Nick Mullens Parents: Who Are Suzanne And Mark Mullens?

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Nick Mullens parents, Suzanne and Mark Mullens, might have separated, but they did their best to dedicate equal time to their son. The couple has no athletic background but has always supported their talented son. 

Nick was a star QB at high school and college but couldn’t have the same impact in the NFL. He remained Jimmy Garoppolo’s backup during the 49ers’ Super Bowl run in the 2019 season, appearing only once.

Nick Mullens Pictured Celebrating In The Vikings Jersey At The U.S. Bank Stadium Earlier This Year
Nick Mullens Pictured Celebrating In The Vikings Jersey At The U.S. Bank Stadium Earlier This Year (Source: Instagram)

But even during that time, Suzanne, in her TV interview, said her son is always rearing to go as NFL is unpredictable. The 49ers didn’t win the title, but Nick extended his contract by a year. 

Since then, Mullens has signed with four NFL franchises, and it finally looks like the Vikings and him are the perfect match. Mullens has had a solid preseason debut, even receiving praise from head coach Kevin O’Connell. 

Nick Mullens Parents, Suzanne, And Mark Mullens

Nick Mullens’ parents Suzanne and Mark Mullens, have gone their separate ways. Since their separation, Mark lives with Cheri Mullens in Alabaster, Alabama.

Mark Mullens wasn’t your typical QB dad. He wouldn’t hang around during practice and rarely talked to coaches. Chip Lindsey, Nick’s coach at Southern Miss, said Mark would never question much to the coaches, and it was Nick’s grandparents who were more heavily involved in the NFL player’s life.

Nick’s father, Mark Mullens, is a cardiologist affiliated with multiple hospitals around Alabaster. Mark received his medical degree from the University of Alabama School of Medicine and completed his residency at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Nick Mullens Pictured With His Dad, Mark Mullens (L) And His Brother, And Grandfather
Nick Mullens Pictured With His Dad, Mark Mullens (L), His Brother, And His Grandfather (Source: Instagram)

Mark has been working in the medical field for more than two decades, and though he is rarely active on social media, we can see Mark on a few occasions on his son’s Instagram handle. 

Nick’s mom, Suzanne Mullens, once gave an interview to WVTM 13 before the San Francisco 49ers faced Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV. During the interview, Suzanne showed Nick’s school pictures and newspaper cuttings. 

At the time, Nick was serving as a backup for Jimmy Garoppolo, but Suzanne said her son is always prepared for action. Suzanne is available on Facebook where she has been seen rocking the Vikings jersey. 

Nick Mullens Wife, Haleigh Mullens

Nick Mullen’s wife, Haleigh Mullens, is the football player’s college sweetheart. The lovely couple has images dating back to their years at The University of Southern Mississippi.

At Southern Miss, Haleigh was a cheerleader, and Nick, the famous QB. Soon after graduating from college, Haleigh officially became a Mullen. The quarterback proposed to his college sweetheart just before Christmas in 2016.

The couple tied the knot on July 15, 2017, and shared several snaps from their beautiful day on social media. Two years after their wedding, Nick and Haleigh announced they were expecting their first baby in September 2019.

Nick Mullens Pictured With Wife Haleigh Williams, And Their Two Kids In 2022
Nick Mullens Pictured With Wife Haleigh Williams, And Their Two Kids In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

On August 31, 2019, the couple welcomed their first baby boy, Luke Clayton Mullen. Luke has since been seen several times attending his father’s football games. Last year, the couple became parents for the second time.

Nick and Haleigh announced the birth of their second son, Jack Samuel Mullens, born on March 1, 2022. Just last week, Haleigh from Instagram handle shared the news they were welcoming a third baby.

In the photos shared by Haleigh, the older brother Luke held the ultrasound pictures with Jack making faces by his side. It’s certainly exciting times for the Mullen family, who expect Nick to give Kirk Cousins a challenge for the starting QB spot.

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