Oliver Spedding Wikipedia And Age: How Did Sophie Anderson Husband Die?

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Oliver Spedding Wikipedia: The adult entertainment community is mourning the untimely passing of two actors in just a few weeks.

On December 5, Sophie Anderson, aged 36, passed away, a heartbreaking confirmation delivered by her dear friend, Rebecca More.

Tragically, just two weeks earlier, Oliver Spedding, a former soccer player turned adult star, passed away at the age of 34.

Sophie Anderson And Her Boyfriend, Oliver Spedding, Passed Away Within A Few Weeks Of Each Other
Sophie Anderson And Her Boyfriend, Oliver Spedding, Passed Away Within A Few Weeks Of Each Other (Source: Instagram)

Sophie Anderson was a well-known English figure in the adult film industry.

Her career in adult entertainment began in 2017, with appearances in studios like Fake Taxi and Evil Angel.

In October 2018, Anderson and fellow porn star Rebecca More achieved internet fame through a viral video.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sophie Anderson was a member and advocate for the LGBTQ community, openly identifying as pansexual.

Oliver Spedding Wikipedia: From Footballer to Unconventional Paths

Oliver Spedding, born on December 18, 1988, in London, United Kingdom, began his journey as a promising youth Premier League player with Crystal Palace.

Despite his early potential in football, Spedding’s trajectory took an unexpected turn.

He encountered personal challenges that led to a period of imprisonment, ultimately straining his relationship with the sport.

Subsequently, he found a new path in non-league football, playing for Croydon FC while venturing into the adult entertainment industry.

Likewise, he transitioned into a career as a painter and decorator after serving in prison.

Sophie Anderson With Her Boyfriend Oliver Spedding In London, United Kingdom
Sophie Anderson With Her Boyfriend Oliver Spedding In London, United Kingdom (Source: Instagram)

He openly reflected on his journey in a conversation on the Anything Goes with James English podcast last year.

During the discussion, he expressed occasional regret over the decision to shift away from a potential career at Selhurst Park.

In those discussions, Spedding acknowledged the financial disparity between his current pursuits and the opportunities he might have had in football or other endeavors.

“When I was at Crystal Palace, if I’d have stayed with them, then I could have been earning a lot more playing football.

“I used to fight as well, maybe that could have gone somewhere. I was good at both of those things, but being a porn star, I thought that would be just as good – but it’s not as good as people think.”

He confessed to earning a modest £150 per adult film, highlighting the contrast with what could have been a more lucrative career.

Despite his unconventional career path, Spedding contemplated returning to football, as Croydon manager Liam Giles revealed.

In a poignant social media tribute, Giles recalled recent discussions about Spedding rekindling his relationship with the sport.

“Such heartbreaking news, Ollie was a warrior on the pitch and gave 100% every time he represented Croydon.”

“We spoke a couple of weeks ago about him getting back into football. I hope you find your peace mate. Sleep Tight.

The circumstances surrounding Spedding’s death remain unconfirmed, adding an air of mystery.

Oliver Spedding’s Complex Relationship With Sophie Anderson

While there has been speculation about the nature of Oliver Spedding and Sophie Anderson’s relationship, it’s important to clarify that they were not husband and wife but rather boyfriend and girlfriend.

Anderson crossed paths with Spedding while working on the set of a porn film.

Their professional collaboration extended to a personal relationship, and they shared a home. However, reports describe their relationship as volatile.

In the months leading up to this double tragedy, disturbing details emerge about Spedding’s interactions with the law.

Thames Valley police arrested him on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm to Sophie Anderson.

The incident occurred on the M40 near High Wycombe, where officers responded to reports of an assault and injuries sustained by Sophie.

Oliver Spedding And Sophie Anderson Were In A Romantic Relationship As Boyfriend And Girlfriend
Oliver Spedding And Sophie Anderson Were In A Romantic Relationship As Boyfriend And Girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

On September 11, Spedding was taken into custody under investigation for grievous bodily harm, false imprisonment, and sending ‘indecent, obscene, and menacing messages.’

Subsequently released on bail, he was prohibited from contacting Sophie directly or indirectly.

Adding a disturbing twist to this already distressing narrative, Spedding went so far as to make a false announcement on social media.

He claimed that Sophie had died, a malicious prank that would tragically foreshadow the actual events that unfolded later.

The events surrounding their relationship and the subsequent tragedies paint a complex and troubling picture.

This underscores the need for sensitivity and care when discussing these circumstances.

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