Packers Ken Bowman Obituary And Death Cause: Net Worth And Family

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Ken Bowman Obituary: Green Bay Packers legend Ken Bowman passed away at 81 due to natural causes. Experts, analysts, fans, and players alike have been sending condolences at his demise on social media.

Furthermore, sporting fans are also curious to know about his extended family and net worth.

Known for his fearless approach, grit, and hard work, Ken was one of the prominent football players of the 1960s.

Packers Hall Of Famer Ken Bowman
Packers Hall Of Famer Ken Bowman (Source: Reddit)

Ken Bowman was born in Illinois, United States, on December 15, 1942. He was involved with football early on, playing college football for the Wisconsin Badgers.

After eye-catching performances in college, he was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the 8th round of the 1964 NFL Draft. After his first year in the pro league, Bowman went to law school part-time and got a law degree from the University of Wisconsin.

The highlight moment of Bowman’s career came in 1967 and 1968 when he and the Packers captured the first two Super Bowl events. To add, Bowman served the Packers for almost a decade.

Commencing that, he took his talents to Hawaii to play in the World Football League for a year. Post his footballing career, he pursued law in Wisconsin. 

The football world respected and admired his achievements, as evidenced by the flurry of consolation messages after his death. The void he leaves behind in the sport will be hard to fill.

Ken Bowman Obituary And Death Cause

As mentioned earlier, Ken passed away at the age of 81 due to natural causes. The information came through from the Packers’ official announcement referring to Ken’s wife, saying he died of natural causes.

Furthermore, Bowman passed away in Oro Valley, Arizona, where he had resided for over 2 decades. The Packers’ official notice also included some heart-warming tributes to the legend.

“How much pain that man could tolerate was incredible. You have to be able to play with pain in the NFL, but he was something else,” said former Packer Bill Lueck, admiring the fearless approach of Ken Bowman.

Ken Bowman Family

Before his death, Ken Bowman had been residing in Arizona with his wife, Roseann. The couple shared almost thirty years of marriage. 

Bowman had two children, four step-children, and twelve grandchildren. Undoubtedly, a large and happy family kept him busy throughout his older years.

Ken Bowman Wore #57 For The Packers
Ken Bowman Wore #57 For The Packers (Source: X)

In their later times, the couple enjoyed bike riding and golfing in the sunny weather of Oro Valley in Arizona.

The pair came to Arizona in 1994 to escape the cold Wisconsin winters and enjoy the outdoor activities.

Ken Bowman’s Net Worth And Salary

Playing in the late 60s, Ken was in an era when playing professional football was not enough to pay the bills. The players also needed an off-season job to keep themselves afloat.

“You had to have a job in the off-season because the money just wasn’t there,” Bowman stated in an interview lamenting his playing days.

In an interview, he mentioned that he played for a salary of $12,000 in his first season. Subsequently, he decided to pursue a law degree due to less money in football.

He also mentioned his per-game fee when playing for Hawaii was $750. All in all, from his football career payouts and his career in law with some investments, we can estimate his net worth to be between $500k and $1 million.

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