Pacer start Play-in tournament with huge win over Hornets

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The NBA’s play-in tournament began Tuesday night with No.9 Indiana Pacer facing No.10 Charlotte Hornets. And the Pacers crushed the Hornets dream of playing in the playoffs defeating them 144-117.

The Pacers dominated the Hornets from the start not giving them even a slight chance to recover throughout the game.

With the win, they keep their hopes for the spot in play-offs alive.

As they will now face the Washington Wizards.

Since the winner of this match faces the loser from the second matchup of the play-in tournament which is between the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards.

Subsequently, the match will decide the No.8 seed in the Eastern Conference and grab a spot in the playoffs.

The Pacer huge score in the first quarter.

Malcolm Brogdon started the first quarter with a three-pointer for the Pacers and PJ Washington then answered right back with a three-pointer from the corner.

The Pacer subsequently took three points to lead after two minutes into the game on Doug McDermott layup.

McDermott scored another bucket this time from behind the three-point line extending the lead to six points.

Quickly the lead extended to 8 points with 9:21 remaining in the quarter.

Washington then made a bucket for the Hornets but McDermott answered back with a three-pointer.

The Pacer took 10 point lead afterward which extended to 13 points as McDermott knocked down another three-pointer.

Cody Zeller then answered back with a bucket on Terry Rozier‘s pass.

Halfway into the quarter, they were 12-23 with the Pacers in the lead.

Subsequently, Oshae Brissett’s dunk on Brogdon gave another bucket to the Pacer.

Zeller then dropped a jumper on Miles Bridges‘ pass.

But the Pacers were on fire as Brissett dropped a three-pointer to answer right back.

The Charlotte trailed the Pacers doubled their points with 4:36 remaining in the quarter.

They were 14 points behind at 18-32 when they reached 2:35 left on the clock.

With about a minute left in the quarter, the Hornets were 16 points behind.

Then Devonte Graham scores a long three-pointer for the Hornets.

The Pacer then hit back-to-back buckets after 19.3 seconds left in the quarter with T.J McConnell intercepted the LaMelo Ball’s pass to Graham and dropped a bucket.

And Edmond Sumner dropping a layup at the buzzer ending the quarter 24-40.

The Pacers continued dominance in the second quarter.

Starting the second quarter the Pacer continued to dominate.

McConnell started the second quarter with a jumper a few seconds into the quarter.

Kelan Martin then stole the ball from Jalen McDaniels as he was driving to the basket in the half-court.

But McDaniels blocked Martin’s shot right after the steal.

Goga Bitdaze then blocked Terry Rozier on the other end afterward answering back.

He again blocked LaMelo ball’s shot, giving chance to shoot on the other end.

Edmond Sumner then drove into the basket only to be blocked by Malik Monk.

Washington then grabbed the ball before Goga could score and passed the LaMelo for the bucket on the other end.

Martin then answered back on the next possession. And Malik then dunked it down for the Hornets.

Bridges subsequently made another bucket for the Hornets.

Malik hit a three-pointer with 3:50 remaining in the quarter. Bridges blocked Domantas Sabonis afterward which gave another bucket for the Hornets with Malik dunk on Graham’s pass.

Zeller then scored a layup on Malik’s pass cutting the lead to 16 points two and a half left in the quarter.

However, the Pacers dropped back-to-back buckets bringing the game within 20 points again and soon extending the lead to 23 minutes with 34 seconds left to play.

Bridges stole the ball from Sabonis and passed to Zeller for the bucket.

Justin Holiday scored a three-pointer from deep with only 7.6 seconds left to play.

The quarter ended 45-69 with the Pacer still in the lead with 24 points advantage.

No coming back from the Hornets.

Brissett opened the third quarter with a layup followed by Brogdon’s three-pointer.

Terry Rozier then answers back for the Hornets with a layup.

The Pacer continued their dominance taking 27 points advantage over the Hornets with 8:50 remaining in the quarter.

Subsequently, Terry again scores a bucket dropping a jumper. Right after that Sabonis answers with a jumper as well.

The Pacer did not stop their Brissett dropped another bucket.

But Zeller intercepted Justin’s pass to Brogdon and dropped a layup on the other end.

Rozier then scored another bucket for the Hornets on Graham’s pass.

Zeller again intercepted McDermott’s pass to Sabonis leading to another bucket for the Hornets.

Brissett dropped a three-pointer with 4:26 remaining in the quarter on Sabonis assist.

Sabonis dropped a layup on the next possession. Monk made a three-pointer cutting the 28 point lead.

Subsequently, Sabonis made a left-handed layup. Monk then made another three-pointer.

McConnell drives to the basket scoring a layup with 47.6 remaining in the quarter.

He again scored a jumper at the buzzer ending the quarter 78-108 with the Pacer taking 30 point advantage.

No turning back for the Pacer.

The Pacer continued to dominate the Hornets and never looked back ever since the first lead.

Brissett continued his hot scoring again in the fourth as he opened the quarters with a floater.

Then LaMelo dropped a three-pointer afterward.

Aaron Holiday alley-oop to Brissett gave another bucket to the Pacers.

LaMelo’s no-look pass to Miles for the lay, which may be one of the best assists answered back the Pacers.

He then dropped a floater giving another bucket to the Hornets.

However, the Pacers were not backing down as McConnell drew a foul and simultaneously making the bucket.

They were 122-91 with 7:33 remaining on the clock and then went back and forth scoring the bucket.

The Pacers never looked back and continued to make buckets and answered every bucket made by the Hornets.

Kelan Martin made a dunk afterward. He then dropped a jumper at 4:46 remaining in the quarter giving 34 points lead to the Pacers.

Cassius Stanley stole the ball from LaMelo gave the Pacers another bucket.

The Pacers blocked the Hornets from scoring as a result they took 39 point lead after Martin hit a three-pointer.

The Hornets continued to make effort despite trailing the Pacers and ultimately lost to the Packers 117-144 at the end.

Huge scoring night from the Pacers.

The Pacers entered the court without a key player Caris LeVert as he was ruled out due to the league’s health and safety protocols.

But without LeVert, the Pacers still played brilliantly and defeat the Hornets.

To get the huge scoring win over the Charlotte Hornets 8 of the Pacers players scored in double figures.

Oshae Brissett led the scoreboard for the Pacers, scoring 23 points along with five rebounds and 2 assists. He liked the way Indiana played from the start.

“We just have to come with the same intensity,” Brissett said. “I feel like we did a great job of setting the tone early and hitting them first and not really letting up. We did that throughout the whole game; but really, that first five to 10 minutes, we went at them and we didn’t hold back. We have to do the same thing Thursday against whoever we play.”

Doug McDermott had great scoring from the start of the game as he dropped 16 points in the first quarter that led the Pacers to take the double-digit lead over the Pacers from early on in the game.

Malcolm Brogdon contributed 16 points and 8 rebounds for the starting lineup. He played for the first game since April 29 as he was out because of a hamstring injury.

“I was always conscious of my hamstring,” Brogdon said. “When you’re dealing with hamstring issues, it can be dangerous, so there is a bit of hesitation when you’re out there of things you’re not gonna do. Like tonight, I wasn’t gonna go for any rebounds in the crowd. I’m not jumping as high as I can. Consciously and unconsciously, you’re thinking of stuff to avoid. But overall, I felt good. I felt good. I’m glad we got the win.”

Great offensive and defensive end for the Pacers.

The Offensive end of the Pacers never slowed down with other players besides Brissett, McDermott, and Brogdon also contributing hugely.

Domantas Sabonis however led the offensive end with 14 points and 21 rebounds double-double along with 9 assists.

“We came out great. Everybody was connected,” Pacers forward Domantas Sabonis said. “I feel like we’re clicking more and more every game. The ball is moving, and that’s the most important part.”

While Justin Holiday scored 12 points with 2 rebounds, and 5 assists.

Similarly, Goga Bitadze led the bench on the offensive end scoring 14 points and 10 rebounds. Followed by T.J. McConnell scored 17 points 5 rebounds and 3 assists.

Kelan Martin scored 14 points with 2 rebounds.

Even though the Pacers’ offense was great and Pacers coach Nate Bjorkgren credited the team’s defense for carrying them in the first half.

“I liked the energy we had, especially on the defensive end,” Bjorkgren said. “In the first half of that game, I thought our team defense was very well connected. I thought we were very physical. I thought we were very good on the glass, especially in that first half. But just overall, the way that the guys competed tonight and the movement and the way they shared it on the offensive end, it was good to be a part of.”

Hornets heartbreaking loss.

The Hornets are a very young team and still lack postseason experience.

The match was the last chance for the Hornets to make to the playoffs and they lost this chance to the Pacers.

After falling behind as much as 30 points at the early on the game, the Hornets couldn’t come back as the Pacers dominate all throughout.

Despite the loss, some of the Hornets players did show a great plays.

Miles Bridges led the scoreboard, dropping 23 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists.

Followed by Terry Rozier, scoring 16 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists.

Likewise LaMelo Ball made 14 points, a rebound and 4 assists.

Cody Zeller led the Hornets bench, scoring 17 points along with 3 rebounds, 2 assists.

Malik Monk showed great shooting skills, dropping 13 points, 2 assists, and a rebound playing only 19 minutes all coming off the bench.

The Hornets Coach Borrego said,”All great players, all great teams have felt this moment right here and we’re no exception. It’s how you respond to that. We have to get better. It’s just a matter of how do we respond this summer.” 

Even though this young team has lost they did a great job still holding on and making things interesting at the end of the game before finally falling to the Pacers.

This shows that the Hornets will have very bright future ahead.

Now the Pacers will face the Washington Wizards who lost to the Boston Celtics 118-100.

They will visit the Washington Wizards on Thursday night at Capital One Arena to secure the 8th seed.











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