NBA Draft Oscar Tshiebwe Brother Debaba Tshiebwe- Age Gap And Family

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As Oscar Tshiebwe forges his path in the NBA, all eyes are on his brother Debaba, as he follows in his brother’s footsteps.

Oscar Tshiebwe is a Congolese college basketball player. He plays for the Kentucky Wildcats in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), which has been home to NBA figures like Immanuel Quickley, Brandon Boston Jr. & Keldon Johnson, to name a few.

He transferred to Kentucky on January 10, 2021, after considering Miami, NC State, and Illinois.

Tshiebwe made an impressive debut for Kentucky, scoring 17 points and grabbing 20 rebounds in a game against Duke.

Oscar Tshiebwe
Oscar Tshiebwe (Source:

He also set a Rupp Arena record with 28 rebounds in a win against Western Kentucky.

At the end of the season, Tshiebwe was honored as the Sporting News National Player of the Year.

He even received unanimous recognition as the Southeastern Conference Player of the Year.
Additionally, He was recognized as the consensus national player of the year in 2022.

NBA Draft Oscar Tshiebwe: Brother Debaba Tshiebwe & Age Gap

Tshiebwe was born and raised in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo. He identifies as Christian.

Oscar Tshiebwe comes from a family with a strong background in faith and has five siblings.

His father, Mbuyi Tshiebwe, is a pastor, and his mother is Kaya Rosalie Tshiebwe.

Oscar has three brothers named Denphin, Bevi, and Debaba, and he also has two sisters named Cenina and Maggie.

The Tshiebwe family shares a close bond, and their support has been instrumental in Oscar’s basketball journey and success.

The younger brother of Oscar, Debaba Tshiebwe, follows in his footsteps as an athlete.

While Oscar was born on November 27, 1999, the exact date of birth for Debaba Tshiebwe is not available.

However, based on available information, it can be inferred that there is a relatively small age difference between the two siblings.

In 2014, Debaba was approximately 14 years old, suggesting they are likely close in age.

Oscar Tshiebwe Brother Debaba Tshiebwe
Oscar Tshiebwe Brother Debaba Tshiebwe (Source:

Debaba is an impressive athlete in his own right and is a formidable force on the court.

He transferred to Central Catholic from Grand River Academy in Ohio and has made an impact in both football and basketball.

His athletic abilities have earned him a Division I offer from Bryant University.

With his skills, Debaba is all set to make a name for himself and continue the Tshiebwe family’s athletic legacy.

Tshiebwe Shines At NBA Combine

Oscar Tshiebwe’s electrifying performance at the NBA Combine 2023 has basketball fans buzzing with excitement.

With jaw-dropping highlight blocks and an impressive display of rebounding prowess, Tshiebwe has quickly captured the attention of multiple NBA teams.

The Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Houston Rockets, and Sacramento Kings are eagerly eyeing this rising star.

Oscar Tshiebwe Smiling
Oscar Tshiebwe Smiling (Source:

In an interview with Adam Zagoria of Forbes Sports, Tshiebwe confidently declared, “I believe there will be a team in the NBA that will love what I do.”

While he declared for the 2023 draft, Tshiebwe has kept his eligibility open for a potential return to Kentucky.

Oscar has achieved numerous accolades with the Wildcats, including being named the unanimous National Player of the Year and a consensus All-American.

The highly anticipated 2023 NBA Draft will take place on June 22, revealing the future destination of this remarkable talent.

One thing’s for certain, though he’s on the mission of making waves in the NBA and leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

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