Nicole Bronish Tepper Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is David Tepper Wife?

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Nicole Bronish Tepper Age: The wife of American billionaire David Tepper, Nicole Bronish Tepper is estimated to be in her mid-fifties. According to recent internet search trends, people are keen to know about Nicole’s personal life.

As one of the prominent businessmen and the owner of the NFL franchise Carolina Panthers, David Tepper‘s biography is of interest to many. This also extends to fan curiosity about his wife, Nicole Bronish Tepper.

David Tepper With Wife Nicole Bronish Tepper
David Tepper With Wife Nicole Bronish Tepper (Source: Instagram)

David Tepper was born on September 11, 1957, in Pennsylvania, United States. To add, he was interested in sports from an early age.

From playing football in high school to memorizing the statistics of baseball cards, sport was in David’s DNA. He attended Peabody High School in Pittsburgh.

In 1978, he completed his undergraduate studies in economics at the University of Pittsburgh. Afterward, he finished his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University in 1982.

Following his graduation, he joined the finance sector and assumed a credit analyst role at Equibank. Unsatisfied by the monotony of a 9-5 job, he slowly focused on starting his own business.

Following a string of successful ventures, David is now on the list of America’s wealthiest people. Consequently, he owns the Carolina Panthers in the NFL and Charlotte FC in the MLS.

On top of that, Tepper also founded and led Appaloosa Management, a global hedge fund in Miami Beach, Florida.

Nicole Bronish Tepper Age 

As mentioned earlier, according to multiple sources, David’s wife, Nicole Bronish Tepper, is estimated to be in her mid-fifties. David and Nicole exchanged wedding vows in 2019 after a long-term relationship.

Nicole Bronish Tepper
Nicole Bronish Tepper (Source: Carolina Panthers)

The couple share a healthy relationship and can be seen appearing together at high-profile events.

They also attend MLS and NFL games of their teams from time to time.

Nicole Bronish Tepper Wikipedia

Nicole was born and raised in New Jersey, United States. She characterizes her childhood home as always brimming with friends and neighbors who enveloped her in love and encouragement.

In addition, Nicole was interested in sports throughout her formative years. From her childhood days, Nicole had a feeling of kindness and giving back to others. These values were further instilled in her by her sports coaches and uncle.

Nicole And David At Panther's Ground
Nicole And David At Panther’s Ground (Source: X)

In 2020, the couple founded the David and Nicole Tepper Foundation (DNTF), dedicated to promoting equity and opportunities for everyone.

In 2022, the Teppers contributed $10 million through their foundations to construct the new Charlotte Mecklenburg Main Library. The project aims to enhance everyone’s accessibility to technology and library resources.

All in all, Nicole is a philanthropist who has spent much of her wealth on the well-being of the less privileged. Dedicating a significant part of her life to charity and philanthropy, she has won the hearts of many people.

David Tepper First Marriage Split

It is important to note that Nicole is David’s second wife. He was married to Marlene Tepper for more than 25 years before splitting in 2014. The former couple shares three children: Brian, Randi, and Casey.

David Tepper Former Wife Marlene Tepper
David Tepper Former Wife Marlene Tepper (Source: Daily Mail)

All three of David’s children are in their early thirties. Graduating from esteemed universities, they are successful in their fields, holding leadership positions.

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