WBO title-holder Stephen Fulton in Ariake Arena, Tokyo. 

Both fighters are undefeated, with Fulton having a 21-0 record and Inoue 24-0. If Naoya does win the title, he will become the only second Japanese boxer to win four different weight classes, following Kazuto Ioka.

Naoya Inoue Brother, Takuma Inoue

Naoya Inoue’s brother, Takuma Inoue, is the WBA Bantamweight champion, winning the title after defeating Liborio Solis.

The match was fought on April 8, with Takuma taking the victory unanimously. Born on December 26, 1995, Takuma is younger than his brother by two years. 

He began his boxing career in 2013 and has since won 18 matches, losing only one, which was back in 2019 against Nordine Oubaali. The two brothers were trained by their dad Shingo Inoue at the Inoue Boxing Gym. 

Takuma Inoue Honored With The Zama Citizen Honor Award In May After His Bantamweight Victory
Takuma Inoue Honored With The Zama Citizen Honor Award In May After His Bantamweight Victory (Source: Instagram)

From a young age, the two brothers had caught the eyes of many, with Naoya quickly rising through the ranks. While as an amateur, Takuma won the 65th All Japan High School Championship and competed in the 2011 AIBA World Junior Championships.

Last year in his fight against Gakuya Furuhashi, Takuma received applause for his dominant performance, with his uppercuts being a talked about subject matter. 

Takuma is available on Instagram with the username @takumainoue_1226, which is dominated by posts related to boxing. On May 1, the Japanese boxer was honored with Zama Citizen Honor Award and shared a couple of pictures from the ceremony. 

Takuma is married to his high school sweetheart, and the couple welcomed their first daughter in 2020 Fall. He shared the news on January 16, 2021, through an Instagram post

The boxer even wrote the existence of his daughter and wife had given him a driving force that he had never seen within himself. 

Naoya Inoue Family 

Naoya Inoue was born to parents Shingo and Miho Inoue. Their father, Shingo, a former boxer, gave up his sporting dreams to run the family business. 

Despite being famously known as the coach of his two high-achieving sons, Shingo continues to play an active role in his family business. He has a paint company Meisei Paint which he runs in Zama City. 

Shingo might not have an Instagram handle, but his two sons have shared several posts of them with their dad, who at his age has a healthy and athletic body. 

In 2019, Emmanuel Rodriguez learned the hard way about not messing with Naoya Inoue’s family.

Naoya Inoue Pictured With His Father, Shingo Inoue And Brother Takuma Inoue
Naoya Inoue Pictured With His Father, Shingo Inoue, And Brother, Takuma Inoue (Source: Instagram)

Before their semi-final fight in the bantamweight division World Boxing Super Series, a clip surfaced of Rodriguez shoving Inoue’s dad.

But instead of reacting too much on the spot, the Japanese boxer saved his energy for the fight. On fight night, Inoue was ruthless and delivered a crushing left-hand punch dropping Rodriguez and leaving him stunned in the second round. 

Naoya’s mom, Miho Inoue, remains away from the public spotlight and is rarely seen by his fans. As a mother, Miho might not enjoy seeing her sons get hit despite their flawless victory. 

The boxer also has a sister, Haruka Inoue, who like her mother, only makes rare outings. 

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