Is Nils Lundkvist Related To Henrik Lundqvist? Family Tree

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Whether related to the legendary Henrik Lundqvist or not, Nils Lundkvist and his road through the NHL is a fascinating voyage in its own right.

There is no question that the name Henrik Lundqvist is famous in ice hockey.

Following a storied career with the New York Rangers, there was speculation that Henrik was related to the 2018 Rangers Entry Draftee Nils Lundkvist.

New York Rangers Legend Henrik Lundqvist
New York Rangers Legend Henrik Lundqvist (Source: NY Times)

Henrik Lundqvist safeguarded the New York Rangers goal for over a decade, writing his name in history books forever.

Recognizing his achievements, the Rangers have since retired his No.30 jersey.

As one of the 11 players to have their jersey hung in the Madison Square Garden rafters, Henrik’s void in the Rangers team is felt to this day.

Additionally, his international achievements are also legendary. Winning gold with Sweden in the 2006 Turin Winter Games, he has a place in every Swedish fan’s hearts. 

Is Nils Lundkvist Related To Henrik Lundqvist?

We can report that Nils Lundkvist is not related to Henrik Lundqvist, and the two come from different family trees.

Naturally, sharing the same surname and coming from the same country, people speculated if they shared any relation.

However, the similarities only go as far as that. The two come from different family backgrounds and grew up in different areas of Sweden.

Talking of Henrik’s parents, he was born to his father, Peter Lundqvist, and his mother, Eva Johansson. Moreover, Henrik has an identical twin brother, Joel, and a sister, Gabriella.

On the contrary, Nils’ parents are his father, Niclas, and his mother, Marie Lundkvist. Additionally, the couple also has two daughters: Moa and Lisa.

Nils Lundkvist, Dallas Stars
Nils Lundkvist, Dallas Stars (Source: The Hockey News)

Henrik comes from the Are municipality in northern Sweden, whereas Nils hails from Pitea, located towards the southern coast.

The speculation that the pair may be related ignited after the New York Rangers picked Nils in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft.

With Henrik being a Rangers icon, fans pondered the possibility of a connection between him and Nils.

All in all, although they share the same surname and the birth-country, Nils and Henrik are not related.

Henrik Lundqvist Special Bond With Twin Brother

Both are celebrated Swedish hockey icons, and Henrik shares a unique bond with his brother, Joel Lundqvist.

Like Henrik, Joel also played in the NHL. However, it was only a short 3-year stint with the Dallas Stars.

Most of Joel’s career was spent playing in the Swedish Hockey League. In an interview, he lamented the disappointment of being unable to play in the same team as his brother.

“We had always played together growing up, but a few years ago, I thought, ‘You know, we will probably never play together again.'”

Henrik's Twin Brother Joel Lundqvist
Henrik’s Twin Brother Joel Lundqvist (Source: X)

Reminiscing their childhood days, he shared how he and Henrik were inseparable.

“Really, until we were teenagers, maybe even 20, Henrik and I were one person. We did all the same things. We moved around together. Not only that, but we had the same friends.”

To sum up, sharing the spirit of competition in hockey, Henrik and Joel also shared undying brotherly love.

Helping each other improve their game is a proud feat for their family, and the two brothers managed to etch their name in sporting history.

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