NFL Draft: Does Michael Mayer Have A Sister? Meet Brother AJ Mayer

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Michael Mayer has three sisters; Molly, Erin, and Anna Mayer. His brother A.J. Mayer is a former quarterback at the University of Miami. 

The 35th overall pick of the NFL Draft 2023, Michael Mayer’s performance at the NFL Combine was hailed as one of the best. The tight end of Notre Dame will now wear the famous colors of the Las Vegas Raiders. 

Michael Mayer Pictured With His Entire Family In 2020
Michael Mayer Pictured With His Entire Family In 2020 (Source: Facebook)

Born and raised in Kentucky, Michael is the second youngest among five siblings. The footballer comes from an athletic family, with his dad, Andy, previously playing baseball for Ohio State. 

Mayers’ rise to the top has been nothing but astonishing. He is known for his combat catches and has been compared with Baltimore Ravens’ Mark Andrews

It is to be seen whether Michael can work his magic on the Las Vegas squad that finished third in the AFC West division. 

Michael Mayer Sisters, Molly, Erin, And Anna Mayer 

Michael Mayers comes from a family with three sisters all involved in different fields. 

The Las Vegas Raiders’ tight end Michael Mayer has two older sisters, Molly and Erin, and one younger sister, Anna.

Many might only know Michael for having an older brother in A.J. Mayer, but he has three sisters who are supremely supportive of him. 

Molly Mayer Runs A Dance Studio 

Michael Mayer’s older sister, Molly Mayer, runs a dance studio named Molly Mayter Studio of Dance. 

A graduate of Western Kentucky University, Molly Mayer had previously attended Notre Dame Academy. 

Molly Mayer Pictured With Her Partner Earlier This Year In April
Molly Mayer Pictured With Her Partner (Source: Facebook)

Along with being an owner of a dance studio, Molly is also a fourth-grade teacher at St. Pius X School. The dance studio is located in Edgewood, Kentucky, and is currently running a summer camp, charging $140.

On Twitter, Molly shares tweets related to her brother’s on-field successes, and on her Facebook handle, Molly has shared several family pictures. 

She is currently in a relationship, and though she has shared photos with her man, Molly hasn’t disclosed his name. 

Erin Mayer Is An Academic Counselor

Michael Mayer’s other older sister, Erin Mayer, also has a serious connection to Notre Dame Academy.

Though it’s unclear whether Erin still works at Notre Dame, the older sister of Michael Mayer was previously an academic counselor for seniors at Notre Dame. 

Erin has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Alabama and earned her master’s degree in mental health counseling from the University of Cincinnati. 

Erin Mayer Walks Down The Aisle With Her Husband Sam Stanley In 2021
Erin Mayer Walks Down The Aisle With Her Husband Sam Stanley In 2021 (Source: Facebook)

In January 2021, Erin tied the knot with her partner, Sam Stanley, in the presence of their family and friends. Sam is a territory account manager at the healthcare company Henry Schein Inc. 

Earlier this year, in February, Erin took to her Facebook to announce she was pregnant, and the Stanley family was expecting a new addition in August 2023. 

Anna Mayer Is The Youngest Family Member 

Michael Mayer’s youngest sister’s name is Anna Mayer, and has kept herself away from the spotlight. 

Michael Mayer Pictured With His Youngest Sister Anna In 2020 Before He Leaves For College
Michael Mayer Pictured With His Youngest Sister Anna In 2020 Before He Leaves For College (Source: Instagram)

She is regularly seen in the family pictures shared by her parents and siblings. In 2020, their mother, Amy, shared a picture of Anna and Michael, captioning the post, “He’s going to miss his little buddy.”

Michael Mayer Brother A.J. Mayer Played QB For The University of Miami 

Michael Mayer’s brother, A.J. Mayer, played three seasons of football for the University of Miami. 

The older brother of Michael Mayer, A.J. Mayer, was redshirted by the University of Miami in 2018 but never got the chance to shine. 

He played only three games in 2019 and played the same amount in 2020. A year later, A.J. dawned the jersey of the University of Miami for one final time, announcing he was straying away from being a professional athlete. 

Mayer Brothers Michael(Left) And A.J. Pictured Outside Notre Dame Stadium In 2020
Mayer Brothers Michael (Left) And A.J. Pictured Outside Notre Dame Stadium In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

The Mayers brothers at their high school, Covington Catholic, played together in the basketball team and helped their side to a state championship. In 2022, the brothers organized a youth football camp at Covington, which turned out to be successful. 

A.J. is currently in a relationship with Lauren Andrysiak, with whom he frequently shares pictures on his Instagram handle. He is available on Instagram with the username @andrew_john21

The Mayers siblings are certainly in a festive mood since their brother’s draft selection. It is a proud moment for the family, who now has their first professional athlete. 

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